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message 1: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Cadela walked into the Library and walked over to Smart corner and watched as a group of smart people were solving Rubix cubes, studying how they did it and improving on what she watched.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments after watching the kids for two minutes Cadela took a step backwards behind the bookshelves and reached into her pocket, pulling out a completely messed Dodecahedron(12-sided) version of a Rubix cube and solving it in 20 seconds flat before returning it to her pocket and locking around for a new pet project for her to take.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Cadela spotted a kid across the Library and looked over to her, bringing her hands up and staring before clapping Hello in Morse code quietly to see if she replied.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Cadela clapped okay as she approached, lowering her hands on arrival as she examined her new subject.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Candela sighed as it seemed this would be a new challenge, having their entire conversation in morse code.
'do what?' Cadela tapped back to the now cowering girl.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments 'which one?'Cadela asked as she pulled out the plan Rubix cube, a Pantablet cube, the dodecahedron cube, a dismantled rubix cube, one that seemed to have 16 tiles per side making six pictures instead of color matches and a couple more after that and each of them was already solved and growing more complicated.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "Why'd you speak, Morsecode is for individual letters and not words." Cadela said a little harshly before she began returning the cubes to her pocket and looked back to this girl.

"And I did it because 'I am Awesome'" Cadela answered while putting the last piece in morse code, she thought this would be a harder challenge.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "Yet you remember every combination of Morse-Code?" Cadela said a little mockingly as she rose an Eyebrow, both her hands now entering her pockets.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "Because I am Awesome, I have an Ability that has been unclassified so I convinced them to name it Awesomness." Cadela informed her, now Se could literally brag about having Awesomness.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "It allows me to copy and improve upon things I have witnessed, it's why I was watching the Rubix People." Cadela explained with a Sigh when the girl didn't reply to Cadela's Awesomness remark, Cadela has had this ability since birth and gained speech a couple weeks after birth along with coherent thought.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "Okay, I may look and sound like a Bitch but let's put any rumours you have to Rest. I am a Bitch and anyone who disagrees can have a conference with my Fist." Cadela said as she rose her hand in a slightly clenched movement, not threatening but only in a way to emphasis her point.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments (Yep)

Cadela now stood straight as she looked around, since this person was ignoring her she might need a new pet thing to do now. Quickly coming up with an idea she darted of and collected a bunch of empty paper, crushing one up into a ball before nodding and making a fleet of paper aeroplanes. Cadela then proceeded to through them one by one through the Air to land on the floor near the girl, eventually having them Spell 'Hi' from how they landed. Cadela had calculated the flight distance and drag caused by friction with the Carpet and managed to have them overlap as such without disturbing the shy girl, but Cadela still seemed bored.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments fixed

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Cadela frowned before leaving the Library for about 15 minutes before returning with a collection of electric fans, setting them up in a circular fashion and turning them on before holding up Two paper plans and throwing them at the first one which caused them to turn into the second one. now it seemed like some form of Race as the plans switched which one was ahead as they rode next to each other and bounced up and down as they circled each other.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments The first plane was painted a cobalt Blue, the second was Painted a Fiery red and as they finished their first lap Cadela threw in a third Green one that managed to keep up with the others and it was a close race. the Planes kept switching who was first as they sailed around the Library, over and Through bookshelves and sometimes doing loop-de-Loops and spirals as they raced. somehow they managed to remain in flight without hitting each other Despite how close they got, that was until on the Fifth lap the Librarian caught them and had a go at Cadela.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments (sorry, crowds)

message 17: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Cadela stuck her tongue out as the Librarian left, Crossing her arms as she huffed and looked around for something else to do. this school was no fun to her and she kept having to try and do new things, the library happened to have the biggest inside room available other then the pre-owned Recreation rooms used by the clubs.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Cadela looked back at the Girl and Frowned, maybe she could suggest something to do?

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments Cadela perked up as another idea came into her head, leaving before coming back with several pieces of paper and several pencils. She then began writing and drawing along these pages faster than most, almost at incomprehensible speeds as she flicked through the pages and instead of sharpening the pencils just grabbing a new one. And within a couple minutes she finished and pulled out coloured plastic and stuck it onto cardboard before sticking the papers inside of it, finishing an entire Novel in about 32 Minutes that was hand written but looked typed with no errors and a marvellous plot involving many genre's. She the placed it next to the girl with a triumphant stance, kind of asking for a review on her performance.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "Practice." Cadela said with a triumphant smile on her face, she then sat down on the floor and looked up at the roof in boredom again.

message 21: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "I've taken a traditional romance and flipped it, with girl meet boy style romance. Boy however goes on quest to prove to king who is Girls dad that Boy should marry girl but goes missing. Girl then ignores dad and follows heart like dead queen always said to do and finds that guy also liked her and stopped boy so that king gives guy girl instead of giving boy girl." Cadela briefly explained

message 22: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "So what..." Cadela said as she looked at the girl.

message 23: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments Adrian bolted into the library with the three she-demons close after him. he wanted to shout he was sorry, but considering the fact one had wanted to eat his heart he was inclined not to. his tactic however backfired when one managed to pin him to a self by his throat.
"now we're going to make you pay for what you did to us!" she snarled at him, her ugly green afro making him snort in amusement. "you wanted to eat my heart! personally i think its a great look! brings out the ugly in-ack!" he said as she started crushing his throat. with all three close together, they were keeping him from changing and from using his powers. man i do hope someone is feeling helpful right now!

message 24: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments From Cadela's position (though it was hard to miss already) she saw the man get pinned to the shelf by the three she demons, sighing and thinking it might entertain her she stood up and bolted over there. She crossed the distance in no time flat and leapt up, her right leg extending out before spinning and slamming her foot into the first demons head which caused that demon to go flying and take the other two demons along with it before they crashed into another part of the library.

"Can't you shut up, I was bored until you got her!" Cadela called out to the demons as she stood next to whoever this idiot was, turning her head slightly she inspected him while maintaining an eye on the demons and seemed to 'tch' at what she saw.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments (so order is Demon Dragon. Me, Jessica or when you're available?)

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments (k)

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments "thanks! now then as i said, threaten to eat me and you get punished." he pointed at their ugly green afro-covered heads. "now either we can do this the easy way or-" as one they screamed and lunged at him, intent on whatever vile thing they had cooked up in their minds. "not this time!" he lifted his hand and blasted them with green fire. the instant it touched them they started screaming and screaming as it ate them up, leaving nothing but ashes. "yeah, yeah 'oh what a world, what a world' and all that witchy stuff!" he finally turned to his savior, realized she wasn't human and instantly tensed for another fight. "you're not going to try to kill me are you? i've had a enough fighting for one day." then he noticed another girl, very pretty, and grinned. "hey there beautiful, and your name is?"

message 28: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments ((just to point out, he smells nice, most supernaturals want him dead or enslaved, and i did the hair thing because, if there is one thing you never mess with, its a female's hair!))

message 29: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "I don't plan on fighting you unless you piss me off, which you just managed to start doing." Cadela replied to the man's statement as she took one step and placed herself between her new 'Friend' and this idiot, she was worried that his Idiocy was so great it might actually rub off on her.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments (yours)

message 31: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments ⭐Jєรรเςค⭐Silent tears are the ones that hurt the most.~ wrote: "(Which one of us is he calling beautiful?))"

Huntress wrote: "(yours)"

⭐Jєรรเςค⭐Silent tears are the ones that hurt the most.~ wrote: "(*blushes*))"

(and that's why Cadela was pissed, he shrugged and believed Cadella(who saved his but) was a threat yet he complimented the one who had only just arrived and did nothing to help him.)

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments (you there Demon?)

message 33: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments ((sorry! i told Jessica the problems that happened.))
Adrian turned unusual eyes on the feisty female and grinned at her, although it was nothing like the one he had given the pretty girl. this grin was of the dangerous variety. "careful there, or i may forget that you're not an enemy." his melodious voice becoming more so, a clear sign he was about to let loose. with a snap of his fingers he teleported himself, not an easy feat, to the side of Rose. "now answer this, why do you look familiar.....wait are you by chance one of my neighbors?"

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "I must thank you for that." Cadela said as she tested it, clicking her fingers and appearing right behind The man as she grabbed his collar.

"But she's shy so refrain from invading on her personal space." Cadela suggested in that 'I might kill you' tone of voice as she pulled him back, once again stepping in between the two of them.

message 35: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments Adrian casually let his long tail out and broke the hold. "you know i have a friend who would like you, he's a hybrid like me and likes them feisty. now then...are you the same neighbor that watches me when i work out?" he grinned wickedly at her.

((i suddenly feel very sorry for Cadela....she's about to meet Alex....as soon as he's approved.))

message 36: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments (I just looked over Alex's profile and I'm kind of worried about how things'll turn out.)

"I'm surrounded by idiots." Cadela mumbled quietly to herself as she rose her hand to her head, if these two were going to start flirting she'd be okay with anyone else.

message 37: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments Adrian rumbled in annoyance at the fiery female. he understood she was being protective but if she kept it up he'd to something drastic. he was considering what to do when his skin began to tingle. he grinned as his friend Alex sauntered in, wearing his usual leather getup. "Alex you have the greatest timing." he was about to ask for his help when Alex smiled at Rose. "hey there-" was all he got out before Adrian shifted into his true form, slammed him into a table with enough to turn it into splinters, and shifted back in a blink of an eye. "got it....cute fey is all yours!" he gasped, clutching what was probably broken ribs.

message 38: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "So you can fight...." Cadela mumbled to herself as she lowered her hand, clicking her fingers before re-appearing at the three demons and beginning to tie their hands behind their backs before standing Back up and seeing how things progressed while she was busy. She could sense the inert abilities of an Incubus coming from the new guy, she hoped nothing too bad was occurring other than the broken table.

message 39: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments Adrian blinked for a moment. the slap hadn't hurt, it barely tickled, but the fact she had slapped him surprised him. "easy there wildcat." then he turned to Alex, who was up and already recovered from his injuries. "let me guess, you want me to distract the Cursed One so that you can ask out the cute fey?" Adrian, once again surprised at Alex's intuition, nodded. "cool." he said before turning to the human with a wicked smile. "so i'm Alexander, Alexander Van Helsing, and yours would be?" Adrian snorted at his flirt of a friend and looked directly at Rose. "now there was no reason for you to slap me, especially for something my friend said, and its very rude." he walked right up to her, gentle pushed her face up, and looked her right in the eyes. "now let's do this right, will you please go out with me Rose?"

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "You know I can hear you." Cadela said to the two boys as they talked, sending a brief glance to Rose before holding her hand out for a hi-five. But kept an eye out as the two boys approached, giving a look that could kill to the man who approached her.

"You want my name, call me Bessy cause you'll only ever know me as a Bitch!" She said quite Tartly to Alexander but at least she's learning new abilities here, but she shifted her glance to watch how Rose acted and whether or not Rose wanted Cadela to actually go back to protecting her.

message 41: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments "you're name is.....Cassandra i believe? surprised? i'm part vampire, i can read your mind. and my what a fiery spirit you have." Alexander was cranking up the eat, slowly but surely, effecting those around him. Adrian raised an eyebrow at Rose. he could tell she was interested but still a little annoyed with him. or perhaps he was smelling Cadela.

message 42: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "Thanks for teaching it to me then, along with your Aura." Cadela said with a bit of bite in her voice as she released a Sucubus Aura of Alluring of equal strength to Alex's, basically nullifying the effect it had on her and it wasn't affecting Rose either. Cadela was a very special case as a Cursed human, given the ability to improve upon The abilities she has seen.

message 43: by Demon Dragon (new)

Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments "yes rather interesting. let's see you become a hybrid like Adrian then...oh wait you try that you lose your powers and end up in the same boat as him." Alex, rather annoyed, said dryly. then he turned to Adrian, "just turn her to soup, saves us a lot of trouble in the long run." he said harshly. Adrian, not the least bit convinced by the grumpy attitude, ignored his friend. "Rose please go out with me.....or do you want me to get on my knees and beg?" he raised an eyebrow at her.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "doubt it, i'm too awesome for that." Cadela spoke with a wide grin on her face as she pointed towards herself, her ability allowed her to Improve on what she had seen after all. but she still kept an eye on Rose just, didn't act as she talked with mic annoying spot over here.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments Adrian, grinning, went to his knees without a second thought. "please go out with me." he said, holding both her hands in his. Alex rolled his eyes, although he was rather impressed.

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "The delicate flower is sort ounces by a field of Thorns" Cadela mumbled quietly to herself as she watched what was happening here and in her opinion each one of them was uniquely an Idiot, except for rose who was just a very shy and easily embarrassed person.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments "simple nod your head if your too stunned to speak." he gave her a charming grin. Alex shook his head. he's not going to stop until she says yes. Alex knew the signs all too well. he gave Cadela a look and mentally projected to her. we are you trying to protect her? he won't harm her, in fact he's probably a better protecter than you are, and he's almost completely devoted to her within minutes of meeting. best choice is to simple step back and let thins happen.....unless you desire to have him yourself?

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Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments As Alex finished speaking that last sentence Cadela's Fist immediately made contact with his jaw and sent Alex spiralling across the room and into a bookshelf, Cadela then shook her hand in a feign of hurt before speaking.

"Oops, I slipped." Was all she said as she glanced over her shoulder towards Rose, Cadela wasn't protecting her at the moment. Rose was simply shy as Cadela realised, so Cadela was waiting for when Rose said it was too much.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 35 comments Adrian stood up with a grin. "so where do you want to go out? i know this great place, where a party is always happening! oh and Alex? you got a bit of-" Adrian gestured to Alex's face, which was currently covered in black blood and books.

message 50: by Huntress (new)

Huntress Ackrano | 56 comments "Your friend, is pathetic." Cadela sighed as she turned her head to Adrian before walking over to the bloodied body, waiting for Alex to get up an apologise to her.

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