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Here we go

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•EM• | 24820 comments Saweet

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Have any ideas? I'm up for anything

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•EM• | 24820 comments Well what type of genres do you like?

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Honestly, anything. And I'm not just being passive, I will do absolutely anything.

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•EM• | 24820 comments hahaha alright..... well i recently started a new rp with a long time friend and i thought we could maybe do one same or similar....

instead of just being any regular boarding school for teens, it is a state of the arts, top award winning and highly valued boarding school for up and coming actors, singers and what nots. So pretty much it's for teens that want to become famous and do something really spectacular with their life, but of course it's super expensive and only accepts limited numbers of students.

Maybe the girl: can be a regular student like everyone else, coming from a large wealthy family, enrolled to pursue her dream of acting and singing, living with the background that her own grandmother was a well known award winning actress and her mother a singer. (But only like country wide known singer so not international)

The boy: a celebrities son, a celebrity that has stared in many films and has been the main driving source for why his son would like to peruse the career, he has already starred in films with minor characters though has just been given a big break, the big break that they have all been 'fighting' for, so of course he goes off to star in this movie and returns to the school, still with so much to learn but also has a large reputation that keeps getting producers to come back for more.

Although the two may be perusing the same dream they know very little about each other as the girl has moved to the boarding school in England from Australia, not knowing anyone or anything about the people she would soon become friends with, the girl is determined to show her strengths over anything she faces.

or something like that.....

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•EM• | 24820 comments ?

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Sorry, I had to run a quick errand. That sounds really interesting!

Which character did you want to be?

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•EM• | 24820 comments I honestly don't mind, I'm the girl in my other roleplay where I came up with this idea so I don't mind... Which character do you like more?

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Could I be the girl? Or at least, the first character description?

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•EM• | 24820 comments Yeah sure, I would love to play the guy/second description..... Also, I don't wanna make him stuck up, is that ok?

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Fine by me :) How detailed of a character profile do you like to do?

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•EM• | 24820 comments I literally do name: age: appearance and something very short personality, that way we build then up as we go along?

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Sweet, that's what I prefer doing. And what ages?

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•EM• | 24820 comments Umm not too sure.. 18-19?

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That's what I was thinking, I'll post my character shortly

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•EM• | 24820 comments Cool, I'm at work at the moment but will try post

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•EM• | 24820 comments ?

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