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Prisoner (All of You #1)
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Melissa Silvey (msilveywrites) | 14 comments Prisoner

Do you like your romance hot and steamy? Yea, I thought you did. Then I have a book for you. In exchange for a review, I'll give you a copy of Prisoner absolutely free. If you really like it, I'll throw in one or two more, free of charge!

Thank ya kindly, and have a great day!!!

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S. Rivera (sjacksonrivera) | 6 comments I'm a bit backlogged on my reading schedule as I've been working to get part 3 of my newest series out. However, I'd add yours to my queue (maybe 2-3 weeks?). I'd rather do a swap if that's okay. Mine is steamy, but not erotica. I'd say more tantalizing???

I'd buy yours if you'd buy mine--same price. Let me know through private message or find me on facebook. S Jackson Rivera.
Wet Part 1 by S. Jackson Rivera Wet Part 2 by S. Jackson Rivera Wet Part 3 by S. Jackson Rivera

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Becky (ginger68) | 41 comments I would like to read and review these books.

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I would like to review. My email is I would prefer a mobi file. Thank You.

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