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Aristotle and Dante > 8/22 SAT || 295-359 “All the Secrets of the Universe"

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Shannon (kitchandpages) (leaninglights) | 713 comments Mod
I loved it - 5 stars!
Let me know when you guys finish and we'll discuss. I don't want to spoil anyone this early in the week! hahah

message 3: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (bookworm1987) | 344 comments Mod
I finished it today this was my first full lGBTQ related story. I liked it a lot and I agree I loved the parents. I will admit the story ran rather slowly for me. But the prose was definitely pretty. So it kept me reading I definitely liked the characters in this book.

message 4: by Mom2triplets04 (new)

Mom2triplets04 | 316 comments I liked the parents in this book. I liked that they were very supportive and strict! I kept thinking of my own household and my own rules. Yes, I'm kind of strict too. The story was a bit slow for me as well but I kept reading on. I wanted to know what happened to the brother. I was shocked that the brother was only 15 years old when he killed the person. But it was very sad that the parents like disowned their son once he was in jail. Glad it had a happy ending.

Shannon (kitchandpages) (leaninglights) | 713 comments Mod
I loved this book. I also listened to the audiobook, which was fantastic. This book felt more like a character story than a plot-driven story. I think it was so refreshing to see parents accurately portrayed in YA. I think the moral message behind the brother in jail is that Ari had similar qualities to him but the brother chose the wrong path. Ari struggled with his frustration and anger but ultimately he accepts who he is and doesn't lash out. I think it was a commentary on how people can be wired a certain way (prone to anger, for example), but it is ultimately our choices that determine who we are. It was a slower story but I really enjoyed that aspect. I also liked that you couldn't tell if the book was going to end good or horribly bad. Kept me on my toes!

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