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sorry it took so long XD

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Lol it's fine :)

So I'm Girl A
Emily is Guy B
You are Guy A

Do we all understand the plot and its requirements?

Also, I forgot to mention, this is based on a movie I watched long ago. :)

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lol ok

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments okay

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Oops my pic is gone

ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Could you repost the plot? I don't like switching between screens...

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Sure one sec

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Girl A is a high school popular girl who had her own posse and rules the school.
Guy A has been Girl A's best friend since Third grade.
Guy B used to be Girl A's best friend until Guy A came into the picture, he's also the popular guy of the school.

Prom is three weeks away, Girl A and her posse plan on going all together, along with their dates. Guy A wants to ask his best friend out to prom, because he likes her, and he just wants to "bang" her so badly. Guy B hears about this plan when he's out with his little sibling, he tried to tell Girl A but she wouldn't listen.

Prom Day •

Girl A and Guy A are at the prom, they're having a great time, until Girl A is crowned Prom Queen, and Guy B is crowned Prom King. Guy A gets angered and he tries so hard to ruin Guy B and Girl A's dance, Guy A suddenly goes berserk and he accidentally yells out his plan. Everyone, including Guy B glares at Guy A, Guy B goes after Girl A.

We will go from there......

I'd like to be Girl A
This will require more then two role players
Ages are between 16-18
This is an MxF not an MxM or FxF
Please be active
Do not stray from the plot
Action! Have any ideas? Sure I'm up for it, stick with the plot though
Love! No instant romance k? I hate that
Tell me when your leaving please :)

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*excited dance*

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Okay so Characters?

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hold on have to pick up the kitchen garbage my dog decided to make a snack out of

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Okay sorry my family and i just moved overseas for the military and we don't have wifi yet, so it'll be a couple weeks until my posts will be steady.

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ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ (mimi1mimi0) | 1500 comments Oh and my character will come. How detailed do you want the templates to be?

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