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Which Faction Are You?

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Teresa Divergent

Jane Hey I got Divergent.

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Nikita Huh, I got Divergent.

Netters woohoo, I got Divergent

Gabby Don't even have to take the quiz to know Factionless :D

Erin Tied Erudite and Divergent

Sic Transit Gloria Divergent, go figure...

Turns out a lot of people have multiple personality traits to them. Huh. Who would've thought?

Zara Olsen Divergent!!!!

Autumn Candor

shelsel.lh Erudite

Célina Divergent: Dauntless,Candor and Erudite

Kylie Divergent!

Dhfan4life Divergent. I'd still prefer to be in Candor or Erudite(minus the taking over the world stuff) given the choice.


Charlotte Divergent xx

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obviously divergent but my highest score was candor

Maddi Divergent but my highest score was Abnegation.

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Emma Yay! Divergent!

book-lover I am Divergent Yay!!!

Jennifer I'm Divergent!

Mariah Amnity :)

holland Divergent all the way, but my highest score was Erudite

Josie Divergent

Danny Divergent :D

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Eva Divergent with:
5 points Divergent
4 points Erudite
3 Points Amity
1 point Candor
1 point Abnegation
1 point Dauntless

Hediqe Hacizade woaw I'm also Divergent :D That's cool :)

Everythingat1once divergent

Amelia Divergent

Alexia Florea Divergent

Jocelyn kinloch divergent=12 points, amity=0 points ,dauntless= 10,

Meredith Divergent

Joanne L Divergent

Pudd'nhead Wilson Divergent like everyone else. Its a lame quiz.

Ashley Dauntless

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Shobhit Divergent

Cecily Candor and Abnegation.

Joanne L Nice comment Grace :)

Joanne L No probles :)

Sydney Khan divergent!

message 42: by Sam (new)

Sam i got dauntless

Danielle August Dauntless and divergent

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