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•EM• | 24885 comments Thanks :)

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•EM• | 24885 comments Iv got a few... What type of rps do you like?

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All sorts, you?

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•EM• | 24885 comments Umm... Mostly fantasy an romance. ?

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Oh, then if you want, we could do them. I prefer playing as girl, what about you? :)

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•EM• | 24885 comments I play either so I can play the guys if you want?

My other ideas are more realistic... Iv had the idea of roleplaying a boarding school of sorts for the arts.. So people who wanna became actors and such and then maybe one of the characters is a well known actor or actresses son/daughter......? Iv only just began roleplaying that with another friend about a month ago

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That's not a bad idea. We can make this a romance if you want. We could give that the boy and the girl are competitors against each other at first, so they have this frenemy relationship at first

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•EM• | 24885 comments Yeah that sounds good, because their body fighting for positions in movies.

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Yeah, so when they do develop feelings its an obstacle. :)

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•EM• | 24885 comments Yeah, but it'll be interesting

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So, shall we get onto our characters then?

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•EM• | 24885 comments Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, this literally didn't come through :(

But yes we shall! :)

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Its okay :)

Could you start? :)

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•EM• | 24885 comments So characters yeah? And I'm the guy?
On and are both of them going to have famous parents or?

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If you don't mind, I'd like to play the girl :)
Well, the guy can have famous parents but the girl can have parent and financial problems..

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Name: Kaya

Age: 18





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I went with simple because I'm on phone :3

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•EM• | 24885 comments Ooo interesting alright.
Sorry but I do short ones so that we build them up as we go

Name: Jayden Kellington
Age: 18 (almost 19)
Appearance: https://s.yimg.com/cd/resizer/2.0/FIT...

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•EM• | 24885 comments I love Ashley benson... I was tossing up between this guy and dylan obrien.

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Haha both are good :)

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Could you start?

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•EM• | 24885 comments Sure.

Jayden wondered through the halls during his fifth period, he was meant to be meeting up with another girl to study with but couldn't seem to find her.

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((Is she that girl?))

Kaya was in the locker hall, struggling with the combination. Swearing impaitently, she banged her fist on the door, accidentally breaking it open.

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•EM• | 24885 comments ((She can if you want))

Jayden groaned as he walked around, looking up and down hall ways, finally heading back to the library and texting her -where are you?!-

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Locker halls, she texted back before collecting her books and closing the locker.

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•EM• | 24885 comments He opened up his books, looking back at his phone once she replied, as he read her message he sighed, tapping his pen on the table. Getting very impatient

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She came into the class, breathing in relief when she saw him. "Sorry, I'm late." She set her bags down. "I'm Kaya."

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•EM• | 24885 comments He looked up at her once she arrived in the library. "Jayden." He said, watching her get her things out. "You gotta learn to be on time."

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"Learn?" She raised her eyebrows. "I don't have to do anything. this is a free country, you know." She joked.

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•EM• | 24885 comments He nodded as he also rolled his eyes "oh I know.. But you know employers don't want people that are slow." He said

((I'm so sorry, falling asleep.. I'll reply tomorrow

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((Its okay))

"Employers?" She laughed. "Let's be clear. I'm only here because the dean asked me to study with you. That's it. You're just a study partner. Don't think too far ahead for your own sake, okay?"

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•EM• | 24885 comments He shrugged as he began to flick through a few pages. "Not my fault in trying to think about my career

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"Your career?" She frowned. "You're going acting too?"

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•EM• | 24885 comments He looked across the table at her, shrugging. "Why would it bother you if i am?" He asked, giving her a slight glare.

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"You didn't exactly seem the type." She admitted

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•EM• | 24885 comments "But does anyone ever 'seem the type'?" He asked, looking at his books again. "Whats so bad about it?"

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"Bad?" She raised her eyebrows. "I'm in acting too."

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•EM• | 24885 comments He looked back at her. "See, its not bad at all."

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"Sad. I was just beginning to like you." She said, only half-jokingly.

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•EM• | 24885 comments He chuckled and rolled his eyes a little. "Oh I'm sure, girls like you can't keep away." He said, joking around

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"Girls like me?" She snorted. "Like you will ever meet someone like me."

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•EM• | 24885 comments ((i changed the guy's picture...))

"Im sure i already have... you're almost all the same i swear."

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"Almost." She pointed out

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•EM• | 24885 comments ((i hope you didn't mind... i think colton is so much hotter hahahaha))

He sighed. "Whatever... can we just get this studying over?"

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((Its okay :D I agree))

"Fine." She sighed. "Can I see your script?"

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•EM• | 24885 comments He passed it over to her, they were all given the same basic story line but had to create the script themselves and further the storyline.

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She read it through. "Ours are similar." She frowned

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•EM• | 24885 comments He looked up at her after he continued to right somethings down, some ideas. "What do you mean?"

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