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message 1: by Ifrah (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Only comment on content up to Chapter 30, please!

Spoilers below for up to Chapter 30.

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (lauren_stephh) | 9 comments The actual awkwardness of Aedion asking Aelin about the blood oath. I want to cry. He's so sweet. He'll be heartbroken, I can't.

message 3: by Ifrah (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments - So traditionally the rulers of Terrasen pick only one person to swear the blood oath and Aedion wants it to be him but he has no idea that Rowan has already sworn the blood oath to Aelin! This reminds me of the tumblr post which is kind of imagining what the scene when Aedion is about to swear his oath is going to be like and he thinks he’s the first and Aelin and Rowan are like “uhhhh... welll actually...” and the post is funny but this scene in chapter 26 when that same thing is kind of happening is definitely not funny. It’s kinda sad!

- Rowan is here!!!!!

- And she gave him Sam’s clothes!!

- OMG! It’s the dress from the back cover! And it’s Rowan’s favorite!

- Gavriel is Aedion’s father! WHAAAAT!?

- Aedion my poor baby! He’s so upset when he finds out about the blood oath! :(

- I like Rowan. I really really do. But my ship is also dying a slow, terrible death. D:

- I hope something good comes Dorian’s way soon. His chapters are so painful to read! And the room with the crowns!!! I hope Aelin is somehow able to get back the crown of Terrasen. Maybe Dorian will get it for her once he’s no longer taken over by the Valg... Dorian has to survive this!

message 4: by Eloise (new)

Eloise | 32 comments Rowan has arrived(end of chapter 27) I can't wow just I think I actually squealed when Aedion went all protective male. Oooh and when Aedion said they were told stories about
Rowan as children! I was like is Aedion going to be a protective or his he going to slightly calm a little and Fangirl over Rowan?!

message 5: by Eloise (new)

Eloise | 32 comments Well 28 was painful.

message 6: by Ifrah (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments I loved the part where Aedion was basically fanboying over Rowan.


message 7: by Momoko (new)

Momoko Nishino (peach240) | 11 comments when it was revealed that Aedion's father was Gavriel I squealed with excitement!!! I saw this coming!!!! I guessed that one of the cadre would be his father since Aedion's mother didn't tell him who his father was even in her deathbed meaning he was dangerous. Sarah told us that Aedion's father will be revealed in QoS and I thought that she won't just introduce a new character as his father; his father would be a character that we already knew after reading the first three books and the assassin's blade. the only characters we know of that are from wendlyn and are dangerous are the cadre. first I thought either of the wolves to be his father because Aedion was called the wolf of the north but we didn't even get to know their names in the books. the only members of the cadre that we got to know was Gavriel and Lorcan. out of those two, Gavriel was the more important character and he was the one with golden hair so I guessed Aedion's father to be Gavriel. I got so excited when I read chapter 28 that I had to stop reading for a while to calm down. I can't wait to see what will happen between Aedion and Gavriel.l in the next two books... Also I'm worried about Maeve using Aedion against Aelin...

message 8: by Natalia (new)

Natalia (ravenandthehawk) | 12 comments Exactly my feelings!

message 9: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (4theloveoftomes) I wish I would have found this group discussion sooner!!!! I'm loving reading all the comments though! It would have been nice to experience this with others!!!

message 10: by Natalia (new)

Natalia (ravenandthehawk) | 12 comments We're in the same boat!

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