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Vega_girl | 6624 comments There are 18 copies of this title available. If you would like one, here is what we new from you:

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Thanks, this books sounds like a lot of fun!

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Ollie Urbanski Ollie Urbanski
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Ollie Urbanski Ollie wrote: "Ollie Urbanski
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Would like in Kindle form

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Angela Blount (perilous1) | 7 comments Sherry, Mayra, and Ollie, your copies are away! :) Check your spam filter if it doesn't happen to show up for you--mobi files sometimes get stuck. ^_^

Sherry (smwhite27) | 8 comments Hi ALL!! I just wanted to touch base and say that I finished the book and have posted my review. I have included it here as well. Thanks for the opportunity to read it!


I am going to start with two disclaimers: First, I was provided a free copy of this book for my honest review. Second, because I have a Kindle, it opened up right to Chapter 1 and I started reading. I read all the way to the "Questions for Book Club Discussion" and that is when I realized that this was a memoir, which honestly, COMPLETELY changed my view of the book.

Overview: This is the story of a girl named Angeli who set off on a road trip to "find herself". She had just graduated high school and wanted to explore more of the world than her small Minnesota town and decided to take a road trip and visit some friends she had made in an online writing group, most of whom she had never met before. A few chapters in you realize the timing of this book is 2002, which explains some of the things that, today, seem almost foreign (she used maps and not GPS, didn't have a cell phone, hadn't Skyped or Facetimed with these people). I did find it a little strange that most of the people she would be meeting were guys, but she mentioned earlier in the book that she always go along better with guys than girls, which is something I can relate to. She meets a slew of interesting people along her travels, and some not so interesting, and learns a lot about herself and others.

Opinion: As I was reading this book I had a lot of moments where I was like "Huh, what?" It felt like the author was going off in tangents or randomly sharing things about the characters that left me a little confused. (Again, this was before I was aware that it was a memoir that was written in the third person). In the beginning it seemed like the main character was going to go into the military, was 'dating' someone that was stationed oversees, and had a semi-functional home life. Then one of the people she meets points out she is religious, which I wouldn't have known if they wouldn't have said it. She focuses a lot on September 11th at the beginning of the book, but then never really mentioned it again after she visited the site. As I read it, I felt like I gained lots of insights into the people that Angeli met, but not so much into her. At the conclusion, she seemed like she had gained this whole new understanding of herself, but as a reader, I really didn't.

Once I got to the end though and discovered that this was in fact a memoir, it changed my opinions a lot. It was written based off of journal pages and memories, and we tend to forget that to someone on the outside doesn't know us as well as we know ourselves, so things that are MAJOR to us, may mean nothing to the person reading. Which is why many of the people the main character meets are more memorable than others, and some even more so than she herself is. I think I overall would have liked it better if it had been written in the 1st person, but I understand the author's decision to use the 3rd person POV. It doesn't detract from the story, just gives it a different feel.

Final Review: I actually ended up loving this book. It made me think about that time in my life and what if I had done something similar. I liked Angeli a lot, and I really like a lot of the people she met along the way. I also seriously hated some and if I had any idea who they were in real life, I would hunt them down and give them a piece of my mind. And one of the best ways to know a book is good, is if you care (good or bad) about the characters, and I definitely do. I am going to purchase the second book because I am interested in seeing what happens know that Angeli has made some major decisions and changes in her life, so again a great indicator of a good book. I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes coming of age, romance, humor, or really just likes great writing and a good story.

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Anamar Bañuelos (anamarcita) | 1 comments Name: Anamar Bañuelos
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Angela Blount (perilous1) | 7 comments Your copy is on it's way, Ana! :) Or at least, I'm pretty sure. >.> I think there was a letter mixup in your address. (I changed 'dinsey' to 'disney' after the first attempt failed.

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Angela Blount (perilous1) | 7 comments Thanks so much for the review, Sherry! ^_^

Sherry (smwhite27) | 8 comments I loved the first book so much I had to buy the second. It was great too! Here is the link to my review:

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Angela Blount (perilous1) | 7 comments Wow--above and beyond. Thank you again, Sherry! :D

Mayra | 115 comments Totally forgot to come back to add my link to my review....better late than never

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