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Sure, I wanted to be the criminal anyways :)

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So characters?

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Hmm I don't care about the details of the characters

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The image isn't showing

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Name: Adrian Mason Westwood
Age: 17

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It works! And I find your character quite cute :) btdubs my character is quite submissive after he captures his ''Prey'' :)

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Idk, I just wanted to try it out, what I'm saying is that he's submissive but can be dominant if needs to be

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Yeah, :)

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How do we start off?

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Huh, maybe my guy could be stealing something at a convenience store and when the cops are there he could run and your character could be running after him, but when your character catches him, his whole demeanor changes or something?

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Ok night.

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Adrian walked into the store, he hand was wrapped around a gun, there were no actual bullets, but there were some inside, ones that wouldn't hurt an human as much as a real one was, once he was inside he walked over to the cash register, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the man behind the counter, the man screamed and walked backward into the wall behind him.

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Adrian turned and he pointed his gun at the guy behind him, once he saw the badge, he ran.

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Adrian dashed forward, running farther away from the guy behind him, he made sure to take put the bullets before putting his gun into his pocket.

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Adrian turned a corner and he found himself at a dead end.

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Adrian looked at him, he didn't put his hands up.

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Adrian still didn't put his hands up, he was stubborn, that's how he was.

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Adrian did nothing, he stared into Matts gaze, he didn't say or do anything.

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(( Reminder ))

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(( Oh, my bad then ^_^ ))

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Adrian raised an eyebrow, he opened his mouth to speak, " You want an empty gun? Okay," Adrian says as he took out his gun and he slid it over to Matt, when he spoke his voice was deep.

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" You mean the ones I emptied out when I was running, I don't have any in my pockets," Adrian says.

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" Come pat me down if you don't believe me," Adrian says,

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Adrian watches Matt, " I'm seventeen, I may look like a liar, but I'm not," Adrian mutters.

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" Don't tell me you one of those cops that try to make small talk," Adrian says.

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Adrian turned around, " Could you please just let me go Officer?" Adrian asked, his voice actually shown the real pain and hunger he was suffering.

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" Please, my little sister, she's almost dying, I needed the food and I have no money, please just let me go," Adrian says, crying at the moment a little bit.

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" Thanks to you, my sister will probably die now, I hope your happy," Adrian mutters, he begins to cry lightly.

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" We lived over in the abandoned apartment building, apartment number six, she looks exactly like me or well a smaller version of me and she won't really trust you unless I'm there with her," Adrian says softly.

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" And homeless people, wonder why I hate police officers," Adrian mutters.

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" Well it's not my fault I wanted to feed my sister, yet I have no money," Adrian snarled.

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Adrian sighed as he kept his mouth shut the rest of the time, he then began to speak, " Don't harm my sister in anyway, if you do I will find you and I will hurt you," Adrian says in a growl.

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" Good, because you'll be dead if you do hurt her, tell her that I sent you or that you know me, that way she'll trust you," Adrian says.

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Adrian sighed as he sat in the seat.

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" Don't forget to watch the road Mr. I can see out of the side of my head," Adrian says as he watched Matt.

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Adrian sighed as he sat there in handcuffs, he moved around and then looked out the window.

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Adrian shifted in his seat, he sighed as he watched Matt.

Inside the room, Adrian's sister Alla sat, her knees brought up to her chest as she coughed a bad cough.

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Once she heard the guy speak of her brother she got up and ran to the door she opened it and saw an police officer she narrowed her eyes, " Adri, says police officers are bad, what did you do with my brother?" Alla asked as she glared at the Police officer

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" Adrian is near? Okay what food do you have?" Alla asked.

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" What kind of food, I'm allergic to different kinds," Alla says.

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Alla nodded, " Okay, you must leave now though, Adrian's dogs hate police officers," Alla says as she heard the sound of paws coming down the hallway.

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" Fine, leave, they can smell the gun powder," Alla says quickly, taking the paper.

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Alla closes the door.

Adrian sighed as he waited, he began to talk to himself quietly.

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Adrian sighed, " Did she take the food?" Adrian asked.

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" I'm not an idiot, you gave her your number, that was very generous, and I'd like to thank you," Adrian answered.

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