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Pride 'Homo' [Warning] This might be more of a life story then a journal I guess, and it might be boring to some or all viewers. But, anyway you can comment on here if you want don't really matter.
I guess I will give a little info about myself okay.
Well for starts my name is Bambi, but short my friends call my Bam or BB, and I am 17 soon to be 18. Now I never really had to many friends, I didn't quit fit on with anyone really at school. I tried from the 3rd grade to 4th. After, that I just realized that I was one of those girls who never had friends. Until, I say the began of 6th grade. I finally noticed that I kind of contacted more with the guys in school done the girls. Which I find kind of weird but I didn't let it bother me. But in the 6th grade my life got far more weirder then I thought they could get.

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Pride 'Homo' It was still in the 6th grade, when notice this new girl that was sitting close by where my sit was. And I remember the only thing that I keep saying in my head was that she was beautiful. Now to be honest I shrugged this day off thinking it was only one girl. But that whole school year I would look at girls more then I would look at the boys. I didn't tell one body about me thoughts not my friends not even my parents. I already knew how my parents felt about lesbians and gays. So I know that it wouldn't be a great idea to go to them about it. So I held it that whole school year. 7th grade now, it was going okay but all my friends had moved away so I was back to being a "loner" which I was already use to. Now if you don't remember 7th grade that's when girls start getting "boyfriends". When trying to fit in end up forcing myself to be in a little "relationship" with some boy that know from the neighborhood I grow up on. It was going okay in away until, he introduce me to his twin sister. Now let me just point out that she looked nothing like him :) in a good way.
(( Ill tell more tomorrow )).

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Pride 'Homo' A few weeks later, me and "my boyfriend" broke up because I finally told him that I wasn't into boys. He was understanding, I am glade he was. We stayed has friends and a few days after we broke up. He played me get with his sister, at first I thought it would be weird but when she said that she would date me I put my fear out the window lol. Me and her being in a relationship meant that our school would find out, which she didn't mean because everybody already knew she was gay. But, it was a different story with me. I didn't really want people to know at the time. So she keep it a secret for me, and I was grateful for her doing that. We stayed together all the way into 8th grade, and that's when I decided to tell people about me being gay. Some people said that they already knew since the way I dressed and I was into sports. While some thought it was naughty and wrong, I didn't care either way because I didn't do it for them. I wanted my girlfriend to know how much she meant to me and it worked. But, I didn't think that one of the kids at the school would go tell their parents, and just by my luck the parents know mine. So one day I had came home from school and my parents were waiting for me looking like they were police or something. They asked me if I was and I couldn't really lie to them, so I just told them the truth. They were not the happiest parents in the world, like I told you from the being my parents always told me that being with the same sex was wrong. So you cant if imagine the things that they said, at the end of the 5 hour "talk". They told me to break up with my girlfriend, which of course I told them that I couldn't that I loved her to much. And believe it or not that was the day I got kicked out of the house that I grow up in, they didn't even give up my clothes. I had no place to go to besides my girlfriend's house with her family. Which I was glad that they was willing to let me live with them, for clothes I had to use my ex/ her brothers clothes.
(( To be continued )).

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