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⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Im shadow. I have another journal, but this is going to have my full story. Not just parts of it. Ill add the link to my old journal later.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Alright. First of all, i have had three accounts. Which means that i have been on gr for almost a year.

Second. I dont like humans. I befriend them, but i dislike most of them.

Third. I sin. And i do not ask for forgiveness. I do not need it. I forgive myself.

Fourth. Parental units are scary things. And do not understand me.

Fifth. If you dont know me, GET TO KNOW ME.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Oh. And i dont mind if u post in my journal.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments The following entries were stolen from shadowscar the dragon's lair. Read with care. He can sense if you are reading.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 1. August 18, 2014.

Today is the first day i joined gr. I didnt do much, just added books that ive read, added friends i know... Etc.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments What is?

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 2. August 20, 2014.

Today i went to.... A discussion.... I met a girl.... Shes really hot.... Maybe i should like.... Mmmmm.... Forget it. You just met her. We talked a lot though.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Hannah wrote: "the dragon can sense that you're reading it. that's just creepy."

I am the dragon. Watch it. O.o

message 10: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne lol nice

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 3. August 21, 2014!!!!!

I asked her.... She said yass. Ima so happy. I hope we last a long time. :p

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Hannah wrote: "Oh, gosh. what do I know????"

My full name used to be " shadowscar the terrible" then i changed it to "shadowscar" then now.... Its "shadow"

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 4. November 1, 2014.

Im so happy. We've been on for like ever!
Shes so hot, and shes caring, nice, always there for me. I love her so much.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Hannah wrote: "okie then. I'm at least informed about something now..."


Give me a minute. These memories are painful. Ima crying a bity rn.

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 ѕolanιne Twinzie don't cry stay strong we're here

message 16: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne And after I said we're here well if she's not me and my cat are

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 ѕolanιne No dat it didn't load

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 ѕolanιne Autocorrect! *Nvm that

message 19: by ⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (last edited Aug 17, 2015 09:16AM) (new)

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 5-12. November, thanksgiving week. 2014

My heart. I never knew that you could feel pain in your heart. Im not allowed on gr, bc of bad grades. A whole week has done much. I starve myself. I want her back. But i must go a week without her. If this is love, take it back. I do not wish for such pains. I swiped an orange, just as it went for my mouth, i got caught red-handed. I need that girl before i go to ruins.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Right. Gtg. Bed. C u guys tomorrow.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments It was 10:12 or something.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Your in new mexico, arizona, utah, colorado, wyoming, idaho, or montana. Right?

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Crap!!!

Day 4 1/2. September 3, 2014

Today was her birthday. She didnt want anything. I wish i was so selfless.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments I told u. Everything goes out. Never done that b4. Alright. Now shut it. Im going to dig some more memories out.

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⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 13. December 24, 2014.

I dont even have a clue what i wanna get that girl for christmas. Shes not helping. She doesnt want anything. But it feels bad to not get her anything....

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments https://youtu.be/2vAMxKvZqwU

Post this on your profile if u hate bullies.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Im gonna miss emma. Only knew her for a short while, but she was a nice person. And she likes cupcakes.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 14. 2 days after christmas.

I got the worst christmas present ever. A break up. Promises to stay friends were made though. And i managed. Just barely.

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 ѕolanιne :( aw twin I'm so sorry...

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Is okay. I managed. :( just barely.

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 ѕolanιne :( I gtg but you have my sadness

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 15. Begin august 2015.

We had a big fight. Were not friends anymore. I cant go on. Need help.

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⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Day 16. End august 2015.

Started a new relationship. Hope it goes better than the last one.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Shadow~ Join The Dark Side we have waffles. wrote: ":( I gtg but you have my sadness"

K bye. I appreciate it, but i dont need sadness. I need strength.

message 35: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne Guess what false alarm and whenever u need my strength u can have it

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Okay.

False alarm? You dont gtg?

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 ѕolanιne No not yet I thought dinner was done guess not

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Oh. :p

I have that sometimes too.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Alright. Im back. We settled down. Moving is not fun.

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 ѕolanιne No it's not glad you're settled in.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Not? You dont want me back?

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Nvr mnd. I got it.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Sorta settled. I took a picture. Profile pictures.

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 ѕolanιne Lol yea glad ur back

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Gtg unload dishwasher RQ.

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Shadow~ Join The Dark Side we have waffles. wrote: "Lol yea glad ur back"

Thanks twin. :p

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 ѕolanιne Hate dishes. cya dude

⛄⛄Call Me Emi⛄⛄ (shadowscar_revived) | 126 comments Im back.

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