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Kia Jones | 4 comments I was given a large box of books from my cousin who was a few years older than me back in the early 90's (other books included babysitters club, sweet valley high, boxcar children) they were mostly young adult teen girl books. There was one book I remember reading, it was a paperback not to thick about 200 pages, the cover was dark, and the name of the author I think was a more uncommon name (lol when I was younger I would alphabetize my books by author and I think this one was towards the end)

The story line followed a young (preteen or teen) girl who either moves in with relatives or moves into a new stepmother/father's house that is part of some odd religion or cult. The book includes they can only leave the house during the dark to walk to church (temple?) or a nightly exercise walk. They talk about high cement perimeters and the house being in darkness with the windows covered. The girl is able to find a window and is able to scratch off soeme of the paint to find light. I don't remember the ending of she escapes or not. She may have at night when the family left for temple.

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Cat  | 132 comments Maybe People Might Hear You  by Robin Klein It's Australian though so I'm not sure.

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Kia Jones | 4 comments People might hear you!!! Thank you Catherine!!! Way off on the author name

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Cat  | 132 comments Yay. Glad I could help:)

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