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Katie and I couldn't think of a book to read so we may be breaking a rule.... we just decided to pick a genre and we will both read a contemporary book. Anyone can choose a genre instead of a book, but only when you really can't decide on a book... we would definitely recommend reading the same book though.

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I will be reading Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

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Isla was really great!!! I really enjoyed it... especially the ending :)

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Katie West (rosethorn2000) | 542 comments Mod
I ended up reading a new Jacqueline Wilson Book. This is because I actually forgot about this. So I read 2 Jacqueline Wilson Books. However the new book I liked loads and that was called Katy.. It was a really good book and I did not want the book to end! The second book I read it was so boring I can't remember what the name of it was haha :p

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What was your book about? :)

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So my book was about this really shy girl named Isla Martin who attends the School of America in Paris. She is going into her senior year there. There's also this boy named Josh who she had a crush on forever, but he had a girlfriend until at the end of his junior year when they broke up because his girlfriend was going to college while he was going to be a senior. So they meet and I guess them being together is fate, but they still go through a lot if problems and challenges. The books in this series aren't directly related, but at the end of this book, all the books end up together. UGGHHH THE ENDING WAS AMAZING :)

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It sounds great!!!

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