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T H E G R E A T R O O M ;

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Thaddea swiped the cloth along the golden railing one last time, and then eyed it for any specks or smudges she might have missed. Then she glanced around the room, still a little breathtaken by the size and the wealth of it-of everything. Finally, she'd polished and scrubbed the whole room. And she was rather proud of it.

To be honest, Thaddea was not looking forward to the Selection at all. At first she'd thought it was going to be a 'grand adventure', as her mum had put it, but now she realized the immense amount of work that would go into it. Not only would she have the palace to look after, but her own Selected contestant as well. At least I know what I'm doing, she thought.

Thaddea sunk into one of the cushioned lounges, careful not to touch the spotless gold arm rests and backing. Her feet were killing her and she just had to rest for a moment. Everthing was silent in the room. She could just here the faint mingling of Selected and other guests, and the cries of reporters and paparazzi, floating up from the Entrance Hall. She was so glad she hadn't been assigned there, even if she would only remain in the far corners and every now and then clean something up. Thaddea could almost feel the body heat and arms brushing against hers, almost hear the deafening cries of reporters so close to her ears. It would've been a nightmare.

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Regina was pretty sure that she wasn't supposed to be in here, since she had been assigned to help clean in the Kitchen before the Selected arrived. Oh well, when did she listen to her supervisors? As long as she didn't trash anything and wasn't too cheeky to her selected, she was sure everything would be fine. The Great Room truly was beautiful, unlike anywhere she had seen. She couldn't imagine living in a place for ike this, so big and empty all year until the Selection. After all, maids weren't really allowed to just wander freely. They had specific places to be. Not that Regina paid any attention to that.

She noticed another maid in the room, resting on a large sofa. She grinned wickedly and walked over to her quickly. She was young, like she was once. A little girl if no more than fifteen, sixteen. It was a shame really, that she had to work like this for a family who had had luxury almost all their lives. Still, maybe Regina could take her under her wing. Teach her a bit of fire if she was timid, how to stand up to the older maids who pushed people around.

"I don't think we're supposed to sit on these couches, are we?" She asked with a grin, before sitting down next to the girl. "You cleaned this whole place on your own?" She checked with a raised eyebrow, quite impressed.

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Thaddea darted out of her spot, clasping her hands over her apron and straightening her shoulders. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I was just tired and..." She trailed off when she realised the maid was only joking, and smiled a little to herself. She had taken a seat on the lounge, after all.

"Um, no, not all of it," she answered the maid, hesitant to brush away rare admiration. "A few others came and did it up before me. I've only been polishing, straightening pillows and all that." Thaddea shrugged. "Are you...Regina?"

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Regina stared up at the younger maid as she jumped up, seeing that they had obviously already made a good little girl out of this one. One that wouldn't talk back. One that wouldn't cause trouble. Maybe they weren't supposed to sit down, but they sure as hell should be allowed to. All the work they do, and they can't even sit down on a sofa for five minutes. "Sit," she told her softly, giving her a kind smile. She may be known for being rude and cheeky, but she had a soft spot for the young maids, the ones that were often too scared to stand up for themselves.

Regina shrugged when the girl admitted she didn't clean anything, smile on her face still. "Still, you've done lots more work than most, especially me," she admitted with a laugh. She had been avoiding her duties that day. She would have enough on her hands with her Selected girl probably being a brat. "Yeah, in the flesh," she replied when the girl guessed her name. Then again, most people knew her name because it was often yelled at her. "You are... Ah, sorry no clue. I'm shi- I mean, terrible with names," she corrected herself quickly. She wasn't supposed to swear in front of the Selected, royals or the younger maids.

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Thaddea's shoulders slumped and she found herself relaxing. She flopped onto the lounge, quite happy to forget her duties for a moment. She wasn't always so proper when she worked, but the Selected had also sort of...put her on edge. This was a stressful event and she would hate to stuff it up.

Thaddea grinned when Regina tried to hide her curse. "Oh my God, don't worry. You can swear in front of me," she laughed. "I'm innocent as I look." Thaddea sucked on her lips. Her young-looking appearance and constant work effort had pretty much created a whole new personality for her. She missed her daring, outgoing, I-don't-care side, and wished she hadn't let the palace muffle it. "I'm Thaddea," she told Regina, absently tucking a stray curl of hair into her bun.

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Regina smiled as she almost fell onto the sofa with relief, finding it nice to see her just relaxing. After all, she was probably one of the youngest maids in the whole castle. All the work must be straining on her.

Regina let out a relieved sigh when the girl said that she could swear in front of her. It was nice to not have to hold her tongue in that aspect for once. "Ooh, you a bad girl then?" She asked teasingly, but it wasn't condescending. It was more respectful, like she thought it was good to have someone who wouldn't take rubbish from people. "Well, Thaddea, it's nice to meet you," she said. "How old are you, may I ask?"

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Thaddea laughed, and looked around the room. She wouldn't say bad girl, but, well, she used to explore the streets for days and get into all kinds of trouble-even for stealing. "I'm fifteen, but I'll be sixteen in a month," she replied.

She was glad Regina had been warm and casual towards her, and not bitchy and maybe even angry like some of the other maids. She was one of the youngest in the palace, which quite often earned her a sly remark or a shove or two. Thaddea glanced at the arm rest and noticed a speck inside the curve. She instinctively rubbed it away, and realised that was another thing which the maids teased her for. She took this job way too seriously at times, and-although she never wanted to admit it-she was a bit of a perfectionist.

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Regina smirked a bit when Thaddea just laughed and looked away from her. She took that as a 'kinda'. Nice. She nodded without really realising when Thaddea explained that she was almost sixteen. "Definitely one of the youngest then," she commented. "I remember when I was fifteen. The older maids would keep smacking me for being cheeky," she remembered, biting her lip a little. She hated that so much.

Regina sat silently, watching Thaddea sometimes and other times glancing around the room. How long had it taken all of them to clean this huge place? She pulled her eyes back to Thaddea as she moved, but it was only to remove a small speck of dust. Wow, she was either really whipped by the staff or she had an eye for perfection. "How long have you been working here, Thaddea?" She asked curiously.

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Thaddea smiled, imagining other maids slapping Regina, but she saw her as she was now, not as a young girl. She realized that the memory was obviously a bad one for Regina, and her smile faded instantly. She crossed her legs as she looked back to when she first came to palace. It was a least a little under a year ago.

"I came after I'd just turned fifteen, which was in July. The seventeenth, to be exact," she said. Thaddea tweaked her skirt, her mind being thrusted back to when she'd first applied as a maid. It was a little after Dad had died...and the family had been so desperate for money. She blinked, a smile returning to her face as she shoved the memory away. "What about you? Were you sort of the same as me?" she asked.

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Regina was so far into her memories that she didn't notice Thaddea's smile appear and then disappear. She went to the castle at age nine, so she had been training to be a maid a lot longer than many of the others. Still, she had been better than many of the older girls by the time she was twelve. Her attitude wasn't so good, but she could get the job done. As long as they kept her away from the Royals, she would do for the job. Because that was all that mattered to them, not who she was. Just that she could clean fast enough.

She smiled sadly at Thaddea when she said when she became a maid, since she knew it was probably not just because it was her life long dream to work for the Royals. Almost everyone who had become a maid was there because of horrible circumstances that they couldn't control. "I came because my Mother fell ill, and my Father couldn't afford to look after me and pay for her medicine," she explained quietly. "I was given up to the Palace at age nine and have been training ever since," she told the girl, unashamed of her upbringing.

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Thaddea's smile faded. She felt pity for Regina, but she didn't know how to express it, nor if the maid wanted her to express it. So she sat there, and offered her a wan smile. A maid at 9 years old? Thaddea thought you had to be 14, but...if Regina's situation had been that desperate, surely there could've been an exception.

"So, how's your family doing now? Is your mother alright-like, has she recovered?" Thaddea asked gently. She hoped she wasn't prying, but it was the only sympathy she could offer if Regina didn't seem to want all the, 'I'm sorry for your situation, I hope life gets better for you!' crap. The kind she had received when her dad died, that didn't help at all, that only made you angrier and more humiliated...Thaddea blinked a few times to stuff the memories back in their box, and gave Regina another smile.

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Regina wasn't supposed to have been a maid that young. She was supposed to have just been trained in preparation until she was fourteen. However, then noticed how productive she was and took advantage of that. Somehow it was allowed. The Royals never saw and what they didn't know didn't hurt them.

Regina bit her lip and shrugged. "I don't really talk to my family anymore. After all, I was practically given to the palace. It's like this place adopted me," she admitted. She had gotten a few letters when she first arrived, but then the contact just dwindled. They barely spoke now. "What about you, eh? Why are you here?" She asked, wanting to turn the conversation away from her and her bad memories.

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Thaddea formed her lips like she was about to whistle but sighed through them instead. She leaned back against the cushions, ran a hand back along her hair. "Well...I came from the Paloma province, but at home my dad died when I was young and mum struggled to bring us up-me and the other kids I mean. There were four of us. I used to practically live on the streets-and now I'd much rather be there than here-but when I was old enough I had to find work." Thaddea cleared her throat. "It just so happens I'm great at housework, so I applied as a maid and here I am." She gestured around the room and let her hands fall into her lap.

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Regina listened carefully to the girl's story, biting her lip. She sounded like she had had a very tough life, much worse than hers by a long shot. She never lived on the street, never had to worry about being attacked, never had a relative die. In fact, Regina felt almost embarrassed about her story and how sad she had thought it to be, when some people lived like this.

"That sounds like crap," she admitted, not beating around the bush. "And this place took advantage of your misfortune so you could start cleaning up after someone? Pathetic," she shook her head.

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Thaddea shrugged, the corner of her mouth quirking up for a second and then falling away. "Yeah, I guess that's what happened. But, you know, I had to do it. And I least I...sort of enjoy it. Sort of."

She glanced at her watch. Soon she'd have to leave, go take care of the Selected she'd been assigned to. And she wasn't looking forward to it, not that much. "Do you know who your Selected is? The one you're looking after?" she asked Regina.

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Regina raised an eyebrows at her words, corner of her mouth twitching up for a moment before it fell once more. "By sort of, do you mean it keeps you busy and you enjoy it because you aren't cold and hungry?" She guessed, licking her lips slowly.

Regina watched Thaddea's eyes dart back to her watch, knowing the girl was worrying about her duties somewhat. She shrugged at the question, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Just some girl called Samantha... I think," she said, then she trailed off with a laugh. She was terrible with names.

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Thaddea nodded. "Yeah, but I also generally enjoy housework..." She bit her lip. "That sounds pretty bad, but-you know-we all have our preferences."

She smiled when Regina tried to recall her Selected. "Well, I'll definitely remember the name of mine. Her first name's Mae, and her middle name's June. Mae June." Thaddea chuckled. "I'd die if that was my name."

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Regina chuckled softly and smirked at the girl. "I guess everyone does, though I definitely prefer different things to housework," she admitted. She liked to relax and tease the older maids who were swooning over guys left right and centre. She was not interested in guys in the slightest.

Regina raised her eyebrows so high that they almost disappeared into her hairline as Thaddea revealed the name of her Selected. "Uh, you're kidding me right?" She checked, grinning. Then she recalled the sniggering of maids in her room as they looked through the list of Selected girls' names. "Oh, yeah, that Showers girl! Well, at least her name isn't April," she joked, laughing.

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Thaddea nodded at Regina's first comment. Of course, being a maid wasn't her dream career; she'd always longed to get out of the palace, and not just on errands. She wanted to leave everything and explore, with no responsibilities except the thrill of keeping herself alive. But, of course, that wasn't the case.

She giggled at Regina's comment about Mae June Showers. "Yeah, I know right?" she cried, then she changed the subject. "Have you seen all the Selected down in the Entrance Hall? Did you see that blue-haired girl? I think she's got a massive chance at winning."

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Regina smiled slightly as Thaddea nodded, though it was a little sad. It upset her that a young girl couldn't do what she wanted in life, just because she was born a six. Born poor. It wasn't fair, not in the slightest.

Regina chuckled once more, thinking how terrible her parents must have been to name her something so ridiculously stupid. She furrowed her eyebrows a little as she mentioned a blue-haired girl. She thouhgt she knew who that was, though she obviously couldn't recall her name. "Oh, I do think so. What was her name again?" She asked.

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georgiabread | 36 comments Thaddea frowned. "It was an unusual name. Nicki? Niccola? Niccola I think, with an even weirder last name." She chuckled a little. "She's not from one of the higher castes, but significant enough to have a good chance."

Thaddea bit her lip. She didn't usually gossip about the Selection, and she preferred not to, but sometimes she couldn't help it. Thaddea did a quick run through of all the Selected she'd seen so far. Niccola, one girl with scarlet red hair, another with blonde-brown hair (the prettiest she'd seen so far), and a graceful-looking dark-skinned girl. Thaddea brought the image of the Crown Prince to her mind; I wonder which one he'll choose, she thought.

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Regina nodded slwoly, rolling her eyes. "I know this sounds awful, but I find it so incredibly irritating when parents call their children either very stupid or very fancy names," she admitted with a half grin. "Like, just call your child something normal, you know what I mean?" she added jokingly.

Regina scanned the girl's face, mistakenly interpreting her biting of the lip as a sign that she wanted to leave. She pulled a small smile onto her face, standing from the sofa. "Well, I wouldn't want to keep you from your work, Thaddea," she told the girl kindly, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

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