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Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) | 14 comments The sun was sinking low over the horizon as Luka made it into the town of Beacon Hills. She decided to head to the park and try to find a place to sleep for the night. Tomorrow she'd start looking for food, but for now, she was too tired to care about her hunger. She walked through the park, glancing around at all the trees and smiling gently at the beauty of the park. It wasn't often that she'd be able to sleep in such a well-kept place, so she looked forward to finding a comfortable place. Her worn sneakers carried her off the beaten path and she found herself moving around to look for any group of trees or bushes where she'd be covered from sight.

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Dell sat on a park bench listening to music, she had a stick in her hand and she was breaking it piece by piece. She had another one of her "visions today" some random girl she'd seen in the hallway at school a couple times. She tried to forget it but it was impossible. It repeated over and over again in her mind. She turned up the volume on her music, It was useless, but a bit comforting.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) | 14 comments As she rounded a tree, Luka froze when she saw a girl sitting on a park bench. Her acute hearing could hear that the girl was listening to loud music and she was snapping a stick in her hands. She looked distressed and Luka's heart squeezed in sympathy. Noticing that the stick was almost gone, Luka stooped and grabbed a new one and approached the bench. Sitting down next to the girl, she offered the new stick to replace the destroyed on, shooting her a gentle smile.

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Dell looked at the girl who had sat next to her. Her face was painted with a skeptical expression. Dell pulled one earbud out "Uh- Thanks?" she questioned taking the stick and beginning to demolish it too. "who are you? I haven't seen you at school before" she said emotionless looking at her for only a second hoping that this girl wouldn't end up in one of her visions screaming just before some horrific death took over her.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) | 14 comments "I just got into town. I'm also 22, so I won't be going to school." Sitting in silence for a bit, Luka turned a bit to face the girl better. "My name's Luka Blakesley, by the way. So, you don't have to tell me anything, but I noticed you look troubled. I'll listen if you want to talk and I won't judge." Turning to face forward again, she waited to see if the girl would introduce herself and maybe tell her what's wrong.

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Dell looked at the girl for a moment. What if she told the girl that she was crazy and saw deaths, like she thought she has some sort of supernatural abilities. There is no way the girl would believe her. She took her second earbud and put it back into her ear "no thanks. I'm good." she said going back to focusing on her stick.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) | 14 comments ((Do you think that they should find out that they're both supernatural, and if so how?))

Shrugging her shoulders, Luka sits in her own little world for a bit. She turns her head to pop the earbud out of the girl's ear to speak to her again. "You never introduced yourself to me. Can I at least know your name or do I just call you depressed-stick-breaking-girl?" She's trying to use a bit of humor to soften the girl and make herself seem more approachable.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) | 14 comments ((You still there?))

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