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Luke Sheffield | 1 comments Seeking opinions of skilled beta readers --- good, bad, ugly, any thoughts are valued.

"Here’s a difficult question to ponder: could you kill a person that you love?

It might not be your spouse, sibling, or relative of any kind. Just someone that you know, care for, have a close connection and dare I say, ‘love.’ Taking a life most certainly cannot be an easy thing and by all accounts must be handled with the greatest discretion possible. I would venture a guess that even the most hardened and grizzled mafia hit man pauses to clear his head before he pulls the trigger. Now, to even consider taking the life of a person you hold dear, to look into their eyes and snuff out their existence, that’s a different puzzle altogether.

Pacifique Runihura stood on his private balcony just outside a spacious government office and had such a conundrum running through his tired head. A receding hairline with gray tufts on the edges, his uniform was starched as stiff as a board and amulets glowed. From his vantage point he could see the Kigali skyline at sunset; the only skyline in all of Rwanda. While others labored away in a windowless office or, even worse somewhere out in the streets in a far less austere building, he was lucky to have such a view. Maybe not lucky per se, more apt to describe Pacifique as ruthless, calculating, and even cold blooded. To acquire such spacious real estate required a healthy dose of brutal opportunism, harsh cunning, and the grit to step over some dead bodies now and then."

Ice Giants is a story of perseverance, struggle, beauty and overcoming life's obstacles. A child born into the Rwandan civil war, a young man seeking social justice and rebelling against his family, and a lost youth raised in the harsh urban jungle, these three unique characters discover what is important in life and how to overcome tragedy. Through twists and turns and life-changing decisions, they cross paths and meet under extraordinary circumstances.

Eager for help and opinions. Thanks for your time and consideration, please let me know if interested.

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Barbara Tsipouras | 103 comments I'm interested. My emal:

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Barbara Tsipouras | 103 comments I'm still interested and waiting.

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