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Hi Sierra!

message 2: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) Hey Kitty! Sorry I haven't been here sooner. I've been uncommonly busy. Anyway, I'm excited to get to know you but I'm not sure how to start. :)

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Hi... No prob :) Anyway, Umm. What do you like to do in your free time? I usually am in my dance school (Sydney Dance Company). Other times I'm always on online social media accounts (goodreads, twitter, facebook, and stuff).

message 4: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) I read and write a lot. Those are probably my favorite things to do. I'm also on Pinterest a lot :) I like making artsy things and I get a lot ideas from there.
It's cool you dance! When i was little I did ballet but I never got very good.
Oh, and I love listening to music. do you have any favorite bands or singers?

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Cool :) I like making artsy things too. Yup, I do have some favorite bands or singers. Here are my favorite singers:
Kate Miller-Heidke
Indiana Evans
Kate Alexa

Here are some of my favorite songs:
More than Life The Whitley
Easy to Love the Jezables
The Last day on Earth Kate Miller Heidke
What r urs?

message 6: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) I like an odd asortment of old and new. Here's a some:

Simon and Garfunkel
The Beatles
Imagine Dragons
Ingrid Michaelson
Taylor Swift
The Band Perry

Some are pretty abscure . . . ;p

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Cool :) I haven't heard/listened many of them. It sounds nice

message 8: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) :) so what's your favorite subject at school?

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I don't think you know this. But, I don't go to normal school. I'm a dancer. So, I just started dancing going to dance schools/classes performing in plays. So, I never really went to NORMAL SCHOOL! What's yours... Even though, I may not know it. I'll search it up

message 10: by Cara (last edited Aug 20, 2015 08:04PM) (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as dance school. So how does that work? It sounds like it could be totally awesome. I actually don't go to normal school either. I'm homeschooled. Some people think that's really weird, and I guess it is, but it really isn't that strange. Anyway, my favorite subject is probably Literature or Writing. I also like learning about different cultures.

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Awesome :) Well, I go to Sydney Dance Company, It's like a school. So, I just call it Dance School. Well, you learn dancing. And also get assigned solos you can do every month/year. Ballet solos. I got assigned The Red Shoes. You probably won't know that. Anyway, the subjects sounds fun... I'll search it up sometime.

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Cara (sierraaubergine) So is it Sydney as in Sydney Australia? It sounds cool.
So what sorts of books do you like to read?

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Yup, Sydney Australia. Where do you live??? I like to read romance, thriller, fantasy, mystery books. What do you like to read?

message 14: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) i live in Illinois (USA). It's really cool you live in Australia! Have you lived there all your life? My sister has a pen-pal who lives there. She gave us this thing called vegamite that is popular over there and we tried it for the first time. And can't really imagine eating it on a regular basis, lol, but it was really cool to try!
My favorite types of books are fantasy, historical, romance, and I really like sad books for some reason.
What are some popular books in Australia?

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Oh, Awesome!. Well, Thanks. Yes, I grew up in Australia. Ohhh, Yeah. It's like a food paste.
Some of the books popular are:
The Secret River
Seven Little Australians
Dirt Music
The Riders
These were good :) I can recommend them to you.
What are some USA popular books? I think many of my friends are from USA. So, Can you recommend me some books (if your okay with that)??

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Cara (sierraaubergine) Sure! Let's see... The Book Thief is really popular and I highly recommend it. Also, the author John Green is extremely popular but I haven't read his books yet. (But I have many friends who have and they all really like him.) He has 5 books currently on the New York bestseller list.
The Hunger Games trilogy is also very popular and I really liked them.
I can't think of any more at the moment that I liked... I'll probably think of more later. :)

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Ok, Sure. Thanks a lot. I'll read them!

message 18: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) Have you ever read Harry Potter? They are really popular here too though they're British.

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Yup, I have. Those are one of my favorite series!

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Hey Sierra! I'm sorry I left. I'm back. We can continue, if you want

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Cara (sierraaubergine) Yeah, I was wondering what was going on. . . But anyway, yeah, HP is one of my favorites too. Have you seen the movies? And do you have a favorite character?
I was just talking to my brother and he said Garth Nix is a popular author in Australia. Have you ever heard of him?

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Not really. But, No. I couldn't watch HP. It was american, and I'm in Australia. Harry as my favorite character. Who's yours?

message 23: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) I think Luna was cool character, and I also really like Dumbledore. And I like Harry of course, but those other two stand out to me. :D
Wait . . . you can't watch the movies in Australia? O.O I thought those movies were world wide . . . huh. :(
Anyway, i think you mentioned liking to make artsy things. Are you in the middle of a project or thinking of starting one? Right now I'm making bow rings out of paper clips. And a little while ago I made a Griffindor tie charm out of tinfoil. (The latter didn't turn out as good as I hoped, but it was fun to make.)
Do you make jewerly or are you into other things?
Sorry I sort of disapeared for a couple days. I didn't know I was going to be gone . . . my parents wanted to visit my brother and his wife at the last mintue. :)

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Oh, Awesome! I know, It is in Australia. I do like Artsy Stuff, You know quilling. Well, you roll papers and make bracelets and stuff. One of my friends does that, and gave a lot of bracelets, and earrings to me. I even make these cute cards to little dance kids. I teach dancing to kids. So, I do stuff. It's fine, I get that... ☺☻☺

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Cara (sierraaubergine) Yeah, quilling is cool! I've made flowers and snowflakes with it but I didn't know you could make earrings and stuff out of it. Tha's really cool.
Do you have any other hobbies?

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Yep, I have a tons of it. And I really even like to swim, I mostly go every day to the beach. Do you?

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BTW, Nice picture

message 28: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) haha, thanks. :)
I don't live near water, and there isn't very many pools around, so I don't swim very often. But almost every year we go to a waterpark, which I love. :)
So . . . do are you into any sports? What are the sports teams in Sydney? Over here baseball is really big. I also like hockey.

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You're welcome. And sports, i'm good, i think. I like soccer. I have no idea of sports team here. I don't play much. So,Yeah.

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Cara (sierraaubergine) soccer is cool! I have friends who play. There isn't many professional teams around here though.
So when does the school year start over there?

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Oh, Ok. Well, It started a long time ago, 2 months ago. (DS). When did it start for you?

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Cara (sierraaubergine) mine started the beginning of September. :) so what have you been reading lately?

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Oh, Well. I haven't been that much updated lately, still I switched accounts. Anyways, I'm reading
The Enchanter Heir The Enchanter Heir (The Heir Chronicles, #4) by Cinda Williams Chima

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What about you?

message 35: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) that one looks really cool. I just started Stargirl Stargirl (Stargirl, #1) by Jerry Spinelli

message 36: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) yeah, i’m not sure whats going on. Oh well. :(

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Hi guys! Oh, And Sierra, I've read that, It's good!

message 38: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) Cool! Have you read the sequel?

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No, I was kinda busy!!

message 40: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) I heard there's a Stargirl movie coming out! I'm really excited for that. :)

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Ohh, Okay. I did not know that.

message 42: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) yeah, they just casted the two main characters. :)

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Cara (sierraaubergine) What are some of your favorite movies?

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They're Australian. And TV Shows. Dance Academy, H20: Just Add Water!!

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Cara (sierraaubergine) Cool. Have you see any the marvel movies?

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Well, I'm not interest in Marvel, so yeah!

message 48: by Cara (new)

Cara (sierraaubergine) yeah i’ve only watched Ironman but i know a lot of people who really like those.

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Cara (sierraaubergine) I'm going to a costume party this Friday and I can't think of anything to dress up as. :(

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