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Autumn-Blaze Hi guys!
This may be a little irrelevant to some of you, but I was wondering if anyone is a creator of a blog? I'd love to take a look at some, regardless of the content!
I've just begun to re-work on my old blog ( and I am going to post the likes of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and of course...books!!
I plan for one of my first posts to be a review of Paper Towns (both the book and film in comparison), hence why the book topic is labelled as Paper Towns!

I am hoping that I can have constructive criticism on both my contents and over-all look of my blog. I'd also love for someone to guide me through this exciting experience!

Again, apologies if this does not interest you or you believe that the topic was a waste of time. However, I look forward to hearing from some of you and viewing your blogs!

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Emma You already wrote this on TFIOS..

Emma Please Check out my book blog. I do book reviews and movie reviews I would love to get more people to read it. I post every day and I work very hard on it. Please follow and share my blog and this account!

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