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Anca Sfrejea | 2 comments "I've read this book around 2002.

The book starts with a woman wonded by love who curses the families for always fighting between eachother until they'll find real love. \

Then it moves to present, when two sisters come into scene, the younger one is redhead.

The younger one starts an affair with the boy from the other family and the elder one gets married.

After years the younger one leaves the country and the elder one is becoming a widow and she returns to her father house and starts handling their business, a kaolin factory.

The guy her sister had an affair, comes into picture and a love story blooms between the two.

This is what I remember from the book. I really hope someone else has read this book, cause I really don't know how to find it.

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Anca Sfrejea | 2 comments Thank you Ayshe! That's the book! :)

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