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message 1: by Ifrah (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Only comment on content up to Chapter 15, please!

Spoilers below for up to Chapter 15.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Xxan | 7 comments Omg Aelin is ready to rescue Aedion....I'm not ready for the reunion my feels are already at a max omgomgomgomg

message 3: by Natalia (new)

Natalia (ravenandthehawk) | 12 comments Can't wait for Queen of Shadows

message 4: by Ifrah (last edited Sep 01, 2015 11:28PM) (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments -“Three coppers for a Xandrian blade. If I’d known there was a sale happening, I would have brought more money.” I’m dying because of Aelin’s sassiness!

- Ummmm, this Vernon Lochan better not be related to Elide Lochan!!! OMG he is! OMG Elide! Elide! Noooooo! Elide my baby! This is the first time we really meet here but I was already invested in her because of Lady Marion and OMG!!!!

- Elide has witch blood in her!! WHAT!?!?!?!?!

- But really, how does Arobynn know so much about Aelin’s time in the castle?

- “Yes, she’d loved Sam- more than she’d ever loved anyone. Even Chaol.” !!!!!!!

- I’m LOVING this Lysandra-Aelin friendship! Yes!!! And this quote: “Oh, thank the gods. Now I can talk to someone about clothes without being asked how so-and-so would approve of it or gobble downs a box of chocolates without someone telling me I’d better watch my figure- tell me you like chocolates. You do, right? I remember stealing a box from your room once when you were out killing someone. They were delicious.”

- “I wanted to help- or is this an Adarlanians-only rebellion?” The sass though!

- ‘“Touch him,” Chaol said, “and I’ll made sure those bastards down there find Aedion.”’ :O SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!!! Actually me when I read this line:

- And then Aelin’s response after!!!

- I don’t want them to hate each other. Please!

- Aedion!!! I want this reunion so desperately!

message 5: by Ifrah (new)

Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Lauren wrote: "It's so beautiful..."

I just deleted this comment because what you mentioned doesn't actually happen within these chapters. Sorry! Don't take it personally. I just don't want to spoil others, even if it's something people might be expecting anyway :)

message 6: by Sascha (new)

Sascha | 14 comments -The Dorian and Chaol feels are so real in these chapters!!!

-I love the Lysandra and Aelin friendship!!

-Where is Rowan?? I want the Rowan chapters soon!!

-Let's go save Aedion!!!

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