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A S A F E R O O M ;

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All day, Ezra had been itching to get a look at the Selecteds streaming in and filling up the castle. But all day, he had sent around to every single one of the far corners of the vast castle to do routine security checks. And, like, he knew it was an important job. But drama. There was bound to be drama with 35 girls all in the same room, being fawned over by the press. Ezra was such a slut for drama, though he'd deny it in front of 99.9% of people.

But noooooo -- Ezra got stuck making sure the deadbolts in every. single. fucking. safe room were in perfect working condition. The room he was making his way towards right now, the main floor safe room, was the closest to the festivities of all the places he had been sent to so far. If he paused now, his footsteps no longer echoing, he could hear the faint buzz of voices and laughter tapping against the stone walls around him.

In all honesty, it wasn't even really that he wanted to see the Selecteds. (Though... Drama.) Ezra just wanted a break to the monotony. He had thought working as a guard in the royal palace would be full of exciting happenings, but nope. It was more routine and lots of training. He'd been here half a year, hired in preparation for the Selection, and had experienced one minor rebel attack. That was all. And even that had been kind of a letdown, seeing as how it had been just some sharpshooters blowing out windows and causing chaos.

Ezra knew he shouldn't be wishing for violence or death or any of that -- and he wasn't -- but when he pushed open the door to the safe room and completing the check in under five minutes, all he could think was that all this preparation was a waste if nothing happened. He stopped in the center of the stupidly ornate room and stretched out, unwilling to return to the barracks and be told to go check yet another room.

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