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message 1: by Sreenivas (new)

Sreenivas | 29 comments Hi All,
I have been thinking lately, why don't we start a French study circle. We shall read French books and English translated French works. At the same time we would help each other learn to speak French. Even if you don't know French , not a problem. We shall start with simple short stories in French and later move to novels and other works. Folks, what is your take on this ?
Sudarshan aka Sreeni.

message 2: by Uday (new)

Uday Kanth (udayk) I'm in!! My French is very rudimentary (was my second language in college) and I always keep putting off to learn it more. Never read a French book but am interested to venture for sure!


message 3: by Adhithya (last edited Aug 23, 2015 04:20PM) (new)

Adhithya | 2 comments I'm all for it! I suggest that we start with English books that have been translated into French, preferably a book that we've already read...What do you think?

message 4: by Sreenivas (new)

Sreenivas | 29 comments Sounds good.

message 5: by Dinesh Babu (new)

Dinesh Babu Natesan (dineshnatesan89) | 3 comments I am in too.
Other than 'merci'and 'au revoir', I don't know a word in French. So I am gonna lag behind in the beginning.. :D

message 6: by Sreenivas (new)

Sreenivas | 29 comments The idea being , during the meets we try to say few basic phrases in French in between the conversations.

message 7: by Solomon (new)

Solomon Manoj Hey Kevin,
That's a great idea!! We could learn or brush up the language..
Dinesh most of us are at the same level as you so no worries mate we will catch up :)

message 8: by India (new)

India Daram (goodreadscomindia_daram) | 1 comments Sounds like a brilliant idea! My French is pretty rudimentary. Does reading Asterix in French count? Please do not think for a moment I understood all of what I read as I'm afraid I'd have to discount half of it. And there were the looks I received for reading a 'comic' in a foreign language - looks that meant 'your French must be abysmal' to 'I feel sorry for you.' I then graduated to Heidi (a self initiated promotion!). It is quite humbling when one has to consult a dictionary half a dozen times for every sentence but I did persist. Having read the English version, tackling the French version was easier. Well easier than reading Asterix - so Adhithya's idea to start with a translated work is excellent. I wish I could join you guys!

message 9: by Sreenivas (new)

Sreenivas | 29 comments I am searching for similar books in French . These books have Japanese short stories and next page with English translation and vocabulary .

message 10: by Uday (new)

Uday Kanth (udayk) We could also read some of the French translations of the popular books we have already read like Harry Potter or something. I think they would be easy to follow. What say, folks?

message 11: by Jagan (new)

Jagan K (jaggenius) | 1 comments Count me in as well

message 12: by Uday (new)

Uday Kanth (udayk) Guys, so have we decided where to begin?

message 13: by Vijayalakshmi (new)

Vijayalakshmi | 10 comments oh wow! This sounds like a fun thing to do. I would love to join though I don't know a word in French.

message 14: by Sreenivas (new)

Sreenivas | 29 comments @Vijayalakshmi That wouldn't be a problem. All you require here is the desire to learn.

message 15: by Sreenivas (new)

Sreenivas | 29 comments @Vasundhara There is a place in pondy where in you get French book at very cheap price

message 16: by Uday (new)

Uday Kanth (udayk) They're available on Kindle but are very expensive (Rs. 680!!) Might have to check out that place in pondy then!

message 17: by Swathi (new)

Swathi Muthu (swathimuthu) | 2 comments I'm in!!!!

message 18: by Mujeebur (new)

Mujeebur Rahman | 4 comments Hi, this sounds like a good idea. We can come together and read short stories helping each other with the translation. Looking to hear from you all :)

message 19: by Vijayalakshmi (new)

Vijayalakshmi | 10 comments We could also consider borrowing books from alliance library? wouldn't that be easier?

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