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message 1: by Desirai (new)

Desirai | 254 comments Mod
After selecting the book I noticed it took place in FL. "This should be fun!" I told myself. As I'm reading I'm realizing more specifically that it takes place in Orlando. In fact, the characters go to Winter Park High where my teenager will be starting high school in a week! It's not often I find myself so familiar with a book's setting. I'm pretty excited about this. I also made some dumb deal with my son about having to read two of our book club books in exchange for a pair of Vans (sneakers). He hates reading but I'm hoping he'll enjoy this since he'll get to compare notes and experiences with the characters/author. Maybe I'll have him take pictures of the school and surrounding areas I can share with everyone. Is that something any of you would care about? Or am I being weird?

message 2: by Maranda (new)

Maranda Carvell (marandacarvell) | 16 comments That is awesome. I always find it interesting if I have even been to the location, it would be super cool if you actually lived there. You're right about it possibly being more engaging for your son too.

I like to read the same books as my teens, it gives us something to talk about. My eldest isn't a huge reader (my second reads even more than i do tho), and I assigned him Ready Player One this summer, he's definitely enjoying it. That might be a good second book for your son. It's good and an easy read.

message 3: by Tom (new)

Tom | 263 comments That's cool. I knew it was set in Florida, but not in your backyard. It's interesting to read others' views of where you live, isn't it? Kind of, but not really, reading a tour book (like Zagat's) about your home town.

Since Ready Player One seems to be a hit, Armada was recently released, and might be a good followup.

message 4: by Desirai (new)

Desirai | 254 comments Mod
My son HATES reading. If I even mention a book he's like "I hate reading!" However, I was telling him about our book club. I didn't even suggest anything and he was like "what do I get if I read the book?" I've tried bribing him with so many things. I even offered to pay him $20 for every Harry Potter book he reads... And even still, he won't do it.

I kept ignoring his question and said making a deal with him would be pointless cause he'll never read it. But he insisted.

He read chapter 1 last night. I jokingly told him to read another chapter before bed. He told me he would in the morning. Turns out he stayed up late reading. He's on chapter 4 now. "I couldn't sleep and was going to watch anime. But when I turned on the iPad the book was already opened so..."

He won't admit it, but I think he likes it. @Maranda I like that idea. Reading the same books so we can talk about them. Maybe this is the book that will finally change his mind! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

message 5: by Salina (new)

Salina Labrada | 15 comments Yeah, I believe I read somewhere that John Green grew up in central Florida. I recently started reading Looking for Alaska and it also starts out in Florida. I always think it's kinda neat when books and movies take place in areas that I know.

I really want to read Paper Towns but I'm on a wait list at the library and there's 10 people ahead of

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