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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 959 comments Name: Beáta Kárpáthy

Age: 51

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Race: Aquatic Imp


Beat has fluffy black hair that looks like it's brushed every other day at most and sparkling grey skin with lighter spots dotting her body. Her eyes are light silver, and the sclera is black. Her ears are pointed, and her teeth and sharp. When she goes underwater, gills on her neck and torso appear, and her fingers and toes become webbed. She is 4'11" and weighs 97lbs.

Attitude: Yandere-dere

Personality: Beat is noisy, nosy, obnoxious, and has little to no sense of personal space. She has a tendency to be very clingy, often making people carry her, or just holding onto their back, which does prove to be a fairly effective mode of transportation. She has a number of bad habits, some of which are eating too many sweets, biting people, wanting to change clothes every half hour, and even eating small birds that get too close. She always wants to play some kind of game, which irritates people, and sometimes even endangers them. Occasionally she can be extremely violent, which is one reason Dani doesn't let her drink. Even sober, if someone causes her to be too jealous she may attack without warning, and later find an excuse for it.
Likes: the wife; sweets; games; cute dresses; small deadly animals; plushies; fluffy skirts; ribbons; pretty music; singing
Dislikes: spicy or bitter food; boring people; stains; birds; Germans; pants; tight fitting clothes; tone-deaf people; hearing something off-key; birds
Strengths: expert swimmer; near perfect sight and hearing both in and out of water; razor sharp teeth; fairly strong
Weaknesses: low stamina out of water; small (could be considered a strength); jealous; very picky about food; easily dehydrated

Bio: As children running around mostly unsupervised in a small town in Hungary, Beat was always the one to get Dani out of trouble. Whenever he would change she was the one to drag him back home. They were always close, Beat even saying once that they would be getting married and that Dani would be her bride. Though this obviously never happened, the name never disappeared. Nothing ever really changed, until she showed up at his house to find a giant, yet still cute, rock monster tearing everything up. She could tell that it was her wife, though she hadn't ever seen him change into anything so big. After a lot of yelling, running around so she wouldn't get stepped on, and the house finally coming down, Beat finally managed to calm Dani down enough for him to change back. The very next thing was hitting him on the head and accusing him of abuse, and then taking him to her parents. He explained what happened, and they gathered some of the neighbors to look around. Nothing was ever found of Dani's adoptive parents, and since then he began living with the Kárpáthy family.

Though Dani couldn't ever change into anything small and cute anymore, Beat still thought the giant monster was perfectly adorable. It did seem to have an effect on his personality though, as he gradually became more mean, and whenever he was rude to her she would call him geci (much to Dani's dismay, since it's a fairly vulgar Hungarian swear word).

In their early twenties they began to produce music as they had thought about doing for a while. The combination of Beat's cute, and vaguely mesmerizing voice, and Dani's perfect music caused people to become addicted, quite literally. Every once in a while they changed the names they produced under, moving into a different style, until Dani suddenly ran out of writing energy. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't come up with anything. Beat had a solution to this: a school she'd heard about a few times. Her thinking was that a change of scenery and plenty of new things would surely give him something to write.
Dániel Konstantin - wife; best friend; Böszme (when he's a dragon thingy)

Aquatic Respiration
Beat can breath underwater, or rather, when she goes into the water she switches from lungs to gills. Because of this she can spend an unlimited amount of time in water or on land.
Hypnotic Music
Similar to a Siren's ability to control men with their voice, but much weaker. Beat can use her voice to put people in a weak trance-like state, simply making their mind a bit foggy rather than empty. She can't control people fully, but she can make them more easily influenced for a period of time.
Animal Communication
Beat can communicate with fish and some reptiles, though they don't always want to talk to her.
Snake Mouth
Basically what it sounds like. She has an extra bone in her jaw that, when she needs, allows her to seemingly 'unhinge' her jaw. The purpose of this is for both offensive and defensive purposes, as well as allowing her to swallow smaller prey whole (even though she doesn't exactly need to).

Extra: Beat's first language is obviously Hungarian, and she only started learning English when they were in middle school. They do music in multiple languages, and they choose depending on what country most of their sales come from. Most recently, they've been very popular in Japan because of Beat's light, childish voice. Similar to (view spoiler).

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments Name: Dániel Konstantin

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Whatever. . . No. . . Maybe. . . Depends on his blood alcohol level

Race: Shifter

 photo ef222_by_daenarys-d6b5ydq_zpsrvicbxgz.png
 photo bc4d13075e9ad4994da5dc1559d21718_zpsrsk3xkdi.jpg
Dani has unruly stark white hair, light blue eyes, and very pale skin. To the unsuspecting passerby he's often mistaken for a human, since he has no characteristics in his humanoid form for anyone to think otherwise. He stands at approximately five foot five inches tall, and weighs about one hundred and twenty five pounds. His fingertips are calloused from playing stringed instruments, but his hands are slender like a pianists. He always wears the same teal zip-up hoodie, and carries a pair of red Chuck Taylors, thought he never actually wears them, preferring just socks.

Attitude: Tsun-Tsundere

Personality: Dani is quiet, always trying to think of a new song, or even just a tune. When interrupted he's very likely to attempt murder, or at least try to maim whoever thought they were important enough to distract him from what was very likely a breakthrough, or maybe it wasn't, he's never quite sure. The only person he really talks to on a regular basis is Beat, and that's only to criticize her, yell at her, or become way too dramatic when he's too intoxicated. When sober he tries to keep his addiction to cute things hidden, but drunk he's exactly the opposite, carrying around a giant pink bunny with him just because he can.
Likes: Beat; animals; cleaning; drawing; fine arts; horns; music; neatness; pancaking stuff; plushies; sour foods; stories; weapons.
Dislikes: Beat;anniversaries; bad music; being called a wife; birthdays; duct tape; emoticons; fairies; fighting; hats; holidays; movies; pasta; people; potatoes; red hair; reptiles; shells; shoes; snow globes; Sweden; things that are too sweet; tomatoes; water.
Strengths: Beat; musically inclined; turns into a giant rock monster; doesn't care.
Weaknesses: Beat; antisocial; slightly bipolar; doesn't care.

Biography: As a child Dani's best friend protected him as he took on shape after shape, all of which were things like a rabbit, or a kitten, or something else small and defenseless. For the first about ten years of his life he couldn't get a handle on when or why he'd shift, so Beat, who was just a couple years older, would scoop him up, and give him to his adoptive parents, who would then coax him into shifting back into his human form. The same thing over and over, until a few days before his eleventh birthday disappeared, there was no trace left behind, no notes, no letters, nothing, they were just gone. All of their things were still there, even the clothes they'd been wearing that morning were tossed into the hamper like someone had cleaned. Beat found Dani, or what she assumed was Dani, stumbling around as an unknown rock creature, trying to figure out how to shift or get out of the house. Thankfully Beat did finally get him to change back, after he almost smashed her against the ground and she yelled at him for spousal abuse. The house was destroyed, and so was most of the things inside, but with a little help Beat and Dani were able to salvage what they could and move Dani into the apartment above Beat's garage, her parents would have gladly let him stay in the house like they had done many times before when he'd stayed over but they felt like he might need a little space after whatever had happened. In the meantime the mixed race community came together, searching for any information they could on the young human couple that had mysteriously disappeared, leaving their shifter child alone, or he would have been alone if the community wasn't as close as it was.

Five years later and there was still nothing on his parents, but Dani had settled somewhat well, still living close to Beat, still going to school, still causing a little mischief here and there, but now he couldn't figure out how to shift into anything except what he'd dubbed the Keala Dragon, a wingless dragon with a hard outer shell that looked like it was made of stones, and felt like it too. No more puppies or cute mice, just this rock monster that was slightly disoriented from the size change, and extremely sweet on the inside. Beat thought it was hilarious, how someone as nice and quiet as her wife could turn into something so mistakenly destructive, it didn't really make sense.

When he turned twenty the pair began producing music together, they'd been writing and playing around with the idea for years, but finally they recorded their first hit, with Beat's mesmerizing voice and Dani's beautiful playing in the background the sounds were impossible not to fall in love with, literally. Once someone, especially a human, listened to just a few words they were in love, not with either creator, but the voice itself, and records were selling faster than they could record them. Every ten years or so they'd change their name, change their music style, and they'd be something new again, but after a while Dani didn't have anything else to say, every time he sat down to write nothing would come, it was like he was completely drained of creativity. Unfortunately for Dani Beat claimed to have the perfect idea to get them back in the game, and it started with going back to school.
Relations: Beáta Kárpáthy - Best Friend; Hates Her

 photo 91b4f7084e85ea5cfb9151b5ff984de4_large_zpspg3ndkhg.jpg
Dániel has the ability to shift into a few different things, but he only ever uses two forms, his hume form, and his keala dragon form
Inhuman strength
He has the same amount of strength in every form, which gives the illusion of super strength in his human form.

Extra: Speaks Hungarian, English, Dutch, Romanian, and French.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) [ ƝAMƐ ] Leif Abendroth
» αƖтєяηαтє(ѕ): Deitrich Dresner

[ AƓƐ ] 771
( ɗαтє σf вιятн ) July 7

[ ƓƐƝƊƐR ] Male
( ѕєxυαƖιту ) Bisexual


( ρнуѕιcαƖ ɗєѕcяιρтιση ) Leif is tall and slender, with dark black hair and silver/grey eyes (they turn red sometimes, depending on the discipline he's using at the moment). He dresses like a gothic hipster: tight leather pants, lots of buckles and platform or combat boots. His jackets resemble those of the German military, though his hair is obviously too long for someone who might have been a part of it. He is a fan of the scowl, and eye rolling, something he does a lot because most people annoy him.

[ ƤƐRSOƝALǀƬƳ ] Leif is tall, dark and brooding--always brooding. He rarely smiles or laughs, because not much amuses him. Extremely intelligent, and with a vast knowledge in most subjects, the vampire enjoys spending his time learning, and imparting his knowledge to others. He is smarter than most people, and he knows it, nor is he afraid to tell others to their face. He enjoys silence unless it is filled with meaningful, deep conversation, or some of his music preferences.
» ѕтяєηgтн(ѕ): immortality; modern (the ability to keep up with the world and technology); intelligent.
» ωєαкηєѕѕ(єѕ): sun (he is asleep during the day); garlic; holy water; wooden stakes; crosses.
» Ɩιкє(ѕ): blood; poetry; music; wine; chess; industrial and classical music.
» ɗιѕƖιкє(ѕ): stupid people; people in general; humans; other creatures; people knowing of his weaknesses.

[ HǀSƬORƳ ] Born in Germany to a noble family who were secretly running out of funds, Leif was made to travel to Romania when he became a man to marry a princess. He never made it to her castle... alive.
» ѕρєcιєѕ: Vampire
» ρƖαcє σf вιятн: Germany
» ѕσcιαƖ ѕтяαтυм/яαηк/ρσѕιтιση: Aristocrat
» fαмιƖу/яєƖαтιση(ѕ): None

[ OƬHƐR ] Leif can speak German, English, Russian, French, Romanian, Hungarian, Mandarin and Korean. He holds six BAs, four MAs and two PhDs; he is currently working on his seventh BA.
» мαgιc: Also known as disciplines, the magic that Leif possesses costs blood or willpower, which he must expend (the amount depends on the power) to use.
Celerity: Grants vampires supernatural speed and finesse by expending vitae (blood). This extraordinary speed violates the laws of physics in that the Cainite doesn't experience any change in momentum, friction, etc. A knife thrown by someone using Celerity isn't any faster, and a vampire moving at incredible speeds will never catch fire no matter how fast they move.
Earth Meld: Allows the vampire to be absorbed by the earth, wherein he or she can rest undistrubed until the next night.
Entrancement: Make someone obsessively want to please you.
Eyes of the Beast: Allows the vampire to see normally in complete darkness.
Fortitude: Grants vampires incredible resilience and the ability to resist the natural banes of the undead: fire and sunlight (but only for mere moments).
Mist Form: This ability allows the vampire to shed his/her mortal coil and become a cloud of mist.
Potence: Grants the vampires supernatural strength. Can lift six hundred and fifty pounds and crush skulls like grapes (this is added to your natural strength).
Shape of the Beast: Allows the vampire to transform him/herself into one of two animal forms, typically a bat and a wolf.
» weαpoɴ(ѕ): Feral Claws (allows the vampire to grow powerful claws that tear through flesh and most metals, dealing aggravated damage).
» fιgнтιηg ѕкιƖƖ(ѕ): brawl; melee proficiency; firearms.

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 959 comments Beat wandered through the hall, randomly approaching groups of people and asking if they'd seen her wife. She'd been looking for Dani for a while now, but so far she hadn't had any luck. If he hadn't spilled a nearly full glass of Pálinka on her new skirt she would never have had to change. But since he did, she had to put on an entirely new outfit and wash the soiled clothing hopefully before it stained. And by the time she was finished, her still partially drunken wife was gone.
She pushed open a door and stepped outside, looking up at the darkening sky. Dani had most likely dozed off somewhere by now, hopefully he hadn't done so on top of someone. Someone that didn't deserve a giant dragon thing sitting on them at least. There were some more people outside, that was good! Maybe they'd seen him somewhere recently. Running up to a tall girl with curled horns, she began the same question again. "Have you seen my wife? 'Bout this tall, fluffy white hair, or maybe really big with rocks?" She was brushed off with an irritated sounding 'no'. Next was a boy who, though only a few inches taller than herself, somehow looked like he might be able to lift a truck. Again, the answer was no, although this one simply shook his head instead of actually saying anything. Beat continued moving from person to person, all of which seemed at least vaguely annoyed by the tiny grey imp.

(view spoiler)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) He was reading a book, seated in a corner of the library, when he heard the annoying chatter of what sounded like a little girl in the other end of the building. Rolling his eyes, Leif tsked to himself as he willed her to shut up. It was hard not to eavesdrop—she was so very loud. Something about her wife missing. Lesbians, the vampire scoffed mentally as he focused his concentration again on his page. Where was he? Philosophy took a lot of concentration as it was, and reading in Latin had it more difficult for the German native, though not terribly so; just enough for it to be a slight challenge. Crossing one ankle over a knee, Leif continued to read.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 959 comments No, no, and no again. Still no luck. Maybe he was hiding somewhere. Beat walked back inside, down a mostly empty hall, peeking into doors on her way through. Large double doors caught her attention, and she realized that she hadn't looked there yet. A library wasn't normally the place he'd be, but who knew, maybe he stumbled in and fell asleep somewhere. She threw open the door and looked around. Nothing very obvious, but she didn't expect to see him right by the door. Stepping inside, she continued looking down a few aisles. It was surprisingly empty, she only saw a couple of people as she made her way further in. They didn't even answer her when she questioned them, only shushing her before she finished a sentence. Rude. She quickly made her way to the back, turning to one side to see there was still someone on this floor she hadn't talked to. "Hey you!" Beat said, her voice naturally loud enough to be considered almost yelling without her even trying. "Have you seen my wife anywhere? 's about this tall, with white hair and looks kinda mean."

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) ((Am I supposed to reply, or Tessa?))

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments ((You can, he's asleep so I won't have much to post yet hahaha))

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Leif glanced up, stared pointedly at the child (some kind of demonic creature, he was guessing... or maybe fae), and without dignifying her question with a response, the vampire simply returned to his book. He tsked when he realized he'd lost his place by acknowledging the person in front of him, and that he'd now have to look for it again.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments That morning had been interesting, Dani hadn't slept the night before, then started bright and early with something he'd thought might knock his creativity into high gear, but really all it did was make him shift, and act like a total ass. After causing havoc in the back room of the library he'd gotten high in he shifted back for long enough to stumble through a door way and through a line of bookcases, but he'd shifted again after a few seconds, and promptly passed out on an unsuspecting reptilian student's tale.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 959 comments "Why is everyone ignoring me today?" Beat said to herself with a huff. "You could at least say something without being so rude you know." She leaned forward towards the brooding man, but only briefly before something else caught her attention. A nearby balcony facing the lower level of the library, and something just sticking out from directly below. And of course, what sounded like a very irritated person. Taking a few steps in that direction, she realized that she knew the rocky mound that definitely didn't belong indoors. "My wife!" She yelled, jumping down and landing less than gracefully on top of the dragon-thing. "I looked all over the place and couldn't figure out where you- huh?" Pausing, Beat slid off his back and stepped around to where the noise she'd momentarily forgotten about had to have come from. "Uhh, Dani I think you might have sat on someone." She said, trying to hold back a laugh as she began to hit her sleeping friend on the nose to wake him.

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