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Savannah (dssharris)
Prιɴceѕѕ Kαтнerιɴe Aιlα Scнreαve'ѕ Rooм (view spoiler)

________________________ "Women don't need to dress like men to be strong."

Katherine lives up in one of the higher levels of the castle, her desire in moving into her new room coming from how she wanted to be able to look out her window, over the pasture and forest which was her backyard, and see the sun rising up in the morning to greet her. Well, one of the reasons. The door to her bedroom is actually a little bit hard to find--the original use of this room was that it was a safe room for when the rebels attacked, but, when Katy sets her mind to something, she is going to get it. She does love that when the rebels do attack, she doesn't have to go anywhere, since she is quite safe in her own room. To enter, one must walk along the hall where all of her families bedrooms are, and you will come across a statue at the end of the passage (view spoiler). It is not far from her parents door, as the panic room was designed for the king and queen, and other royals, if the rebel alarm went off and they were in their rooms. If you reach behind the statue, their is a carved knot on the garb of the woman which makes up the statue, and if you give it a twist, a door will open a few meters away back down the hall. It is at the corner of the hall, located behind a book shelf. A little cliche, but people weren't always as inventive as they could be (view spoiler). As soon as you see the stairwell, you are quick to realize that it isn't the typical bedroom of a royal--it is a mix of retro, suburban chick, as well as dignified class that belongs to a girl with dreams (view spoiler). She has collected the number plates herself over the year, and decorated the area without help. Now, Katherine is very particular about who can go into her room. Her father is forbidden to go in their, whether he is the king or not is unimportant to her. They have issues and she has made it clear she doesn't want to work them out. Only her two most trusted maids may enter, and that is because they are more like her best female friends than employees who have to serve her. Her twin brother is allowed--he is basically the exception to everything. Her mother, though Rosabella doesn't journey in their often, is also allowed. Other than that, that is about it. In some cases she will let her other brothers and sisters in, but only if she is there with them. The bedroom section itself is very plain and simple, but in an attractive, calming way.

There is not one, but two different ways that she can look out over the country. Two of the four walls are basically all a sliding door and she loves to open them and let the breeze in. The bathroom is simply and light, with a bath, a shower just to the right of the bath, a lot of bench space around the sink as well as a dresser opposite to it for when she needs to apply make up, etc, and the toilet is also on the right as soon as you walk in (view spoiler). On the outer walls of her bedroom there is a system of little tunnels securely fastened to the castle for her cats to run around in (view spoiler). One of them enables to feline creatures to go down into the gardens and catch birds or play. Since she is so high up, it was he only viable solution to getting them in and out of her room without injury. That and having it set up this way means that no one can complain about how many cats and other pets she has, mainly because they don't know for sure since they aren't all trapped in her room.

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Savannah (dssharris)
Prιɴceѕѕ Kαтнerιɴe Aιlα Scнreαve'ѕ Wαrdroвe

____________________ "Your clothes should be as important as your skin."

To state what type of style you would assume to be that of Katherine's, most would expect it to be elegance. Refined gowns, conservative but respectful. Everything that a princess would normally be seen wearing is what people presume lives in her closet. Well, they aren't far off. yes, she has those types of clothes, but what she really loves is when it is Summer, because then she gets to wear shorter, lighter dressed with bright colors and a freeing vibe. There is, of course, her gymnastics outfits as well, all of the highest quality possible since her maids created them for her personally.

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Aғтerɴooɴ Teα wιтн Roѕαвellα
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Dαɴce Prαcтιce wιтн Bαe
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Bαllrooм Meeтιɴɢ wιтн Bαe
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