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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Here we are!!

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani watched from the corner as he was made pharaoh. He was the rightful heir as he had been part of the family so long. She took a deep breath and looked at her dirty hands. When people left to go out of the grand pyramid she took a deep breath and walked down to where he sat so high and mighty. Her Hazel eyes an interesting contrast to her dark skin and dark hair, "hello my king," she murmured, bowing to her knees. Such a petite girl she was. Covered in her slave clothing, "I am your new slave I was sent by my father," she murmured. It was her turn to serve. She just turned of age to be a slave and she was required. She then looked up to her new Pharaoh and to the two guards on either side of him. Her feet were bare. She wasn't worthy of shoes. The bottoms of her feet stung from traveling many miles on the hot sand.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments :)

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik had just been crowned as the New Pharaoh. It had been almost a decade sense the last had been crowned and now he was gravely ill. And the doctor was saying that he could pass away at any time. So they had decided to crown a new one. For the safety of the people as well as the realm. Seeing as if there wasn't a new one in place before he died others would try and steal the crown. And that would not happen. Not ever. Bowing his head as the person that had just done the consternation induced him as the New Pharaoh. Sitting down on his thrown. Then people started to leave. Seeing a girl come up to him. He had seen her from the corner of his eye during the ceremony. But hadn't paid any mind to her seeing as all he could see where the clothes she wore at the time. And they were a slaves clothes. Lifting his head when she told him who she was and what she was here for. "Ah, yes. I was told that you where coming. And be sure to thank your father for that."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments "Where would you like me?" She asked and looked up at him. A guard stepped forward, "my king shouldn't we make sure she has no disease? You know how slaves can be we don't want her stealing medication," he said quietly. Kalani raised her chin and handed the pharaoh a sheet of paper, "it's my health record and besides a few burns I'm perfectly fine," she said and sighed. She looked down at herself then looked at everyone else, dressed so well and so perfectly in gold and in vibrant colors. She looked around and waited for a command or... Something. Anything. She was uncomfortable but was taught well to do as the pharaoh says. She took a deep breath and looked up at him, "I would thank him but my father is dead," she said simply and the guards glared. This one spoke without being spoken to first. It was almost a sin.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik looked over the paper that she handed one of the guards. Seeing that she'd only been sick once and that hadn't been that bad either. Just a common cold. And everyone got those. Even Kings. "No. This does just fine. Although make sure that she's had all her shots taken care of." he told the guard that asked him the question. It wasn't the fact that he didn't trust the paper work or her. But shots were just as important as anything else. Setting the paper aside when she told him that she would thank her father but he was dead. "I'm sorry for your loss... you can start in the chamber. The mirrors and things need a wash down." He told her, lifting his eyebrow just slightly when she talked before being spoken to first. But it ingredie him. Seeing as he hadn't meet anyone like her before.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani nodded and walked away. The burns on her feet obvious. She walked down and started to clean everything up. She sighed and grabbed two buckets. There was a river and they needed water as there was no running water. She walked up to the exit and walked in the hot sand the mile it took and filled up the buckets. She dragged them back, sweating and red from exhaustion by the time she got there. She wet a rag then went to cleaning. Her hair stuck to her dark skin and her clothes stuck to her petite body. She wiped herself down them hurried up to make dinner. She set everything then went to the pharaoh's chambers to clean. She jumped back when he was in there, "I'm sorry," she stepped away from the door. No one was allowed in without consent, especially a slave like her. She was exhausted.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik looked up when he heard someone at the door. He'd returned after everyone had left. Seeing as he might be the Pharaoh now but that also didn't mean that he liked sticking around social events for longer than he needed too. Having made his exit not long after the girl had. Seeing that she had returned to finish up or start whatever it was that she was doing or going to start. "Come in."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani nodded and started to clean everything in the room, "so, how does it feel?" She asked and sighed when he looked surprised, "I know the no talking unless spoken to but how does it feel to have all of this?" She didn't meet his eye, only continued cleaning. She sighed and looked at her hands then continued to scrub. Her back became revealed and her had what seemed like an infected stab wound. She sighed and felt the breeze, hurriedly yanking her top down and she continued her cleaning, "forget it I'm sorry my king," she whispered and bowed her head. She could not lose this. She couldn't go home.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik had been somewhat taken aback when she had asked him how it felt to have all of this. What he took to mean, the power, the jewels and everything else. Taking a moment to actually consider the question. Seeing as he'd never really thought about it before. And instead of becoming offended or toss her out like others might of. For asking before even being spoken to. Saying after a long few moments. "Overwhelming at times, actually."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani nodded and huffed, "Wish I had that problem," she finished up, "dinner is waiting," she stood and walked out, not bowing. She nearly treated him normal but she was still timid and nervous around him. She sighed and pulled on a cape and went into the markets. She was barefoot. Many slaves went there for a break. She sat on a stool and sighed, not knowing that sometimes the young pharaoh dressed in disguise just to see what everything was like.

((Idea! What if he goes in disguise and she doesn't recognize him so she falls in love with the boy at the market only to find out later he is her pharaoh and he gets to know her better this way!))

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments ((Oh, Niiiice!))

Zeik hadn't planned on going to the market today. Seeing as it had been his consternation and he hadn't wanted to cause any suspicion. But now that it was over and everyone was getting back to there normal daily activities, he saw no harm in going. Seeing as the way that she'd left was even more uncommon then someone just forgetting about the 'don't speak unless spoken to first' rule. And she seemed really ken on not fallowing that one. Despite how good she was at everyone else. Going over to his closet and pulling out from the back. A bundle of slave clothes. Changing out of what he was wearing and putting those on. Then putting a couple of smudges of dirt on his face from a plant that was in the room Then heading out and to the market.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani glared at a man, "let go!" She exclaimed and he grabbed her, trying to pull her away. In Egypt if a man grabbed you he could do whatever he wanted with you, "let me go," she snapped as he looked for a way to take off her top in the middle of the market. He slapped her hard across the face and she saw stars. She fought him best she could but she was a petite young girl, "let go of me!" She pleaded. She couldn't be tainted. No one wanted a tainted girl. She gasped when he pinned her down on the market stand on her back, knocking over all of the jewelry that was there, "stop!" She yelled, "someone please help," she cried but no one would risk interfering. No one would because that was not how it was done here.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik had made it to the market in little under an hour. Seeing as it was hot and it took a while to get there from the palace. Looking over when he heard someone yelling for help. Seeing that it was the girl that now worked for him. But he couldn't tell her that, or even demand that the guy let her go. Seeing as he was there under disguise. And he couldn't blow his cover. Although that didn't mean that he couldn't still step in and help either, even if no one else was. Walking briskly over to where the guy was holding her down. And spinning him around as he pulled her off of her. Then punching him in the face.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani stood abruptly and swallowed. She took a deep breath and hugged herself. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She then looked at the boy, "I- who-," she took a deep breath, "thank you," she murmured and held her bruised face, "you saved my life," she murmured and slid her cloak back on to block her body from the intense son. She sighed and looked around. She helped the lady working the stand organize her jewelry then smiled at him softly. She then looked at him, "the least I could do is get you a drink," she said and led him down the street, "how come I've never seen you before? Where do you work?" She asked cautiously. She looked at her burned feet and looked around the busy streets, "what is your name?"

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments After he had punched the guy he had run off. And he hoped he'd stay gone. Or else he'd give the guy another busted lip or black eye. Depended on the mood he was in. Turning back to her, "Your welcome.. " he told her as she watched her help the lady finish setting up what had fallen. "I'd like that,---I'm new, travel a lot. Not by chose I can assure you. Right now I'm looking for work, seeing as I just got here a few days ago and have been learning where everything is and the layout." he told her trying to think up a name he could give her that wasn't his own. "Quinn."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments "Kalani, my friends if I had them would call me Kala," she murmured and sighed. She bought him a drink and handed it to him. She drank hers, "lucky you get to travel and you are lucky you don't have a job," she huffed, "I have one working for the pharaoh," she muttered and rested her head on her hand, "it sort of sucks," she said quietly and tapped her nails on the old wooden table. She looked around then met his eyes again, "there are lots of jobs in the market you know, it is the best place to have a job. You get paid and don't have to deal with rich snobs," she said simply and closed her eyes peacefully, "when are you planning on taking off again?" She asked him, "where else in Egypt have you been?"

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik sipped on the drink she bought him. While trying not to show that he was shocked or anything by what she was saying. "Egypt might be my last stop though, that's why I've been looking for one when I'm not trying to find my way around." He paused looking around then said "It can't be that bad can it? I mean your inside most of the day aren't you?" "The Nial, and some other town a ways over."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani looked at him, "my father died from being over worked. He worked at the palace. I could never forgive any of them for that. Regardless of being inside all day or not. It can get hard to bite my tongue around the new pharaoh. He's charming but I'm aware I shouldn't be thinking like that. I'm sure if he wasn't so rich and raised to be so stuck on himself he wouldn't be that terrible of a person... You know?" She sighed and finished up, "how are your knuckles, they are a bit bruised," she let her soft fingers run over his knuckles. She frowned deeply. For being a slave he had soft skin. She bit her lip and looked down, taking her hand away, "sorry. Anyway that's cool. I wish I could travel that much," she murmured.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments He hadn't even realized his knuckles were turning a dark shade of purple and blue. "I'm sorry, I had no idea...." he said meaning her father then went on. "How do you know he's so horrible? When did he start a couple weeks ago or so?" He knew when seeing as he was pretending to be someone else, but it was the only way that he could talk to her without blowing anything. "Maybe you will one day--- besides, like I said before this might be my last stop.For good."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments "I just know," she murmured and looked at him, "I'm sure he'll make a great leader, I just don't trust him, regardless of how charming he is. It suffocates me, being cooped up in there. On top of that the big muscled guards wouldn't get the king's water. I had to. Then drag it all the way back," she sighed in exhaust, "I can get you a job, a lot of people owe me favors you know," she led him to a shack then smiled at the little girl, "can you go get mommy?" She smiled, sitting on her knees. The girl nodded and ran to get her mother, "hi," she smiled and hugged her, "this is my friend Quinn, he needs a job, he seems like an okay guy," she smiled. The lady nodded, "of course. He can mold metals and swords," she said and smiled, "start tomorrow." Kalani smiled and led him out, "hope you are good with a sword."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments ?

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik liked how open she was with him, now that he wasn't wearing fancy clothes and didn't have the guards always watching his every steep. Although he did feel bad that the guards didn't do the water. Seeing as they were much stronger, and capable of getting it then she was. She might be capable of getting a little bit. But a bucket or even more would be hard for her to handle seeing as she was so petite. He'd have to talk to someone about changing that.... Or maybe he'd just put it into effect right away. Fallowing her to the shop and hearing that the women would give him a job and that he'd start tomorrow. He was good at handling a sword on the battle field or even as practice. But to mold them and make them...... that could be a whole difference thing. Seeing as that was one thing he'd never done. But smiled and nodded as the women told him that he could start tomorrow and that he had the job. Giving Kala a smile back. Then saying "Guess we'll find out. Wont we?"

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kala smiled at him softly and nodded, "yeah, I guess," she murmured. She liked this new guy... Liked him a lot. She sighed and walked out into the busy streets and sighed, "I should probably get back to the pharaoh. He is probably done with his meal and I'll get in a lot of trouble for not cleaning up, but I'll see you tomorrow maybe," she set a gentle hand on his arm, kissing his cheek then hurried back down the road to get back to the great pyramids. She took a deep breath and sighed. It sucked having to slave away but it was better than being back home. Far better," she shivered at the thought then slid in and went to the kitchen to start clearing off some plates. She then turned out the light to the kitchen and went to the pharaoh's grand room to see if anything else needed to be done.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik hopped that it took longer for her to get back to the pyramids then it did him. Seeing as he'd have to shuffle food into his face, seeing as he hadn't really eaten before he went. Although he had ate some of it. So maybe she'd just take it that he hadn't been hungry. Sneaking in one of the side doors that lead straight to his rooms so that he could change back and hide the clothes that he'd worn there back in the far back of his closet. Just finishing changing and shoving them back where they always where when he heard a knock at the door.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani walked in and looked at him, "my pharaoh will there be anything else this evening?" She asked quietly. Much different from how she acted in the market. She looked at him and blinked. He looked familiar but de shook it off. She took a deep breath and fidgeted. Her feet were red and burned from walking in sand and her hands blistered from carrying the buckets. They probably weighed more than she did. She bowed when he shook his head and slowly walked out just as a guard placed a hand over her mouth and smirked, dragging her down the hall he tossed her in bed and simply jerked his hips forward, still covering her mouth. When he finished he pulled up his pants and left her there. Kalani cried. No one heard her scream. She swallowed and walked to her little area for her to sleep but she didn't. She was frozen and felt sick. Her legs trembled. Her thoughts racing. It had all happened so fast.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik had planned on going straight to bed. Seeing as he had to be up somewhat early in the morning for a meeting. But everything that she had told him while they'd been in the village together kept running through his mind. How much she liked but disliked her job here. That it didn't matter that it was inside, and not outside in the blazing sun. That her father had once worked here once himself but he'd been worked to death and that was why and how he had died. They had literally worked him to death until he couldn't do it anymore. Walking out of his room and down the hall so that maybe he could clear his mind. Think some things through before he went to bed. And also before the meeting in the morning. Seeing as now he knew somethings had to change.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani made breakfast through her tears and served it, "w-will that be all," she fought her tears in front of him. She barely waited for a nod before she ran out and grabbed the buckets. Still not full. She walked to the river and dragged them back, collapsing in the hot sand and laying there but hurried in and began cleaning. When she finished she hurried to her room, she wasn't going to the market today. She cried on the tiny bed she was given and hugged herself. She was burned from the sun and sand and her muscles ached. Tears fell down her cheeks. That guard had- she shook her head and started to cry all over again. This was awful, why? She didn't even think of herself as being that pretty, she swallowed and gasped as tears continued to fall.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik had wanted to ask her what was the matter seeing as he could tell even from the brief exchange that she was truly upset about something. And highly doubted that she'd be going to the market today. Even though he would have to go to keep up appearances and everything. Even though he'd make sure that it was after he'd taken care of everything that needed his attention here. And that included the meeting this morning, and then a few rounds, along with something else he was sure. But he'd forgotten what it was. Finishing his breakfast and then walking out the door.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani swallowed and her eyes teared up. She walked out of the pyramid and hid on one side, just in case the guards came back. She was wrapped up in a cloak so the sun wouldn't roast her skin. Her arms still trembled with exhaustion. She cried and hugged herself, leaning against the wall. She heard footsteps which meant the person was wearing shoes. The guard. She yanked back and scrambled back but realized it was the pharaoh, "I'm sorry your highness," she bowed to her knees and put her head down, "did you call for me? I'm sorry I did not even realize you were home it was my mistake, what can I do for you your highness?" She asked and finally met his eyes with a gulp. The sand was picking up which meant there would be a sand storm soon.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik hadn't even noticed that the girl--- Kala had been sitting out here. Still sensing that she wasn't just upset about something. But drearily upset about it. And that she didn't seem quite so lively as yesterday when he'd first spoke to her. "No, that's quite alright. I was just taking a walk, to clear my head. Although I sense that you are deeply troubled about something, would you like to talk about it?" It was a risk asking her if she wanted to talk about what was bothering her. But he also couldn't seem to just let it go either.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani looked at him and swallowed. There was something about that voice, "I think I'd rather sleep outside from now on," her hands were blistered and wrapped, "I don't want to be inside at night with- I just don't feel comfortable being in there with no rooms but your own," she said and shook her head. She hugged herself tightly and squeezed her eyes closed. By that point it was obvious what had been done to her, "so I'll move my... Blanket out here," she said and shrugged her petite shoulders where she had marks from the weighted pole resting there while trying to do what should be men's work. She swallowed, "and I don't think I should be working around your guards," she whispered, basically admitting she had been raped without saying it.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik listened then thought about it when she was done. She hadn't said it.. not really. But he knew what she meant by the sound of her voice and what she was saying. He felt horrible. He'd have to speak to the guards about a few things along come up with better punishments with the Guards. Seeing as the past Pharaoh hadn't really cared if the women got rapped or not. Just as long as the work got done he hadn't cared about anything else. But he did. And he was planning on chancing a lot of things, during that meeting. Starting with this. "Nonsense... you'll be at even grater risk out here than you where in there. I'll try and have someone find you a safer room and also, I'll see what I can do about the guards."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani nodded and looked up at him. She stood slowly and brushed the sand off her body. She closed her eyes and bowed to him, "thank you, I'm grateful," she whispered and straighten slightly and bit her lip. They were standing close, closer than she should be standing to someone of royal blood. She looked up at him, "is there anything else I could do for you this evening your highness?" She asked softly. She wouldn't be able to have a new bedroom by morning so she would just hide outside. With a possible sand storm, no one would be out and about. She waited for him to answer, staring at her bare feet as she did. She took a deep breath.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik took a deep breath thinking. There wasn't much she could do for him, and seeing as everything was already done.. she wasn't really needed until much later. Much, much later. "No, not right now. Go take a break, cool down, and anything else you need to do. If I happen to need anything before dinner time I'll call one of the guards and have them do it. But that shouldn't have to happen seeing as I have a meeting I'm suppose to attend to soon." He told her, then realized he shouldn't of told her all of that. But hadn't been able to keep his mouth shut once it had opened.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments "Alright, have a nice evening," she murmured then slid into her cloak and walked away. It was odd though, she wasn't walking toward the market. It seemed as if she was walking out to the middle of nowhere. She sighed and walked for an hour or so before finally reaching a peaceful little area. There was a very small pond but that was it. She laid back in the sand, feet in the cold water and she smiled at the relaxed feeling. The pharaoh wasn't so bad but she couldn't trust anyone. Not again.

"Zeik we need to have a plan here. If they chose to attack what will we do? The women and children are at stake. Plus so is your head. You know how to fight, you spent how many years learning from your father what do we do?"

"He could always marry their princess," a man spoke up from the back, "create an alliance."

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik rubbed his hand over his forehead. There was so much to take care of and not enough time in one day. "We'll defend, that's the only thing that we can do. If they do chose to attack us. I'll have guards start training.. If I have too I'll train them all myself." He stated then looked up when one of the men said that they could do an alliance. That could work--- he guessed. But he hadn't even meet the Princess from there Kingdom before. Sighing. Then saying "I'll send them a message. Although there are some-other things I'd like to discussed after we've figured this out.And hopefully put into action right away."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments "We've spoken to the princess sir, she is willing to marry you, her father wants it done within the next week or so," he said, "she will be brought here tomorrow," they said, "we have heard she is a beautiful girl but a bit of a snob," he said and sighed, "we can't afford anymore dead that we have," he said then watched him go with a heavy sigh. The meeting was done and it was time for them all to go to, "sir can we stay the night? It seems as if there has been a sand storm that is still going on."

Kalani still wasn't back. She was choking and her eyes burned as she tried to walk through it. She collapsed, not being able to take deep breaths. She choked. She was going to suffocate in this.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments The only thing that Zeik didn't like about the Princess so far was that it even sounded like she was a snob. And that could never be good. Wondering how in the world he was suppose to marry her and deal with her for the rest of his life if she really was as bad as they were making her out to sound. And add to the fact that her Father wanted it done within the next week or so. But then again, Pharaoh's along with anyone in power really. Didn't marry for love. They married to forged alliances and end wars or anything else related to duty. Still thinking about it when they asked if they could stay the night because of the sand storm that had been brewing all day and had finally arrived. "Yes, I'll call for someone to show you to rooms if you'd like."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments A guard walked in and bowed to the pharaoh, "sir the slave hasn't been seen since this afternoon, we heard word she walked off and never returned," he said and looked at his pharaoh, "I am worried the storm has struck her. It is dying down now but it was really bad before. It is still too bad to travel in," he said and looked at him with grave eyes.

Kalani dragged herself to the door of the pyramid and felt as if she could not breath or hold on any longer. Her eyes closed and she was gone. She gasped and went unconscious quickly.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik took a huge breath thinking back to earlier. He had told her to take the rest of the day off, and relax. Although he hadn't expected her to wonder off and be as careless as to stay out this long. Seeing as she had to have known that a sand storm was coming. She had even said so. Barking after a moment. "Go around, ask anyone that might know where she's at. And if no one does. Check by all the windows, without going outside. If you see her out there and she's close enough bring her in."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments The guard nodded and walked around. When he saw a body at the door, he pulled her in, "my king!" He called and slid off her cloak. She was a mess, "she was by the front door," he said and tried to shake the sand from her long hair, "shall I get the healer?" He asked him in worry, "she probably shouldn't just be tossed in her bed she needs something bigger that she can actually heal in," he said and looked at him, "would you like to take her and I can run to get our healer?" He asked quickly and looked at him with panicked eyes. The pharaoh seemed to... Care for te girl. It was very odd.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik had been talking to some of the other men by the door. Telling them to start spreading the word about a meeting that he'd be holding. Seeing as they hadn't had time to talk about the other things he had wanted to talk about. But had run out as soon as he'd heard the guard he'd charged with finding her call him. Seeing that he'd manged to pull her in the door, but she was also either past out from the storm or from being to tired from trying to make it back. "Yes, go fetch the healer, and bring her to the healing wing. I'll take her there to wait." He told the guard. He hadn't planned on just telling the guy to go and toss her in her bed. He wanted her checked out. Healed if she needed any help. Bending down and slowly picking her up so that he could hurry to the wing.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani's head was pressed on his shoulder and she leaned against his body. She was breathing lightly which was a very good sign. She took little breaths. The guard ran and got the healer and she quickly pumped sand from her lungs and got water in here, "sand got in her lungs and she had done a lot of work today. I saw her carrying those huge water pales back into the palace," she said and looked at Kalani, "she needs to be rested in a proper room. Not the slave corridor. All the guest rooms are taken and she cannot stay on this cot. Is there any other bed we could get her, a mattress to drag to the floor even? She just really needs some rest." She said and looked at the pharaoh.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik listened to all of what the healer was telling him. And that only made him want to change things even more. Looking up still in thought when she finished. She did have a point, all the guest rooms where full because of the men he was allowing to stay the night until the storm passed. And the slave corridor wasn't fit for a hurt girl. Along with the fact that she had done so much work today, and had almost been over worked even though he had let her off early. And also she had walked off to go someplace when he'd left her. He had looked back at her just long enough to see her walking off to one of the ponds maybe. Sighing and looking up once again finally coming up with an answer. "I'll have one of my guards bring a mattress to my rooms. She can stay in one of the rooms there. Seeing as I have carpet on some of the floors so that will help as well."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments She nodded then got a mattress and put it in his large room which took up a whole floor. She then held the door as he laid Kalani down. Kalani melted into the mattress and her lips parted. Her chest was now rising and falling, able to take full and complete breaths. She sighed and relaxed as the healer draped a blanket over her petite body, "she needs rest for at least a week. If there are any problems, call me," she said and bowed then walked off and away, leaving the two. Kalani was very lucky to have lived through that sand storm. The pharaoh had a special care for this girl i particular. It was strange and different but she saw it there in his eyes how he genuinely cared. She smiled softly, it was good to see coming from him.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik didn't go to sleep or even bed right away. He had let the guards standing out in the hall that he was going to be up for a bit still. And if anyone tried to come in to keep them out. Or just simply let them know that he wasn't seeing anyone right now. And he'd see them in the morning, unless it was something major. But even then he highly doubted anything of that nature would be happening tonight. Walking over and looking out the window seeing that the storm was finally starting to die down. But hadn't all the way yet. Then turned to look at her. She looked so at peace while she slept. He'd miss that- miss her. When the week was up. Seeing as she'd be staying in here for that time, seeing as he was sure if the other family was coming to visit soon the guest rooms would be full again. Then walked over and climbed in to go to bed himself.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Kalani woke the next morning and frowned. Gold ceilings? Intricate art work? Marbled floor? She slowly sat up and saw she was cleaned up. She coughed and her eyes completely bugged out of her head. She bit her lip and flinched when the pharaoh stood from bed. She swallowed thickly and stood, "my king!" She exclaimed, "I im sorry this is a big- I just I don't know how I- I have absolutely no idea how I got in here," she murmured and kneeled down to him like everyone who worked for him did, "what can I do for you?" She asked quietly. She had no idea how she got here or who dragged a mattress in here and thought it'd be funny to get in trouble. Come to think of it she didn't remember how she got back or much of what happened yesterday.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Zeik had woke before her, seeing as he had wanted to make sure that she didn't freak out while he was sleeping and called anyone for help. Or worse yet start working. Seeing as the healer had told him that she was due to rest, and not work for at least a week. Turning when she started talking to him and knelled down. Asking what she could do to help, seeing the freaked out look in her eyes. She must of thought that someone was playing a trick on her. That someone had carried her in here and put her on the mattress to get her into trouble. Well someone had carried her in- he had- but he hadn't done it to get her into trouble. Holding up his hands while also waving one hand for her to rise. "Shhh it's okay, there is no mistake. Sit down and I'll explain what happened."

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