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message 1: by Lady (last edited Aug 23, 2015 01:45PM) (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments I like to read. My genres are different. Let me know the blurb of the book and I will let you know if it's me. If you have a book that you would like read let me know and please let me know if there is a dead line. I am offering to beta/review for free.

message 2: by Annette (new)

Annette Abernathy | 158 comments Hi Lady,

I have a book that needs a beta reader. My email is No deadline

message 3: by Drea (new)

Drea James (DreaStJames) | 1 comments Hi Lady,
I'm looking for a beta reader for my romance novel. Blurb below :-)

Liv Lester loves her life. She has a great career as a gumologist and her best friend hasn’t forced her on a shopping marathon in weeks. Her love life might have seen better days, but who could blame her after she had to climb out a window on her last date. If only she had a neighbour who didn’t kick her out of bed at 5am every morning her life would be perfect.
Dax Morgan is a successful lawyer and self proclaimed dog lover. His busy job doesn’t allow for more than a quick hook up here and there but that’s just how he likes it. As long as he has his dog and his morning runs he is happy. When he finds a note from his obnoxious new neighbour on his door, complaining about getting woken up by his alarm a war ensues.
Despite never having met, the two quickly develop a hate-hate relationship that soon results in broken doors, redecorated apartments and stolen dogs.
After chance encounters, misunderstandings and a trailer load of sticky notes the two eventually come face to face. Will this mean the end of their feud or is it only just the beginning?

I need to submit the manuscript to the editor in four weeks. If you're interested my email is


message 4: by N.R. (new)

N.R. Leigh (niccileigh) | 1 comments Hi Lady!

My novel Peace, Love, and a Dead Hippie Chick is scheduled for publication October 1, 2015. We are looking for betas prior to that!

This new adult novel follows the intertwining journeys of three young women in the mid-1990s who go on the road and off the grid, and leave their worlds behind. Each woman falls into a dangerous subculture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in an attempt to attain their own sense of peace, love, and freedom. It is an intricately interwoven coming-of-age tale that delves into the connection between strangers and the premise that the grand orchestration of life goes well beyond chance.

Please let me know if this is of interest to you, and I will gladly email you a PDF.


N.R. Leigh

message 5: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments N.R.,

I just PM you.


message 6: by John (new)

John Jones (johnijones) | 7 comments Lady wrote: "N.R.,

I just PM you.


Lady wrote: "I like to read. My genres are different. Let me know the blurb of the book and I will let you know if it's me. If you have a book that you would like read let me know and please let me know if ther..."

I have a new romance I would love to get a review on. Here is the blub: Devoted mother Cassie Carter is hard working and dedicated to running her small farm in Georgia. She tends to her home and sickly son daily while her truck driver husband is away on long hauls across the country. Her life and values take a sharp turn when a handsome and intelligent construction worker disrupts her daily routine. Her priorities shift and everything she keeps in her comfort zone is threatened.
Damaged romantic Paul Hamilton has a void in his life that leaves him wandering from affair to affair, empty and unfulfilled. He identifies with the haunting poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, yearning to capture an elusive love. One day, in an unexpected place, he discovers the love he is seeking, but she is out of his reach and he runs the risk of irreparably damaging the delicate balance he tries to maintain in his life.
In the Duck Springs Affair, Paul and Cassie’s worlds collide and explode. Will what they offer each other sustain and give them what they need out of life and love? Or, are they doomed to suffer the tragic consequences of their decisions as each searches for the perfect love? Here is the link:
Thanks!! John I. Jones

message 7: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments John,

Just sent you a PM.


message 8: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Troske | 54 comments Lady,

My completed novel, Supernaturals - The Rising, a YA piece with some light sci-fi, could use some extra eyes. If you like Percy Jackson, X-men, or superheroes of any kind and works of similar nature/style, I believe you'll enjoy this book.

Here's a quick summary...

Ethan is just an ordinary teenage boy—infatuated with sports music and, of course, girls. Or so he thinks. Heading home on a rainy night from an amateur guitar gig, he finds his life turned completely upside down—literally. His car spins and flips out of control after what he believes to be a small animal jumps out in front of him. The horrific accident is only the beginning of a series of mysterious and seemingly unrelated events that will change his life forever.

After awaking in the hospital, and following an encounter with an enigmatic doctor, Ethan discovers that something that occurred during the wreck allows him to hear others' thoughts, and even more perplexing, move objects with his mind. While trying to wrap his head around this mystery, he realizes he’s not the only one, that there are others out there like him; those with special powers. Not long after learning of this new world, Ethan’s ever increasing lack of control places those around him at serious risk. In order to protect those he loves, he makes the difficult decision to leave and join with a group of other so called Supernaturals to learn how to master his abilities. Shortly after he is recruited, Ethan is sent on a mission to kidnap who he believes to be the enemy leader in a well concealed Supernaturals war. But the further he becomes embedded in this new world, the more he discovers things are not quite what they seem and doesn't know who can be trusted.

In this first installment of the Supernaturals series, Ethan discovers that super powers aren’t always so super, and is faced with difficult decisions that will not only affect his own life, but which may determine the life or death of his newfound companions and mentor.

Let me know if you'd be interested.

message 9: by Erin (new)

Erin Bedford (erin_bedford) | 4 comments Hello, I am about half way done with my manuscript for my fantasy/supernatural novel Chasing Rabbits. I have the first four chapters ready for review. All feedback is welcome!

Here is the synopsis:

Kat was only a librarian. She wasn’t brave or daring. She shouldn’t have chased after that rabbit that night. She shouldn’t have stuck her hand in that hole. She shouldn’t have done a lot of things.
Now Kat was stuck in the Underground with only her wayward rabbit and a grumpy brownie for her guides. While facing blood thirsty tea parties and seductive smiling cats were one thing, the wrath of the UnSeelie Court’s prince was another. This librarian would face the challenges of the Fae Courts and go home or die trying.

message 10: by Luxx (new)

Luxx Monroe | 7 comments Hey, Lady. I'm looking for a beta for my new novella. It's an erotic read with 23K words. Thanks! My email is if you're interested. I appreciate it.

Luxx M.

message 11: by Terrica (new)

Terrica Duncan (myjoyandlight) | 13 comments Hello, Lady

I have a completed novel that I would like to have feedback on, if possible. The blurb is below.

Author of the forthcoming book, Battle of Kilz: The Sector of Damnation, Book 1, Terrica M. Duncan takes you through time and into new worlds where the laws of the galaxy and of the heart will be tested by an epic fight between good versus evil in this rip-roaring fantasy.


Lead by Samt Al-Ra’s Deus—the god that governs the Joogto Ah Galaxy (JAG)—a group of beings must band together throughout different millennia to stop Deus’ banished protégé, Yezzra, from exacting his revenge on Thezabisians, one race of gods, as well as mankind.

It will prove to be a formidable task because Samt Al-Ra’s Deus not only must battle his pride but also his demons, which seek to cripple him emotionally and physically. Will Samt Al-Ra’s Deus be able to save his kingdom, his people, and the future, or will Yezzra topple Thezabis and become the new ruler?

Please PM me if you are interested.

Main Genre: Fantasy
(mixture if Sci-Fi/Space-Opera, Action-Adventure and Romance)

Word Count: 180,000
Page Count : 510 (PDF format)

Current State: Revision Process (I still would like feedback on the original state of the manuscript)

message 12: by Kara (new)

Kara Lockharte | 3 comments Hey Lady, Here's my blurb for a 10,000 word SF erotic werewolf romance.

An excerpt is below:

The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf: Space Wolf Chronicles Book One

As one of New Tokyo’s top entrepreneurs, everyone knows the name Lauryn Daring. I’ve got almost everything I want: money, power, respect. The only thing I’m missing is someone to share it with. It’s definitely not going to be skinny white boy Xavier Stone. He was my best friend growing up and though he may have had a crush on me when we were young, I thought that I would never be physically satisfied by a man I’d be afraid of squashing in bed.

I haven’t seen nor heard from him since he shipped out on a military transport and stationed to a planet of werewolves more than a decade ago. Now he’s coming home and the least I can do for an old friend is offer him a place to stay. He says he’s not the boy I grew up with, but I know I can trust him. If Xavier insists he still has feelings for me, I’ll be able to handle it better this time.

Or will I?

READER NOTE: This is a SHORT erotic stand alone story featuring a big strong curvy black woman and a geek-to-stud military space werewolf that loves her.

If interested, please send me an email at karalockharte * at * gmail _dot#com.

message 13: by Alexia (last edited Sep 04, 2015 10:25AM) (new)

Alexia D. | 16 comments Hello! I have a full-length 88k Sci-Fi, Fantasy novel that could use a good eye.

Here's a blurb/overview:

A natural gift for reading? Of course! A means of induction into a millennia-old society of thinker-readers? Lealla Holliday never would have guessed...
The year twenty thirty-three is part of the beginning of the end of independent thought. Thanks to a covert organization seeking to monopolize introspection and reflective thinking, people are beginning to read less and follow the status quo more. Their aim? To eliminate all materials that get minds working productively. All of this is destined to be challenged when Lealla Holliday ventures into the new Library in town. She learns that she is needed alongside other avid readers that are specially-equipped to use their literacy to create a tangible field of energy that can power a vast network. But is she willing to do die for it?

Brutal publishing world-quality feedback doesn't scare me. In fact, it fuels me!
- solid plot/presentation?
- characters real and three-dimensional?
- characters relatable?
- any holes in plot?
- anything about story that falls flat/is anti-climactic?
- layout? What to leave out/put in for querying process?

So far I have made 2 rounds of edits, but recognize the value of connecting with brilliant people.

Would you be willing to give it a go? Let's collaborate!
I can be reached at

message 14: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments Alexia I emailed you

message 15: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments Kara I emailed you

message 16: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments Terrica I pm you

message 17: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments Luxx I emailed you

message 18: by Paul (new)

Paul Carey Hi Lady,

I would be thrilled if you would look over my novel "Thawing A.C. Nielsen".

Comedic SF/Mystery/(Satire of Reality TV)
complete at 113,000 words

Brilliant young microbiologist and self-professed lab rat Kate Pearson has just landed a dream job, although she worries it might turn into a nightmare. She’s been hired to discover a way to successfully revive people who have been in cryonic deep-freeze stasis for years at the Chicago firm ExitStrategy, a company founded by super-scientist Mike “Cold Smokey” Burgess, holder of dozens of major patents.

Kate is succeeding Dr. Enzo Saltieri, Mike’s partner for years. Enzo has died suddenly under strange circumstances, partly due to his battle with lung cancer and Alzheimer’s. As Kate sifts through mountains of Saltieri’s scribbled-upon legal pads she only finds paths that lead nowhere. Was Saltieri on the verge of great discoveries, like Burgess assumes, or just sinking into the illogical world of dementia?

Along the way, Kate has to deal with Jedi Coleman, an annoyingly sarcastic idiot savant assistant at the lab who’s hiding his true identity; Gloria Dunham, a famous former Hollywood actress, now ninety-five years old and bent on taking over control of the company; plus reality show egomaniacs Dimi Konstantos and Khail Santana, megastars who’ve been polluting television airwaves for years.

After Kate has some success reviving lab animals frozen in the 1980s such as Mr. T, the guinea pig, and John Cougar, the housecat, her attention turns to the first human subject, famous TV ratings guru A.C. Nielsen, who has been frozen at ExitStrategy for twenty-five years.

Between Mike Burgess’s lofty expectations, hidden research files, secret medical procedures, switched identities, drugged drinks, randy Irish folk musicians, beefy bodyguards, plus Jedi, Gloria, Dimi and Khail—Kate begins to realize that reviving A.C. Nielsen and accidently discovering a cure for cancer may actually be a stroll in the park.

message 19: by C.L. (last edited Sep 09, 2015 07:56AM) (new)

C.L. (cindy_mccourt) | 10 comments Hi Lady

Wow. I'm guessing you're pretty busy right about now, given all the requests I see. Fingers crossed :-)

Kota's Escape is a 69K word Suspense/Intrigue Romance, emphasis on intrigue. I don't have an official blurb yet but here's the gist:

Featured in this story is an undercover FBI agent with Native American heritage and a young woman who can't seem to catch a break. There's a bombing, a kidnapping, and more. Sprinkle in Homeland Security, ex-CIA operatives, and local LEOs with some family drama and you get intrigue, suspense, and romance.

I would be interested in knowing:

1. Did it hook you from the start?
2. Did it keep you turning the pages?
3. The pace appropriate?
4. Were the characters likable, believable?
5. Did you want them to have a happy ending?

Thoughts? pls reach out to me at cindymcqt at yahoo dot com

message 20: by P. (new)

P. Graham (AnneGraham) | 4 comments Hi Lady

I’m looking for a beta reader for my book. It’s fantasy, 75,00 words, sex-mild, the villain is quite dark. Its copy edited and line edited and I’m wondering is it ready for publication.
Quick synopsis
When the minor magician, Ben Alahad, investigates the brutal murder of his friend he discovers an evil sorcerer intent on killing or enslaving the population and conquering Astroban. Only Ben and a few others have a chance to stop him. In this first book of a trilogy, Ben gathers the others he needs to stop the sorcerer. The sorcerer, aware of their plans to oppose him, tries to stop them before they can gather together.
Anne Graham (P. A. Graham)

message 21: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Michael Hello,

I'm trying to find a few beta readers to read my novel and provide feedback so I can proceed with a thorough revision. The book was originally published last year and has hit three Amazon best seller lists. It has had a profession edit so hopefull it won't be too rough to read. It is a young adult paranormal fantasy with a touch of romance. The manuscript is roughly 85,000 words.


TC Michael

Secret of the Last Born

message 22: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Hi, I need Beta Reader to review first 6 chapters of a Family Saga/ Historical Fiction.

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