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message 1: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Hey guys, I'm attempting to outline my latest screenplay. But I'm not sure how to, what do you guys do for outlining? Or do you outline?

message 2: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Dominique (kersten_d) | 1068 comments I believe outlining does help in a lot of cases, but only if you've had the idea in your head and brewing for quite a while. Otherwise, it feels overwhelming trying to map out an entire book when you only know a few things that you want. Now, when you have a bunch of ideas for a single book, then you MUST ABSOLUTELY OUTLINE!! This is what's going to giving your story structure. Without it, you will tend to have unnecessary subplots, plots that go in circles, plot holes, and faulty development. You need to be able to weed out all the junk ideas (even if you think that they're crucial to your story) outlining helps you see what's important and not. Again, this is mainly when you want to do SO MUCH with a book that you have to sit back and actually think about what path your plot is going to take.

message 3: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Dominique (kersten_d) | 1068 comments Jenna Moreci does a really good job of explaining Outlines on her youtube channel. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKO3v.... It's very interesting. I use her method for my outlines, especially for a book I've had brewing in my head for over 3 years now. I find her tips really help, but I have to warn you, she does swear occasionally. Also, check out her channel for a lot of really good writing tips (especially about self publishing).

message 4: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Omg yes! I love Jenna Moreci, Mandi Lynn helps a lot for me as well. (She doesn't swear.) Mandi is actually a teen author! She began her first novel, Essence at 13. She's very inspirational and I love her!

message 5: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Dominique (kersten_d) | 1068 comments Cool, I'll look her up. I just fund a video by Jenna and fell in love with her energy and originality. Now I follow her on practically everything.

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