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Doreen Petersen | 441 comments Chapter 23 Summary: The Son Of Man.
Chapter 24 Summary: Caesar Or God.

Susan Margaret (susanmargaretg) | 538 comments I don't know why, but until now I never really understood the title "The Son of Man". Bishop Sheen gives several definitions of The Son of Man in chapter 23. The one that stood out the most for me is (pg. 269) "it was descriptive of what He became, rather than of what He is from all eternity". I also did not realize that only Jesus referred to himself as the Son of Man, no one else in the bible ever used this title. I am learning a lot from this book!

Doreen Petersen | 441 comments Fulton Sheen is an excellent teacher isn't he.

Susan Margaret (susanmargaretg) | 538 comments Doreen wrote: "Fulton Sheen is an excellent teacher isn't he."

Yes he is!! "The Life of Christ" is a beautiful book!

Doreen Petersen | 441 comments I remember watching him in grammar school with the nuns. Sometimes they have replays of his show on EWTN.

Susan Margaret (susanmargaretg) | 538 comments YouTube also has several episodes of his show online.

Doreen Petersen | 441 comments Susan Margaret wrote: "YouTube also has several episodes of his show online."

Really? I didn't know that. Good for me when I'm out and not near the tv. Thanks for the heads up Susan. I love it!

Doreen Petersen | 441 comments When Chapter 24 focuses on Caesar or God how can we in good conscience not choose God?

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