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Should we continue?

message 2: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments Okay! And yeah :D I think it was your go

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((Oh right hehe...time skip to dinner maybe?))

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Yeah))

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((Could you start?))

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Ruth | 500 comments Adrien's spirits were low when he went into the great hall for dinner.

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She was already there, talking with one of the noblewomen.

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Ruth | 500 comments Adrien saw her and was going to go over, but was stopped by a lord, who wanted to talk to him.

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Skye spotted him, and turned away a little

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Ruth | 500 comments Adrien was finally able to detach himself, and walked up to her.

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"Adrien." She formally addressed him, looking down

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Ruth | 500 comments "Lady Skye," Adrien bowed.

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"Is there anything...specific you wanted?" She said stiffly.

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Ruth | 500 comments Adrien sighed. "I just wanted to say good day," he said.

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"Oh." She nodded. "You too, I suppose."

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Ruth | 500 comments Adrien smiled sadly at her. "Can I get you a drink?"

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"Sure, why not?" She replied.

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Ruth | 500 comments Adrien went over to the drink table.

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"So how have you been?" She asked hesitantly as she followed him.

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Ruth | 500 comments Adrien smiled as she cane with him. "I've been better, but not too bad," he replied. "What of you?"

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"Good." She smiled. "I've been good."

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((Did you watch that Reign Season 3 promo))

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Omg yes I have doesn't it look so good??? Omg!!!! ))

Adrien smiled sadly at her. "Are you still sure about what you said earlier?"

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((Its so amazing!! that part of mary falling...epic!))

"Of course." She forced a smile. "Though I did want to talk to you."

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Ruth | 500 comments ((I know! And I think we caught a glimpse of Mr. pirate ;) he looks like he's gonna be a hottie))

"Indeed?" Adrien was hopeful again. "Shall we go out on the terrace?"

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((Huh? Wait which promo did you watch??? WHAT!!!)))

"No, I just...I wanted to apologize about the way things ended. I really did appreciate your presence, so perhaps we could put this all behind and continue to be friends." She mentally cursed herself for putting it so plainly.

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Well I'm not sure, but I think it's him! We should've watched the same one. It's at 0:13 and 0:14 and you just catch a quick glimpse :D ))

Adrien looked down. "We can certainly attempt," he said hesitantly, "but know that my feelings for you haven't slackened."

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((Ohhh got it :D I thought it was Greer's new love interest? If its the pirate tho I won't mind :D))

"Well, time fixes everything." She hesitated. "Well that's what they say."

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Oh I hadn't thought about that lol- that might be who it is too. But whoever it is is a hottie XD ))

"Yes, so I've heard. But I will still hold fast to the hope that it won't be necessary." Adrien replied.

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((Hehe yepp and I saw the actor playing the pirate ;) Sameer Usmani; he's sooo cute!))

She fiddled around nervously. "I did what was necessary."

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Ruth | 500 comments ((I know right? XD ))

Adrien sighed. "I understand. And... I'm sorry."

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"Why? You didn't do anything wrong." She frowned.

((I hope Francis doesn't die so soon :( ))

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Ruth | 500 comments ((I hope not... In thinking Nostradamus is gonna come up with a cute, or the chick Sebastian likes is gonna do something- I'll be really shocked if they actually kill him off))

Adrien nodded. "Yes- only I'm sorry something that seems do trivial had to come between us."

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((Oh no, if they kill both Francis and Bash, i'll kill the writers!))

"Its just the way everything works." She shrugged

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Ruth | 500 comments ((They couldn't possibly. But if they do, I say we team up and head down there to beat some sense into the writers ;) ))

Adrien sighed. "I suppose so. Perhaps I was wrong about miracles, after all."

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((Agreed :D But I doubt we'll be the only ones. ;) If bash and Francis dies, rebellion will break out much worse than District 13...if that makes sense I'm very sugarhigh at the moment))

"Don't let me cost you your beliefs, your hopes." She smiled sadly.

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Oh trust me, it'll be worse than district thirteen's XD ))

Adrien smiled back and resisted the urge to push that stray piece of hair behind her ear. "I'll try."

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((Hehe you get me too well xD))

"I should leave." She said after a bit.

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Heading out of town till Tuesday, wifi might be spotty))

Adrien sighed and almost reached for her hand. "Yes I suppose so. Your friends will be waiting for you."

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((Okies :D))

"It was nice speaking with you." She murmured before leaving.

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Ruth | 500 comments ((I'm back! And partially dead XD ))

Adrien nodded. "Likewise, Lady Skye." He watched after as she went in, waiting before going in himself.

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Ruth | 500 comments ((Hey are you still making covers?))

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((Haha welcome back! xd Why partially dead?
Yepp I'm still making covers. And banners, mostly.))

((Time skip?))

message 45: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments ((Yeah sure- and I'm partially dead because I hiked six miles straight up a mountain, got to the top, and then hiked six miles straight back down XD ))

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((Oh wow 0.o Partially dead? I would've died when I was hiking up! At least you survived xD

Could you start? Maybe they meet at the roof or something?)))

message 47: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 500 comments ((Haha well I certainly almost did. But it was worth it! :D
and sure :D ))

Adrien was standing on the roof, looking out over the land as the snow started to fall again.

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Skye sneaked into the roof. She loved the aerial view of the land it provided, and it was too beautiful a night to resist.

((xD Do you hike much? I've never hiked in my entire life!))

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Ruth | 500 comments ((i wouldn't say I do it much, but it's the best way for me to get to hang out with my brother and sister lol, because they're like obsessed with hiking. I enjoy doing it, though))

Adrien turned when he heard a noise, and sighed seeing who it was. "Good Evening, Lady Skye."

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"Oh." She fiddled with her fingers. "I didn't know you were here. I'm sorry, i'll leave."

((Ohh that's cool. My sister's too lazy to get out of her room xD

Also, you do know hello is inappropriate as it doesn't fit the time line? I mean, Edison, the guy who created electricity, created that word xD))

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