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What did you think about The Grisha #1?
Juyee Juyee Aug 16, 2015 03:44AM
So I recently stumbled upon this series. And I actually liked it a lot.
I found myself deeply engaged in this book the moment I started reading it. The way Leigh Bardugo set apart the whole plot was unique and deeply fascinating.
As readers, we come across many books where we find loose connections to any other books which we have previously read. But The Grisha was one of the first books which I found to be completely different from anything I have read before. I mean, seriously. The amount of imagination the author must have invested to actually build such a out-of-the-blue world with even the map diagrams of the cities, really impressed me.
Moving on to the characterization of the novel, Alina Starvok was portrayed as one strong inspirational teenager in my opinion. She was not your typical skinny and weak I-am-dependent-on-the-hero kind of girl which so many books do not fail to portray.
I mean granted, there were moments when her behavior as such annoyed me. Especially her attraction towards the Darkling. I mean, I don't know why, I never liked the Darkling. His charming aura never fascinated me. Maybe I m wired differently or something in my brain cuz' I never ever, even for a tiny moment, believed that the Darkling and Alina might have a story. I can't even register that mental picture in my head. It has always been Mal for me. Mal from the very beginning. I think I have this thing of always liking the good boys rather than the dark sexy boys. Now it's true that Alina and Mal didn't have the perfect love story and I give the writer a credit to that because that's where she highlighted the reality element of conspiring for a love in such harsh surroundings. Especially the whole Alina being a Grisha and Mal being only a tracker thing. Nevertheless, they both shared beautiful moments in the book. Moments which I find myself reading again and again.
Yeah cuz' I am that pathetic.
All in all I loved this book. And I have already read the second book. So I m looking forward to the third one.
Anyway the reason I created this discussion is that I would love to hear the thoughts of all the other readers who read this book. I will try to reply to every one of you.

Imaan (last edited Aug 25, 2015 02:40AM ) Aug 25, 2015 02:39AM   1 vote
I don't know why, but I couldn't really love this trilogy. It was an interesting concept, and well done, but I didn't like Alina much. She felt like a bit of a cold character. And the Darkling was just creepy. I didn't find him attractive at all, and I was disappointed when I realised that Alina had a thing for him.
Mal, I liked, even though he was kind of moody sometimes.
I loved Genya and David. They're basically why I stuck with the series.

Go Mal!

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