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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Let the story commence!
(As soon as we innovate our characters) xD

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Aha! So true! Do you want to make him first? :D

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Yeah, sure. Just the basics? Like name, age, and appearance?

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Pretty much, you can develop the rest as the story goes on. ;)

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Okiee. :)

Name: Mason
Age: 18
Appearance: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BNoc-LlCU...

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Name: Charna
Age: 17
Appearance: http://www.elkevonfreudenberg.com/blo...

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Ooooo, unique name! :)

Would you like to start, or shall I?

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Aha! ;) I'm all about unique names, might have some weird ones in this. Can you start? I'm not sure when to start. :D

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason tramped through the woods, the sound of splintering leaves and the hushed song of the wind keeping him at ease. It was extremely dark, and the flashlight in his hand didn't light up more than a few feet in front of him. As long as there was noise, he could distract himself from the fact that he was almost completely blind and most certainly way off course. He should've been home an hour ago to cook for his little sister, Esme, but of course, he was moronic enough to aimlessly chase a deer without tracking his steps because he wanted to have something other than rabbit tonight.

He readjusted the belt around his waist, which carried a small gun and two razor-sharp knifes. "C'mon, c'mon," Mason said, utterly annoyed with himself. He squinted into the darkness to see if he could make out even the tiniest speck of light, indicating that the highway was nearby. Then, out of the blue, the echo of a wail reached his eardrums and he froze. A few seconds later, the unpleasant echo came again and Mason dashed in the direction of it, pulling his gun hastily out of its holster. "Hello?" he shouted. "Who's there?"

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna sobbed, her body bruised and bleeding. She was a mess. She was alone and had always been alone. Her powers had been something she couldn't show the society, they would destroy her as her parents had tried to do many years ago. Sometimes she thought herself to be on the border of insanity yet she saw the world so clearly for what it really was.

Her eyes dipped to her leg and she shuddered, her hands gripping at the blankets around her body. She hadn't seen another human in years and the loneliness seemed to be something she had grown unaccustomed to. However at times like this she wished to be greeted by her parents, overcome with greif and guilt for leaving her in the small shed. She shook her head, she should know better than to wish for these things. She cried out again but bit down on her lip as she knew no one would come.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason kept running forward until his glow of his flashlight landed on a piece of stray damp wood, covered with moss and small critters. Raising the light, his eyes widened as they registered a crumbling shed with boarded windows. Its roof seemed to be caving in and the four walls that made up the construction was evidently tilting to the right, like they were weary of standing after years of harsh weather and maltreatment. As he approached the shed, the sounds of agony became more audible and chills scampered down his spine. Sticking out his hand, he wrapped his fingers around the door's rusted handle and tried to turn it, but it was locked securely. When he pulled his hand, he saw that his palm was stained with bronze particles. "Is somebody in there?" Mason yelled, wiping his hand against his jeans. He used his clean hand to pound a fist against the door, which trembled in consequence.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna let out a startled squeak as a low voice shouted out to her, she cringed from the sound and her grey eyes ran to the handle as what must have been a man wiggled the handle to her rapidly decayed shed. She slolwy moved from where she was hunched over, trying hard not to move her leg from where one of the support beams had fallen and crushed it under the heavy woods weight. With a shrill cry she reached for the door and tapped agaisnt it with all the strength she had left. "I'm here." She said back, her voice cracking in pain and disuse. Hearing her own voice sent a shiver down her spine, she hadn't heard the sound for so long and it was apparent she hadn't spoken in so long.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Upon hearing the individual's response, who Mason deciphered was a girl from the voice's higher pitch, he sprang into action. "Hold on, miss. I'm going to help you get out," he shouted. He then back away from the shed a few yards and readied his weapon, focusing his eyes on the hinges of the door. "Listen carefully," said Mason with clarity so that the girl could hear, but not loud enough to wake up any unwanted feral company. "In a couple of moments, the door is going to come flying down. You need to duck yourself into a space as far away from it as possible, preferably a corner. You hear me?" He waited, and heard a small mumble in agreement. Lifting the gun, he leveled it to align with the highest door hinge, and released the trigger. There was an audible ping as the bullet struck it square, and the hinge flew off. He repeated this procedure two more times with the middle and lowest hinges and the door finally gave out, falling to the shed floor with a noisy thump. "Are you alright?" Mason said worriedly, sprinting to open entrance.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna looked up at him through her dark lashes, her body curled as much as she could. Her leg lay beneath the wooden beam and her body trembled, "Yes..." She said, her dirty hands going to the base of her throat. Her wide grey eyes darted away from the dark figure. How was she meant to react to the fact she had finally been rescued? How was she meant to acknowledge him as another human? Would he hurt her?

Charna shied away from him and turned her pale face down to look into her small, dirty, scratched hands. Her red hair hiding her face as she tilted her head to the ground. Body tingling with power, a defence mechanism she couldn't control, she pressed further away. She was terrified but so relived to see this dark figure of a man in her... home. He was here to save her, she felt like a princess, like the damsels in the stories her mother once read her as a little girl. Tears brimmed in her shuttered eyes and she couldn't help her cry of hurt and sadness as the memories taunted her, she didn't want to be that damsel.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason walked across the wooden plank and toward the shadow of a girl, who was quivering violently. As he got nearer, her features became more clearer, such as the bruises that rose up her bare arms and the small cuts that blemished her pallor complexion. One of her leg was trapped under a wooden beam that'd plummeted, and it did not seem she was capable of moving at all. Even as she hugged herself, Mason could see that if she placed too much pressure on a single section of skin, she would wince. "Hey," said Mason, crunching down to her level and casting a consoling smile in her direction. "I'm getting you out of here, don't you worry. No need to be afraid anymore." He dug his hands under the wooden beam, got a good grip on it, and slowly began to raise it. Sweat mustered up near his temple, and Mason inhaled deeply to feed oxygen to his muscles. When there was substantial room for the girl crawl backward without further injuring her leg, Mason muttered unsteadily, "Go. Go." She listened, gradually moving until her leg was clear of the beam, and he sighed in relief when he finally dropped the timber joist. "Good... work..." he said between noisy breaths. Once his strength was somewhat regained, he buried his arms under the girl's shoulders and knees, and lifted her light body. He cradled her into his chest, ensuring her that she was secure and he would not drop her. He spoke in a low, yet soothing voice, "I'm going to bring to my house. You'll be safe there for now, alright?"

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna stared at him, her grey eyes terrified with years of loneliness and fear. Chapped lips parted but her voice wouldn't work. She had no idea what to say or how to talk to the man carrying her slight body, weak and frail from nor eating. Her malnourished form just made it all the more easy for him to take her from the shed that had been her home for so many years. Had it been years? She didnt even have the common concept of time. The pain that radiated from under her knees and shoulders was enough for her to sputter and wince. Hot and angry tears making her eyes bloodshot as she tried to keep them back from spilling over her cheeks, she was an emotional mess, body broken and mind getting there too. Her powers scated over her skin, the constant reminder of why she was locked up and away from the side. Finally, she let out a long and deep breath, her husky and horse voice that had remained unused for so long said, "Just take me away from here." Her words slightly disjointed with the syllables as she looked up at her knight, her saviour from the place that woukd always haught her dreams.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments "Will do," Mason said, walking hurriedly away from the shed. Unfortunately, it was still pitch-black outside and the batteries in his flashlight were weakening, for the glow it discharged was even duller than before. He tried not to look panicked for the girl's sake, but the thought of walking aimlessly for hours through the woods with another 90 pounds in his arms was not exhilarating. He squinted hard into the distance, but there was nothing to see except a couple feet of tree roots and arid leaves.

Then, the girl seemed to moan slightly and nudge her head repeatedly to the right. Her eyes were squeezed shut like she was in pain, or maybe she was concentrating on something? "Miss, are you ok-" began Mason, but closed his mouth instantly when the girl said a few muffled words. "Can you say that again?" he asked earnestly.

"The highway is that way," she whispered hoarsely, nudging her head again to the right. Mason looked to the right, but there was absolutely nothing to see. Still, it was a suggestion and he had no better leads at the moment. He also desperately need to get back home to Esme. Mason dashed through the forest's muddy ground, his heavy steps sometimes driving his feet inches into the damp soil, but he eventually saw lights up ahead and heard the zoom of vehicles. 'The highway,' he thought, 'she'd been right.'

"You," said Mason, astounded, "have some mighty good senses."

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna refused to answer that, she curled her hands into small fists around his jacket. She watched as the glowing lights of the highway came into view, her hand went to her face to stop the red and white lights of cars from blinding her sensitive eyes. Hands grabbing tighter as they neared the road, her breathing and heart leapt at an erratic pace. She hadn't seen the cars up close before in years. Heard them but could never see them.

Grey eyes stared up at the profile of her rescuer, the lights from the cars, illuminated his strong and sharp features for the briefest of seconds before the darkness claimed him again. From what Charna had seen she coukd tell he was attractive, she twisted and bit her lip, unused to the emotions flooding her body. What was happening to her?

Charna turned her head away from his face and focused on herself, she was a mess and she was happy he didn't see the full extent of the damage in this lighting. She knew she stunk and her body was dirty and broken, but she didn't have to worry. "How close to your home?" Charna rasped to him, her head wilting to his shoulder, no longer having the will to hold it up.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments He gazed at her and frowned, pitying her raspy voice and cut-up facial features. He could tell she was trying to hide the damage from him, but the details became more evident as the street lights along the highway beat down mercilessly on them. The corners of her eyes grew watery due to the powerful beams, so Mason bowed his head forward to provide some shade. "Not too far from here," he said gently. He had the urge to sweep aside a couple of strands of hair that were looping through her long, dark eyelashes, but did not because he thought that such a touch might settle her. "My car is parked about a quarter of a mile from here, and then it'll take less than five minutes to arrive at my place." She ever so slightly nodded her head, and Mason breathed out. She would require major care to heal the myriad of wounds covering the entirety of her body. He already noticed two or three slashes along her right arm, intensely red and surrounded by dried puss, that he suspected was infected. He silently prayed that this girl had a good tolerance for scorching pain.

It took five minutes to get to Mason's Jeep, which was almost impossible to spot with the naked eye, for it was hidden by a patch of tall bushes. Gently, Mason placed the girl onto the passenger's seat and then rounded to the driver's side. He turned on the ignition, but before pulling onto the road, he dialed a number on his cell phone. The voice that answered was high and wispy and it made Mason smile every time he heard it.

"Massie!" said Esme, managing to sound exhausted and excited at the same time. "I was worried about you! What kept you out so long? Did you catch anything?"

"Sorry, E, I didn't snag us anything for dinner tonight, but we can order pizza instead. Okay?" said Mason.

"Spasso's?" asked Esme eagerly, naming her favorite pizzeria. Mason could almost hear her bouncing on the balls of her feet.

He shook his head, laughing. "Do we ever order from anywhere else? You can call them yourself, E. The number is on a sticky note on the fridge. I'll be home in five." Just as he pulled the phone away from his ear and was going to end the call, Mason glanced at the red-haired girl curled up in a ball, filthy and shaking. He added quickly, "And E, can you draw a bath? I have a friend with me who needs one."

"Okay!" said Esme with no further questions. That was what was beautiful about Mason and Esme's relationship. She trusted him fully, and knew that everything he did was either to benefit them or someone in need. He would never get Esme involved in a situation that would put her at risk.

Still grinning, Mason swerved onto the highway and headed to his house.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((Sorry I disappered! I had to go to sleep! ;) ))

Charna watched him, her eyes curious as she watched him warily, she heard everything he had said into his portable device, her eyes dipping to where he stashed it down into his pocket. She squinted as the lights of cars blared past and highlighted everything that was wrong with her body and everything that was healthy about his. "Who was that?" She asked quietly and shifted in the nice seats, pain radiating down her back and through her body. The girl he had spoken to had a soft voice filled with warmth that was really quite beautiful, she was very much loved by the boy beside her.

Realisation struck her hard and she looked over at him, her broken lips parted but she hacked out a cough that rocked her fragile body. Coughing again she gasped and held on to her sides, tears welled in her eyes and she glanced at him, "What's your name? Who are you?" Charna finally had the chance to breathe through the pain, "Why did you help me?" She asked, starting to get a little frantic for answers, so many people must have walked past her shed without a second thought. Yet this man, this person had saved her from an eternity in that shed. The power she hated ran over her skin and her body felt charged, what use was this power if she couldn't even use it to save herself from a shed? Charna stared at him, if he knew the truth would he take her back to that rickety hell?

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments "Hey, it's okay," said Mason, his grip on the steering wheel tightening enough that one could hear the squeak of leather. His gaze flickered momentarily to the girl, who was pressing herself up against the door, her hands buried into her chest, obviously trying to put as much as distance between them as possible. "Don't do that," he said warningly, "You could fall out. The door's not meant bear that sort of weight." It was literally another minute before they arrived to his house; he was just worried that she'd panic and endeavor to fling herself out of the car.

She continued to back herself against the door, and when Mason swore that he heard it whine, he extended his hand and seized one of the girl's hands, pulling her forward. Her eyes expanded in what Mason believed was fear, so he was immensely relieved to pull into his driveway not even 10 seconds later. He sighed, pulling the key out of the ignition, and turned to face her. "Trust me, I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Mason, and I'm 18," he said, granting her with a small smile. "I helped you because, well... I heard you crying, and it was obvious that you've undergone a pretty traumatic experience. You were dirty, and bruised, and I couldn't stand to simply leave you there." She was silent, merely blinking at him with her mouth agape. "That girl on the phone was my little sister, Esme, and you are going to meet her when we go inside." He carefully planted his hand onto her bare knees, rubbing his thumb against it in what he hoped was a comforting fashion. "I'm inviting you to stay with me, and I'll take care of you. Will you let me take care of you?"

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna licked her lips, hesitating as she stared at his hand on her bony knee. Her eyes slowly met his through her greasy red hair, she met his warm eyes, her hesitation slowly disappearing into the air as she nodded her head once. At this moment in time she would have done anything for a full meal of food and a fresh glass of water and something for her bruised and battered body. One of her frail hands dropped to his, the skin of her fingers and hands hard and dry. She didn't completely trust him. She knew the moment she showed her powers and her true self he'd leave her to rott like her parents. No one should be trusted when you were in her predicament.

She exhaled a long breath and let go of his hand after a moment, "I'll let you help me." She said shyly, her fear and distrust plain to see on her face, she had no skill at hiding how she really felt after lack of social interaction. Her emotions were written on her face, making her an open book. "Not care." Charna whispered as an after thought, "Not care..." She murmured and rubbed her wrists, she couldn't help wondering what he thought of her as he looked at her with those soft brown eyes.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments The corners of his lips curled down. She was staring at him, scrutinizing him, and he could tell by her expression that she deemed him not better than the cruel individuals who'd abandoned her. Mason nodded and said, "Alright then." Getting out of the driver's seat, he circled around the car and opened the door for the passenger's side. Once again, he slipped his arms under her shoulders and knees and snuggled her against his chest. He felt her shiver and she squirmed, as if his touch made her uneasy, or maybe it was opposite, and her first dose of human contact in years sent thrills up her spine. "My sister drew a bath for you, so you get the dirt off of you and clean out your cuts. Doesn't that sound nice?" Mason noticed that his voice sounded a tad higher and gentler, as if he was speaking to a child, and cleared his throat. Looking down at her face, he determined that this girl was nearly the same age as him. He didn't want to make her feel inferior by babying her. "What is your name, miss?" Mason asked formally, reaching the end of the driveway and unlocking the front door.

"Massie!" said an exhilarated voice from inside the house. He heard loud foot stumps and seconds later, a little dome of blonde hair appeared in front of him. It let out a huge huff and the hair dispersed, revealing a cheeky little girl with ruby-red lips and ocean-colored eyes. She was bouncing up and down, as if she couldn't hold in her excitement. "The pizza is going to be here in twenty minutes!" However, her enlivened expression deflated upon seeing the wounded girl in Mason's muscular arms. "Oh," she said softly, "hello. You must be that friend Mason was talking about on the phone. Nice to meet you."

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna looked at the girl curiously, "Nice to meet you too?" She said, her voice raising slightly in question, she was a rather strong willed individual. Although her terrible social skills made it seem like she had no idea or intellect. Her hand curled under her chin as she leaned against Mason's chest. She couldn't help but sink against the warmth he provided her, her eyes remained on the girl.

The girl she knew to be his sister looked nothing like him with her corn silk coloured bob of blonde hair and eyes the colour of a calm sea. She really wad beautiful, they both were. Her cheeks flushed a light pink at her thoughts, she rubbed her hair back from her face, tucking the fiery strands behind her ear and away from the pale skin of her face.

Charna glanced up at him when she remembered his question, she froze for a second and had to think about what she was called, "My n-name is C-Charna. Charna." She stuttered, quickly repeating it as she stared at the large house in front of them. She didn't want to look at them, Charna felt stupid and self conscious in front of the small child and Mason, she struggled to remember her name and she was terrified for them to ask her age. She just had no idea anymore. "What's the date today?" She asked softly and looked up at Mason. She had tried counting the days and nights, however she came down with a fever and it took her powerful body more than a week to wake up after healing herself. She was desperate to know the day, the month, the year.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Esme gasped, crossing her arms over her flat chest, and gazed upon Charna with sheer pity. She averted her gaze to his brother, her lips jutting out in a slight pout, and said, "She doesn't know what the day is?" Scanning the length of Charna's body, taking in the red welts sparsely marring her arm and legs, and the slits amidst patches of dried blood on her face, her tone abruptly changed. "Where did you find her, Mason?" said Esme, both appalled and curious. She hesitantly reached her hand out, aiming to examine the soil that was stuck under Charna's bitten fingernails.

"Don't, E," said Mason, giving her a pointed look. Esme glanced at the quaking girl, and understood that getting too close and laying a hand on any of her imperfections would most likely startle her. She bowed her head and Mason said, "You drew that bath, right?" He stepped into the house, breathing out as the cool air conditioning blew over his sweaty skin.

"Of course," said Esme, following Mason into the house and closing the front door. She knew that it is impolite, but she couldn't stop staring at Charna.

"Great. Thank you, E." He began meticulously ascending the stairs, heading toward the bathroom, and shouted, "There's a 20 in a jar on top of the fridge. Give it to pizza man when he shows up, and ask for 5 dollars back." Upon arriving at the highest stair, he saw a faint stream of vapor emitting from the bottom of the door. He smiled, knowing that Esme definitely went all out and filled the bath to the brim and made up of scented bubbles. He kicked up the door and was not surprised to see exactly as he predicted. Mason set Charna onto the sealed toilet seat, kneeled down so that their eyes were several, and said kindly, "If you need help cleaning yourself, just give a holler and I'll send my sister up." Before he left the bathroom, he steered himself back around and added, "It's Wednesday, by the way. July 14th, 2011."

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna couldn't contain the startled gasp as she stared after him. Her eyes were wide and her hands went to her mouth, it had been so long. So, so, so long. Wiping her face she stood shakily and watched her rescuer leave the room. The door closing behind him with a soft click. She slowly shed the scraps of clothing she had and dumped them in the corner of the bathroom.

Her eyes dipped over her body and she wad sickly pale, her ribs sticking out and her stomach hollowed. She had done enough for survival. Her head tilted to the side and long red waves of hair fell to her hips. Never been cut since she had gone it was super long and unruly. Charna noticed the reflection of light from the mirror and she cringed away from it. She didn't want to see herself. Not yet.

Leaning forward, her fingers gently skimmed the bubbles on the water. She felt a smile tugging at her split red lips. The water was warm and oh so inviting. Unable to stop herself she placed both feet into the bubbled water, the smell rising from the bubbles intoxicating as she sunk down slowly into the water. Completely submerging herself, power rushed through her and she could feel her minor injuries heal.

Sputtering she rose from the water and wiped her eyes, she couldn't be healed yet, not when she stayed with Esme and Mason, they would surely question it. As much as she wanted to draw her power from the hot water she bathed in she couldn't. Not yet.

Biting her lip she looked around the room, what was she going to wear once she got out? A towel? She glanced at the mirror again and stilled at who she saw in the reflection. She rasied a hand to touch her face and touch the ref hair that fell from her head, almost black in the water. She hadn't seen herself since she was a little girl. She had grown up. She wasn't a girl anymore.

((Sorry there is a lot! I just had to cover the bathroom scene!;) ))

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments ((No problem at all! The more, the merrier!))

Meanwhile, on the ground floor, Mason was pacing back and forth at the bottom of the staircase, contemplating if he should go up to check on Charna himself, or interrupt Esme's ravenous indulging of pizza and ask her to do it since it would be much less stressful for a girl to see another girl naked than for a boy to; at least this was perception of the situation. Sighing, he pinched the bridge of his nose and shouted so Esme, who was the kitchen and loudly munching, could hear him. "Esme! I need you!"

The blonde poked her face around the doorframe, her mouth covered in red sauce and bits of crust. Mason had to admire her feral appetite; that small, flat stomach of hers could surely absorb a lot of food in one sitting. "Yeah, Massie?" she said, rubbing her wrist against her mouth in an attempt to scrub off the mess, but wound up smudging it more.

His hands found their way onto his hips, and Mason chuckled warmly. "Sorry to intervene your engorgement, E, but I need you to deliver some clothes for Charna to change in."

She shrugged nonchalantly. "Sure. No biggie." Esme ran back into the kitchen to grab a napkins, and began wiping away the residue on her face as she headed up the stairs to her room to pick out an cozy outfit for Charna. Although Esme was only 13 years old, she was remarkably tall for her age and possessed a few garments that were baggy on her, but she anticipated growing into someday. She supposed that Charna could borrow during her stay.

Halfway up the stairs, Esme came to halt and veered around to holler at Mason, who was walking toward the kitchen, his mouth salivating for a slice of cheesy pizza. "Massie?"

Mason turned. "Yeah, E?"

Esme's shoulders visibly slouched, and her blue eyes dulled with commiseration. "What happened to Charna?"

He sighed. There was a small, repetitious pinching within his chest, almost like a throb. It was harmless, but influential. Charna didn't need to tell him part of her story because he'd already figured it out; figured it out the instant she laid eyes on him. She hadn't interacted with another human being in a long, long time, indicating that she'd been stuck in that shed during that timespan. Mason imagined himself spending those many years sealed inside a shed, hungry and separated from society and feeling downright helpless. Still there was obviously more to the tale, like how she ended up in there. He closed his eyes, every muscle in his face tight with tension, and said, "I have no idea."

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna let out a long and hollow yawn, she rubbed her eyes and stared at her knees through the bubbly water, after finally tearing her eyes from the mirror she refused to look that way again. She curled into the corner of the tub and bit down on her lip. Raising a bony hand she gazed at the wrinkled skin covering the palm of her hand. She wonder what it could have been like to be Esme or Mason, from what she had observed so far they had no parents, well at least she hadn't seen any. A wise decision if they had the choice.

Slowly Charna looked over at the door and bit her lip, she knew she must have been in the bath a while. With a long sigh she found the Will to climb out the bath and wrap herself in one of the warm plush towels. She wrung out her super long hair and held the towel tighter, it was so warm. She even dared to think that she felt safe.

Charna's eyes widened when she heard the handle of the door turn, she immediately turned her head towards the door, she gripped the towel tighter to her chest, not daring to use her power to see who it was. She watched as the beautiful and bubbly face of Esme appeared at the door, holding a button down blouse that was slightly larger than her tall and willowy frame, sweats in her other hand that must have belonged to Mason. Her eyes rose to clash with hers, "Thank you." She said and flushed in embarrassment, her face turning as red as her hair. Her hands reached out for the clothes and she was happy when the girl placed them in her hands. Charna's eyes followed her as she disappeared behind the door and down the stairs, back to the pizza she must have smelt.

Turning around she quickly pulled up the sweats, they fell baggy on her bony legs, she quickly tightened them at the front, rolling the bottoms up so she could at least see her feet. She bulled on the blue button down and quickly opened the door before she could back out, her wet hair already drying as it curled around her body, she stood at the base of the stairs and pressed a hand to her throat, unsure of where to go tr what to do.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments ((I'm sorry for the late reply! I was out all day!))

From the kitchen, Mason heard Charna climb down the stairs, so by the time she reached the base of the staircase, he had already gathered a piece of warm pizza onto a plate and began walking towards the steps. Upon seeing her, looking perplexed and unsure of what to do, Mason casted her a small smile and nodded his head in the direction of the living room. "Why don't we go into the living room, and you can enjoy eating some delicious pizza while watching television?" He saw Charna avert her gaze side to side, observing the area around her, as if the idea of the house having more rooms was daunting and she wasn't prepared to migrate through unlimited space. "It'll be fine," said Mason, presenting the plate to her, hovering it right under her nose so that she had no choice but to inhale the mouth-watering scent. When Charna closed her eyes, her nostrils slightly flared, and licked her lips, Mason failed to suppress a laugh. It was kind of adorable: her ignorance to the new sights and smells surrounding her, and her natural innocence.

"C'mon," he said, and laid an arm (that did not cradle the plate of pizza) across her shoulders to guide her to the living room. To his surprise, Charna hadn't shied away from his touch; in fact, he swore she may have even leaned into his side more. With their close proximity, Mason could discern that she was breathing heavily, obvious winded. The girl had little to no meat on her, and he supposed that it was the first time in while that she's moved around to this extent. He allowed her to use him as a support and, when they reached their destination, gestured to a black velvet couch for her to sit on.

Esme sat the far right of the couch with a remote in her hand, flicking through the channels. Noticing Mason and Charma enter the room, she grinned and said, "I'm looking for something good on HBO. Any genres that you favor?" She was asking the question more so to Charna than Mason, trying to be polite. She didn't know that it's been years since Charna had viewed a movie, or was basically devoid of favorites for any and all categories.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna snapped out her stupor when Esme asked her the question, "I-I don't know." She whispered and rubbed the side of her head, she looked at the TV and the words on the screen but none of them made sense other than the simple vocabulary she learnt as a young girl so many years ago.

Her eyes darted to the piece of pizza and her mouth watered as she sat and stared at the piece on the plate. She closed her eyes and then looked up at Mason, gripping at his arm she slowly lowered herself on to the couch. A small smile of satisfaction spread over her face, she wasn't able to control it as she leaned into the black velvet. It was so soft and warm, she had no idea how she lived that many years in her confines. This house was beautiful and so big, she was scared to look around and see something that would crush her delirious dream of safety.

With that small smile on her face she slowly looked up at Mason who held on to the pizza. It was way too far away and her stomach agreeded with a hearty rumble. "Can I?" She said and squirmed as stared at the pizza, the TV almost forgotten about as an almost animal like hunger over took her.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments "Oh, yeah," said Mason, handing over the plate of pizza to Charna. He scratched the back of his neck nervously, realizing that he had spaced out for a moment, as he took a seat on a separate arm chair. He never noticed before, maybe because it was first time that she actually cracked one since they met, but Charna had a very nice smile. Her lips were full, and her mouth extended wide at the corner, taking over a good portion of her face. It was really captivating, and Mason knew that her smile would become more embellished with time as the splits healed and Charna drank water, thus hydrating them.

He watched as Charna tried to make the piece of pizza last longer by chewing languidly, but she was taking such large bites that he doubted it'd survive another minute. "It's okay," said Mason, chuckling when a string of cheese stretched down from her parted lips. "We've got 3 more slices in the box. You can go for seconds." Esme joined in shortly after as Charna dipped her hand, chasing after the cheese that had fallen onto her sweatpants.

That was when the TV made a loud crackling sound, and the show they had been playing - a movie with small, muddy farm animals conversing with one another - was abruptly interrupted. The screen went completely blue, and then revealed a female news reporter, her expression plainly tight with anxiety. She was curling the edges of the papers in her hands and the inside of her right cheek was sucked in, as if she was nibbling on it. "A-A-Attention," she stuttered, flickering her gaze to the side, probably glancing at someone who was behind the camera, "there is a massive storm approaching. E-Everyone should stay in their homes, and keep their doors and windows shut. Winds can go up to 180 mph, and there is a major likelihood of flooding. This storm is calculated to last for at least 3 days."

"You're kidding," said Esme, pouting profusely. "We're going to be cramped up in here for 3 whole days?"

But Mason paid no heed to his little sister's whining, for he was distracted by the colossal, black storm clouds he perceived through the living room window. They didn't look like average storm clouds; in fact, if he squinted hard enough to delineate the details, he swore that he was actually gazing upon a horde of massive, shadowy creatures with leathery wings.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments The Charna slowly finished eating her pizza and swallowed thickly, her gaze followed that of Masons and out the window. She stood abruptly and the plate clanged to the floor, luckily not breaking into millions of pieces. One foot plodded in front of the other towards the window, her greys eyes wide and pupils slightly dilated as she moved. Her breathing quickened and he'd jaw slackened. Deep down she was terrified of what she saw because she'd seen it before. She had seen it in the countless nightamres she had had during her time in the middle of the forest. They promised they'd come for her, but only once she escaped,, one always more loud and desperate that the other. It was bittersweet being here.

Charna closed her eyes and touched her hand to the window pane, like the glass had burned her she pulled away, cradling her hand to her chest, she didn't want to see those evil creatures. They would take her from her new found safety. Turning, she stumbled in jerky movements over to where Mason was sitting, she stood and waited for him to look at her. Charna was desperate for him to look at her, she wanted to see irritation of the storm, not fear or curiosity at what flew over their head like a swarm. Whatever people felt, she just wanted to feel safe.

"Where is the pizza?" She asked quietly and picked her plate up from the floor, her weak body barely able to stand from the wooden floor, "Sorry I dropped the plate." Charna whispered and gave him one of her quirky, lopsided smiles.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason grinned, regarding Charna's presence, but his eyes were still glued onto the window. There was something about that cloud that triggered a familiar instinct, a part of him that come to be because of blood, and it was also a part of him that he had been looking to leave behind before. Mason know, for every fiber in his being shouted that it was so, that the storm cloud was no average bulk of black, condensed water vapor.

His hands clenched absent-mindedly into fists, and he felt his heartbeat accelerate as if it were equipping for a long, vigorous run. He placed a hand over his chest and abruptly stood up, rubbing at the spot where he could feel his heart pounding. Ignoring it, Mason looked at Charna and said, "It's no problem. If we're meant to stay here for 3 days, we're going to need some trivial things to do like cleaning dropped dishes." He laughed, but it sounded disconcertingly forced, especially when his voice spiked up an octave as his heart continued to beat thunderously. He wondered if either Charna or Esme could see the outline of the relentless organ upon the surface of his chest.

Esme gave Mason a weird look, her eyebrow arched high on her forehead, obviously sensing there was an oddity occurring. He didn't want Esme thinking that he was getting "sick" again, for that was the excuse he repetitiously gave whenever his hunter drive kicked in, causing his body temperature to drastically climb and the veins on his arms and legs to elevate, blazing electric blue. She would desire to take care of him, and he could not wait on the moment when she finally excused herself from the bedroom so that he could rest to sneak outside if the compulsion become too potent.

"The pizza is in the kitchen. I'll show you," Mason said, gripping Charna by the hand and guiding her toward the sought destination, away from Esme's curious eyes. He had managed to maintain his smile in the living room, but his cheeks were starting to feel numb, so he couldn't hold up the façade. He dropped the grin, maneuvering his jaw to loosen the surrounding muscles and gestured to the open box. "Three slices left, like I said. Have at it."

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna frowned at him, her eyes narrowing and eyebrows raising slightly higher on her forehead, "What is wrong Mason?" She asked, her words a little forced around certain words, having not picked up slang as a child. As her hand was still gripping on his she gave it a light squeeze, watching his arms and then looking into his face.

Pretty grey eyes gazed at his skin as his stress mounted and the veins turned blue as if he had been doing vigorous exercise. Her red curls bounced into her face and she scraped them off her face in annoyance. She wanted to understand why he had that look on his face. Had he seen what she could see? Charna looked away immediately and bit her lip, no, she couldn't trust him. Not completely. Charna's eyes went back to his nervously then skirted away to the pizza on the table.

Letting go of his hand, she reached for the pizza on the plate as her stomach rumbled for the greasy food. The atmosphere buzzed as the sky was darkened by clouds of creatures but she couldn't acknowledge that fact, She'd be showing her evil powers and that she was insane. It was all her head. "What do you need? What is wrong?" She asked quietly as she put down her plate after demolishing one of the three slices of pizza.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason waved his hand, signaling that he was fine, but his body language disclosed otherwise. "It's nothing. I-I-"

He suddenly stumbled on his feet, having to grab the ledge of the kitchen counter to prevent himself from falling face down. He rammed his hand repeatedly against the table, groaning with his hand pressed firmly against his temple. There was a pounding inside of his head like Indian drums, and he felt as if every one of his limbs had been dipped in molten lava. The compulsion to take down whatever creatures were coming was too strong to suppress, and the last thing he needed was to faint in front of Esme and Charna, who'd most certainly panic.

He shook his head, trying to lessen the thumping, but it was resolute. Sighing, Mason forced himself to straighten his back and stare at Charna, who was openly confused and a bit skeptical, like she was wondering if the new home she'd stepped into was another form of hell. He had to leave before he completely drove her away, or Esme came inside the kitchen and began asking questions. Hastily, Mason ran to a closet, pushed aside a bunch of heavy woolen coats, and took hold of a rifle and a ragged bag of what looked to contain several spheres. He then bustled toward the front door; looking over his shoulder to Charna, he said, "I'm going out for a bit. Tell Esme I'll be back in an hour or so." And he barged out like the household's floorboards burned him.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna watched after him, he cradled his rifle like it was the most important thing in the world and ran out the house like it was on fire. She glanced around and quickly finished the pizza before her, Charna gripped at her hair nervously before slowly and cautiously walking back to Esme. Frowning, she couldn't possibly understand why he had left after the weather woman had told him of the storm threat, well, it was a supernatural threat but still entirely dangerous towards them.

"Mason said he would be back in an hour or so." She said robotically as she sunk back down into the soft couch she loved so much. "I do not know why he left or where he has gone." Charna said stiffly as she breathed in the smell of magic from the outside, it was like the smell of a lightning storm, fresh and charged with power. Before long she stood up and walked to the stairs. She needed to be alone, the only place she had figured she could be alone was the toilet.

She walked over the creaky floor and slowly pulled the wooden door behind her, locking it, she fell on to the toilet lid. Beautiful power scated over her skin, leaving it tingling in her wake as she tried to control herself. Whatever was out their was effecting her and the many powers she obtained.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Esme leaped from her spot on the couch, scampered to the front door, and flung it open. Immediately, she was met with bullets of rain, soaked brown leaves, pinches of soil, and a relentless gust of wind. Her shoes began sliding back against the tiled floor, and she had to seize the door frame to keep herself in one place. She spat out the sprinkles of dirt that jumped into her mouth, grimacing, and used her forearm to block any particles from getting into her eyes. "MASON?!" Esme shouted, squinting into the dark abyss before her. There was absolutely nothing to see, and the wind's obnoxious moaning prevented Esme from hearing clearly. She wanted to go after him, find her brother, but she knew that Mason ran without warning for a reason. It was too serious, too dangerous that he could not bare to go another moment without doing something. Her brother was a hero like that, which is why she always obeyed his wishes. Heroes kept the civilians safe.


Mason had trouble migrating down the highway with the strong gust literally hindering his car's wheels from going forward, and the build-up of residue on the windshield. He was not making any progress as far as transportation, and the pounding in his head was only amplifying, creating black dots across his vision. Groaning, Mason slammed his fists down onto the steering wheel and the car honked loudly two or three times when he accidentally struck the horn. He needed to hit something, kill something, otherwise he felt like his hunter drive would cause him to have a stroke. At the exact instant Mason decided he was going to pull over and continue on foot, a heavy black creature landed on the hood of his car, denting it as if it was merely made of tin foil, and snarled.

"Finally," Mason croaked, anxiously taking hold of his rifle and kicking open the driver's door.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna jumped and sprinted down the stairs, she stumbled over her own feet and her powers ran over her body. Black markings skated in beautiful patterns over her skin, turning her eyed black as she looked into the darkness that Esme shouted into, her brother already having run into the howling winds. Charna reached forward and snatched the thirteen year old girl to her chest. Her eyes stared into the darkness and she held on to Mason's little sister. "He will be back. Get behind me." Charna breathed and pushed her behind her body as she walked against the wind, her weak body surprisingly strong as she reached for the door handel and pulled it in front of her. She pressed her body against the wood and pushed the door shut with all her weight. Charna turned to stare at Esme, her eyes wide and black as the tattoos swirled over her skin. Dancing over her as she nervously stood up straight and watched Esme, "He will be back." She whispered quietly and touched her face as she felt the magic.


The demons cackled and howled as the Hunter manifested it self from the house, they batted their wings and swirled around Mason. Their Lord would not be happy that he was the one protecting the girl they needed, the girl they had to use. As soon as he stepped a foot out the car they dived at him. One at a time, they attacked like a tornado, they growled and hissed. Throwing claws and baring fangs. A gun wouldn't destroy them, he wad a foolish boy.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason held the rifle (which was, in fact, no ordinary gun) tightly to his chest, dodging the demon's claws and leathery whips as they threw them in his direction. The creatures were absolutely massive - much bigger than anything that he was used to hunting - but it meant they were less agile and less likely to get a direct hit on you because their movement were sloppy. Pulling the trigger on his rifle, Mason took a chance and slide across the trunk of his vehicle, evading the swarm of demons for a short moment to get himself into position. As he went down onto his knees, resting the rear of the weapon against his shoulder, already the monsters began flapping their wings, diving for him, while others clumsily migrated their way around the car, claws outstretched. Mason had his eyes fixed on the one closest to him: a winged creature with beady eyes, a line for a mouth with rows of razor-sharp, triangular teeth, and reptilian skin. "Atta boy," murmured Mason, his entire body becoming taut as he readied himself to release the trigger. When the creature was milliseconds from digging its dirty nails into his shoulder, the trigger was freed and the rifle spit out a bullet that pulsed green as if it was full of the colored wax found within a lava lamp. The bullet slammed and buried into the winged demon, and it stumped back from the impact. At first, the monster merely looked at the newly formed breach in its chest, scratched at it warily, and then averted its gaze back to Mason, looking more ferocious than before as a forked tongue slithered out of the mouth. Mason cursed, thinking that the bullet was not powerful enough to take down such a colossal body mass, and started turning to make a futile attempt at escape as the other demons advanced on him. But then, the spot upon the stricken, winged creature's chest initiated shimmering and bright, neon-green currents raced through its body. It convulsed, screaming and crowing in agony. The other demons watched in confusion and astonishment as its brother, flailing its wings and yelping, light up like a torch and burst into white ashes. Mason grinned in victory, and prior to the creatures arousing from their stupor, resumed discharging bullets and set fire to them.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna sat in the house after carrying Esme to bed, she laid her down and pulled the covers around her. She'd passed out from everything all happening so quickly. She covered her lips when a knock sounded at the door, slowly she stood up and walked towards the knocking sound on trembling legs. Was it the wind? Had Mason returned from his insane task? Had the demons seen her markings when she opened the door? Charna sucked in a deep breath and set her hand on the handle of the door, she pulled back the blinds to look out into the darkness of the night but couldn't see anything. Biting her lip she slowly began to open the door, the howling groans and whistles of the wind blew her hair from her face as she stood there, "Who is it?" She asked, her voice cracking with her fear as her hands seemed to tingle.


A demon different from the others watched from above as his reptiles were slaughtered by the hunter. He should have known it was too good to be true that the girl they wanted was easily to take. His gaze narrowed, the Prince will be most displeased. He drew back his power and a ball lit up his hand, he shoved it into the demon closet to him. He didn't like to do the dirty work unless he had too. He filled the demon with power and energy, the dark demon couldn't help but chuckle as he watched it plow through his brothers and sisters.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason's eyes widened as a creature whose evident strength literally resulted in ripples of power radiating off of its skin pushed through the swarm of demons. He felt the urge to lift up his rifle again and risk a shot, but there was an intuitive feeling in his gut that told him that the weapon would be useless against this monster. Quickly, he strapped the rifle to his back and fled the opposite direction, away his and Esme's house. He didn't like the fact that he had to distance himself even further from his sister and Charna, but there were barrier charms around the household that could fend off the other demons for a time if they did, indeed, head for it, and he preferred that this all-mighty one was as far away from them as possible. Like he anticipated, the monster demon chased after him, its heavy breaths and clomps upon the wet ground like a foreboding reminder that this was not a mere game of manhunt. There was no base for safety, and if he ran out of breath and was seized by this creature, he was done for. No re-dos, no more chances, no slaps on the back or "better luck next time"s. Mason could not mess up; otherwise, he was simply be dead and there would be two girls who had little enough experience to take care of themselves. Huffing through his nose, Mason turned sharply and headed west, toward the river.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments The human like demon stood outside the house, the boundary keeping him back from the girl he needed. He let out a happy sigh as he watched her open the door, the black markings that covered her skin rippled and he let out a chuckle. "Hello miss, home alone? You know you shouldn't be alone when the storm comes down." He murmured softly although it was loud over the strong winds. The demon seemed to be untouched by the gales, it was like he had his own bubble.

Charna curled her lips as she stared at the perfect man, "I have someone, he said he would be back soon." She said slolwy, her social skills poor at best as she criticised him with her steel eyes. He was far from her and stood seemingly at the end of the small driveway that led on to the narrow country road. Why had she opened the door to talk to a stranger? She knew exactly why; she had hoped Mason had returned from wherever he had gone with his rifle. She was scared for her rescuer, admitting to herself that she already cared for the boy was hard enough but actively trying to find him after he said he'd be back made her disappointed in herself.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments Mason thought his heart was going to burst inside his chest before he even made it to the river. He felt as if the demon was merely inches away from him, but when he dared a glance over his shoulder, he saw that he had a few yards advantage. The demon may have been colossal and powerful, but the low-level trees were whacking at its limbs and slowing it down slightly. The handle of the rifle slung across his back kept striking Mason on the bottom of his neck uncomfortably, but he appreciated it in a way: it was repetitious shove to keep going until it was safe, until the deed was done.

Mason heard the rush of water and soon enough, he was booting through wet grass and mud. The river had overflowed down to the billion buckets of rain discharging from the gray sky. Mason steered himself around when he discerned something that sounded like a heavy rocket plummeting into a bath of molasses. It was the demon, struggling to lift its gigantic feet from the sloppy ground; it attempted to flap its wings, but that proved to be futile. Still, the monster had a determined look in its eye, and continued fight its way toward Mason through the thick mud.

He took a few moments to scrutinize the demon: besides for its enormous body mass and the peculiar ripples that emanated from its flesh, it did not seem any different from any other demons that he had encountered before with its snake-like skin, foul odor, and lipless oral cavity, so he wondered why the hell it was so stronger. It wasn't possible, or at least it wasn't supposed to be unless it had power transferred to it by a Greater Demon, who rarely engaged in fights or left their realms with the exception of being demanded by their Dominants.

The demon was advancing on Mason quicker, probably finding a rhythm to his footwork. Hastily, Mason pulled out three spheres that he'd gathered into his inside jacket pocket prior to abandoning his car. They illuminated a fiercely white light that was essentially blinding if you looked at it too long, like staring at the core of a bulb. Shaking them in the palm of his hand, the three spheres initiated vibrating, and in the instant the demon extended its claws and tried to pounce, Mason tossed the balls against the monster's skull and they exploded to a curtain of white dust.

He heard the monster yowl, and streams of black ichor began trickling down its chest like its head was melting off. When the wailing began to diminish as well as the cloud of dust, Mason sighed and almost collapsed in relief at the sight of the now headless monster. It shriveled and fall backward, sinking in the brown muck.

"Finally," said Mason, and limped back in the general direction of the highway. His hunter drive was completely satisfied, and he headed back in the general direction of the highway. He needed to get to Emse and Charna.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna stared at the demon in front of her although she believed him to be nothing but a man standing in the wind, she slowly moved out on to the rickety porch and held on to the shirt that fell loose around her thin body. Biting her lip her long red hair whipped around her face, "Who are you? Do you need somewhere to stay?" She called, her voice failing and leaving with the wind.

Charna fought a shiver and looked at the dark figure of a man who hid in the shadows of the dancing trees, her magic ran through her body like a blot of electricity, it hit her hard and her makings changed in beautiful patterns. Her brow furrowed over her eyes and she reached out a pale hand as he disappeared with the shadows, ehat did the strange man want? Why had he knocked? Charna felt so clueless in the real world, it was a strange place to be with no social etiquette. She let out one more call for the odd man before turning and quickly going back into the large house.

Closing the door, she gathered her now dry and messy hair into one hand and frownwd at it. Her eyed darted up to the stairs when she heard the movements of Esme, she must have awoken from her unconscious state, closing her eyes she tried to reel in the magic of problems. Gathering it into a small ball in her head she pushed it back behind the doors she always tried to keep it locked behind, not that it ever worked when she was feeling strongly about something. Faint grey markings still marred her pale skin but she couldn't seem to completely rid herself of them as the demons continued to swirl around the surrounding area.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments ((Hey, I want to apologize for being really inefficient with replying. I'm going to college in a few days and I've been a bit overwhelmed with packing and saying goodbye to my friends and family. I really appreciate your patience and I'll try to get back post my part some time throughout the day.))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((Aww! I can understand, honestly if you want time you can have as much as you need! I hope the packing and unpacking goes okay for you. I wish you a nice time and just reply whenever you can. XD))

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments ((Thank you!))

Minutes later, Mason barged through the front door. His clothes and weaponry completely drenched, his pants were caked knee-high in wet dirt, and his brown hair was matted down against his scalp and forehead. He was breathing very heavily, as if he had been trying to outrun a tornado and succeeded only by a millisecond.

Mason ran into the house and slammed the door shut, hastily pressing his back up upon it and sighed in relief when he saw Charna standing unharmed in the entryway. Bronzing the area, Mason gathered that the demons were unsuccessful or hadn't gotten the chance to ruin the barriers, and thus, Esme and Charna were safe and sound for the time. He closed his eyes in exhaustion and slide down to the floor, the last of his strength seeping out of him like juice from a squeezed grape. Regardless of Mason's superior muscle and above-average human endurance to rigorous predicaments as a result of his Hunter drive, like any other being on Earth, he did have limitations.

"ESME!" he shouted and immediately sat straighter as a discernible pair of footsteps trotted hurriedly down the staircase. He stretched his arms out wide, and could've cried when his sister's smaller body fell into them without delay. "Thank goodness," said Mason, running the palm of his hand over and over again on the top of her head, realizing how deeply he was worried that the household's charms would not be enough. He hated that he left her alone like that, but he hated it even more that he'd have to do it again if a similar situation occurred.

Lifting his gaze to meet Charna's, Mason was about to ask how she was doing, since she undoubtedly was obligated to taking control in his absence, and to thank her, when he noticed the faint gray markings along her arms and legs. He recognized the intricate tracings from somewhere, but he couldn't pinpoint where he had seen them. Mason didn't call Charna out on them because of Esme, though he did cast her a questioning look.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Charna didn't notice the questioning look as she watched the exchange. Her eyes were riveted to them as he held Esme like the most precious thing in the entire world, his worry for her evident and his watery brown eyes on the verge of tears as he hugged his sister.

She wondered if she had ever been held like that, if she'd ever been cared for and loved by someone that they would give you such a desperate hug in a time where they needed it. Heart sinking, she doubted her thoughts as quickly as they came into her head.

Charna opened her mouth slightly but had nothing to say, she dropped her gaze to the markings that moved and disappeared over her skin at different times. They were really quite beautiful but she didn't want them there, she couldn't have them there. She felt thr magic that she so desperately tried to contain still run through her, even if it was just the slightest amount.

A swirl licked across her temple then disappeared once more. Charna sighed and crossed her arms tightly across her body, focusing hard she pushed everything she had int the ball in the back of her mind. With a whoosh she fell to her knees and scrambled back off the hard floor. Charna stood on shaking legs and swallowed, her mouth dry as she pushed up the barrier she tried to contain it in.

Her gaze dipped to her arms and to her relief the markings were gone, she gave one look to Mason before she turned and hurried back up the stairs. Charna moved as quickly as her weak body could and went inside the bedroom he'd told her to stay in.

She scapmered in and shut the door, locking it tight. Her gaze then ran over the room, it was beautiful. A rustic theme going on with hints of electronics like a computer and TV, although the computer looked very different than she remembered it. Smiling, she sat down on the end of the comfortable bed and sighed. Making a promise to herself she would try to keep, if she kept her magic back she'd be able to stay in a beautiful room and sleep in a comfortable bed. She'd do it for this.

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Brigid Kapuvari | 227 comments "Where'd you go, Massie?" said Esme, looking up at Mason with her wide, blue-colored eyes. Her pupils seemed to expand as slim tears began to layer on top of them. She held tightly onto her brother's torso, rubbing her small hands up and down the bump of his spinal cord, ensuring herself that he was actually there and not a desperate figment of her imagination. "You just left without a peep. Why'd you run? It's a-awful outside," she said, averting her gaze to the nearest window, watching the wind rip leaves from their homey branches. The little girl shuddered, remembering how the storm had almost swept her feet from under her. Esme wondered briefly how Mason could withstand such mighty weather.

"I'm sorry, E, but it was urgent and I couldn't wait another second. You are okay though, right?" Esme bobbed her head twice with a sort of languid heaviness to her nod that indicated that she wanted more of an answer, but sadly, Mason could not grant her one, not without revealing his condition. Pecking his lips against her right temple, Mason said, "I promise to never leave you without notice again. Hey," Mason lifted Esme's by the chin, her oceanic eyes boring into his caramel ones, "How about I make us each an ice cream sundae?" When his sister broke out into a cheeky smile, he knew that she'd allow the predicament pass. In the back of his mind, there was a worried voice that question how much longer goodies would be able to distract her and when her inquiries would begin to dominate.

"I'm just going to check on Charna upstairs, and then I'll start with the mixture. Chocolate with Oreos, hot fudge, caramel, and whipped cream?" Esme was bolting for the kitchen before he finished the list of ingredients, and Mason let out a laugh that his lungs were not yet refueled to release. It came hoarse and a bit frog-like, but it was well-earned after what he'd went through.

Standing up, Mason smoothed down his pants, which uncomfortably clung to his thighs because of the rain, and stumbled up the stairs. Upon arriving at Charna's room, he rapped his knuckles against the door. "Charna? Can I come in?"

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