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The residence of the Mayor, Regina, and her adopted son Henry. A beautiful garden is set out on this property, full with apple trees and beautiful greenery.

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Georgia was out of breath as she ran down the sidewalk, her chestnut brown hair flying behind her, along with her warm black winter coat. Her feet sprinted, leading her towards the large house where the mayor of Storybrooke lived. Georgia let herself in; she's grown up with the young eleven year old who resided in his adopted mothers home, the two having been best friends for years. "Henry!!" She shouted from below the stairs, before shrugging and running up them. "Henry, Henry!!" Her voice carried throughout the house, alarming anyone who could possibly be there. When the door in front of her opened, and a confused boy stepped out, Georgia hunched over, holding onto her knees as she caught her breath. "Henry, there's something I've got to show you." The small girl pulled her friend back inside his room by the hand, looking curiously down at the storybook that was strewn across his bed. "I wonder if I'm in there." She murmured under her breath, before turning back to Henry with a wide eyed expression. "There's something we have got to find."

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Henry heard her yelling and he raised an eyebrow before opening the door to see his friend. He cracked a small smile when he saw Georgia but he still was confused. "Georgia, what's wrong?" He asked her. "What is it?" He asked, responding to that she had to show him something. He was pulled back into his room again. He shut the door behind him and he watched as she looked at the book. "Something you have got to find?" Was she crazy? She couldn't be a fairy tale, could she? "Alright," he said after he stared at her for a long minute. He picked up the book and sat beside her. "Why do you think you are in there?"

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"Of course I'm in there, Henry! Everyone is in there. Well except you." She grabbed the book from him, and began flipping through the pictures til she found a picture of an egg. "Here it is!! I can't believe they have my life story in here..." Georgia stared at the book, before she handed it to Henry. "C'mon. Let's read it together." And the two sat together, reading the story of her life. How could Henry not have known? Pictures flew by of her with powerful yet graceful and enthralling wings. Georgia missed them as she stared at the pictures longing, wishing for them to be back and placed upon her back so she could once more fly in the skies.

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Henry chuckled a bit before biting his lip slightly. "I figured," he mumbled to himself. He was still in disbelief about this whole thing. He didn't want to believe it even though he had figured out the truth. Everything he had known was a lie. However, curiosity was more then his disbelieve. He had to know the truth. As he read the story, he was a little stunned to see she had wings. But when they reached the end, he didn't see one part about it that left him mystified. "What happened to your wings?"

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki)
Lusca Henderson, better known by Teddy by anyone who had met him, was being led to the Mills house by his father before he left for work. After the terrifying incident where the nursemaid they'd hired for him turned out to be an abuser to their darling son, they never let him go anywhere alone out of fear of anything else happening to him with them being unaware. They never want to have something like that happen to him again, and would not give the chance for that to happen either.

Looking up at the house, Teddy grinned, though he didn't bounce around like he used to do before. Not entirely because of what happened to him either, but more because the injuries on his body hurt him when he skipped around. He even had a bruise on his cheek, a dark blue-black color. When they arrived, Teddy stepped forward to knock, and it was only when the door was opened and he was let inside that his father left to go to work. Teddy went upstairs and peeked into the room hesitantly, hiding his bruised cheek out of fear of what they would say. "H-hey guys..." he said softly.

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DK ((Does Maddie post or me?))

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((Youuuu :) ))

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Henry looked up from the book that Georgia and him were reading, his mind still baffled from everything. When he saw Lusca, a bright smile crossed his face. "Well, well, well. Glad you made it to the party Teddy!" He said happily. He stood up and walked over to him. "You will never believe this. Georgia, who always seemed to be so perfect and I probably would had never believed she was human, is in the book!" Then he paused to bite his lip. "Wait, you are in the book too."

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ((So its Maddies turn right? ))

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DK ((Yeah. Sorry. I kinda forgot about this group because I was so busy with homework.))

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ((its all good, btw Lusca's nickname is Teddy, no one really calls him Luke cause he barely goes by his first name. Everyone generally just calls him Teddy))

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DK ((I will edit that XDDDD))

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