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The Perks of Being a Wallflower
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ARCHIVE 2015 > The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Part 3 (Contains Spoilers)

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Jodi (readinbooks) | 1922 comments This is the discussion thread for Part 3 of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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Mahsa Ghoraian | 72 comments Hey everybody!I'm the discussion leader for this month and I'm superexcited about it(since it's my first time :)) ).Actually I have read thd book once,and in my opinion every one needs a simple book such as this one,once in a while.You can just lose yourself in a teenager's memories and once more,realise how it feels to be a teenager. (Although I-as an Iranian- had a completely different high school period, but the feelings are pretty much the same :) )
Finally,I hope everybody can join our group read and I'm looking forward to reading all the comments.
Happy reading :)

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Jennifer | 95 comments Having graduated from high school in 92, the book is making me feel very nostalgic, although I almost feel that all the dropping of the pop culture references is getting annoying now. It's trying too hard to paint a picture of the timeframe and the mindset of the group; it's almost too formulaic and stereotypical of what the 90s alternative group "was".

This portion of the book certainly gives us a greater idea of just how off Charlie's psychiatric state is, but I don't feel that there has been any better of an explanation why. This makes it difficult for me to understand why he behaves he does in certain instances; I can't grasp his frame of reference.

I'm waiting for the stories tie together, the why I am reading this.

Cynthia (cynthiabeaudry) | 157 comments Just finished part 3. Charlie is more and more confused about all that surrounds him... I know people can be messed up un high school but it wasn't my case so I have trouble relating to it. I do feel that Charlie has no idea about what's good or bad for him. Plus, he doesn't seem to know how to behave with other people than his family...

As he says, he's got a problem and he has to figure out what. I believe he's had a big trauma when he was younger.

Kara (karaayako) | 3978 comments Jennifer, I also had a tough time with the pop culture references, and I started high school in the 90s! For me, it was a little much--I like a little of that to set the environment of the book, but that's about it.

Charlie's hard to understand. You can see that he's trying so hard, but he can't keep up with the others emotionally.

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