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A H A L L W A Y ;

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After her walk through the Entrance Hall, Phoebe decided to go for a little walk, heels not bothering her in the slightest. Although it probably wasn't appropriate, she had been wearing shoes like them since she was as young as ten years old. Therefore, she was used to feeling quite a lot taller and knew how not to put as much strain on her ankles. She couldn't imagine how some of the girls who had only just found out how to walk in heels must feel. She almost cried the first time she had to wear them. Her long dress just touched the spotless floor as she ambled around, marvelling at how huge the palace was. It was beautiful. Mother would be insanely jealous of the interior designers skill.

Phoebe noticed a girl ahead of her looking very confused, so she decided to go see what was wrong. When she reached her, she smiled daintily. "Hello," she greeted her politely. She recognised her from the countless magazines. "You must be Athena de La Rosa, nice to meet you," she greeted her sweetly, holding out her hand to shake. She had been taught repeatedly by her Mother how to greet other people of high status and it was always with poise and elegance.

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Phoebe waited patiently for Athena to answer her, smile still present on her young face. Maybe her heels were very tall, but she was still shorter than the older girl even though her heels were shorter. Sometimes she felt insecure about her height, but other times she could use it to her advantage. For example, most movies preferred the girl to be shorter than her romantic lead, so she was more likely to get the part than an larger girl.

"It's wonderful to meet you," she said softly, using her light and airy voice like Mother taught her. Most of her conversation techniques were taught to her by her Mother, since almsot everyone she spoke to was professional. Not her own friend. However, her composure faulted slightly when Athena mentioned the Spring collection she had done. She wasn't a model (too short) but she had been given a part in a few modelling shows in her lifetime. They weren't really her thing. She preferred the immersed feeling she got with acting. "Oh, yes, I have done a few modelling collections, but my main focus is acting," she admitted, for a second sounding like a shy little girl, before she quickly caught herself.

"Oh, I'm Phoebe. Phoebe Thompson," she added, smile back in all it's glory. She wondered if this girl had ever seen any of her movies. She had been in some pretty big ones, so many people knew who she was. However, her most well known role was when she played the daughter of a rich estate owner and was secretly a spy. Not the most inventive or original of plots, but it was a huge hit. Age thirteen, she was.

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Phoebe would have been incredibly disappointed in herself to know that Thea had caught onto her rehearsed speaking, since she tried her hardest to not let people notice. Mother said that they would think she was silly if she said just anything to them, so she found it hard to just let go. She was terrified of looking silly. That's why she enjoyed acting, because she could become someone else with completely different feelings and not be afraid of others reactions as it was all scripted.

She wondered if it was conceited that she was a bit shocked that this girl had no idea who she was. She was one of the most successful child actors in Illea. She couldn't help but feel the urge to laugh at her referring a runway to a stage, because they couldn't be any different. "Maybe," she answered, smile quite wide now. She was a bit amused by that analogy, because, in her opinion, it took a lot more to do acting than it did to do modelling. She supposed there were more pressures in the looks aspect for models though. They had to constantly battle to be the skinniest.

Phoebe waited patiently to see what the girl would say when she dragged out her word, wondering if she was just nervous or not very good at conversation. "Well, I've been in quite a lot of movies, but the ones you will remember are probably Rich Girl, Red Ridge and The Jones Family," she explained. Rich Girl was the spy movie she had done at age thirteen, Red Ridge was a horror movie in which she had played the male leads underage girlfriend and ended up being the pyschopathic killer in a big reveal. Finally, The Jones Family was a movie in which she had been the eldest daughter, who was very embarrased of her family and all their antic. She was one of the six main characters, being a Mother, a Father, two daughters and a son.

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As Thea began rambling about how she loved Rich Girl, Phoebe tried to keep her bright smile composed, but she couldn't help how shy it turned and the red that started to glow on her cheeks. She still got incredibly pleased and warmed if someone really loved her movies, though Mother said it was unprofessional. Once when she was eleven, she had done a small screen movie in which she played a disabled boy called Ryan's best friend and during an interview she had gotten very emotional over all the praise she had gotten. Although nothing was ever said out loud to her, she saw her Mother whispering frantically to an editor and when the interview aired, most of her emotional thanks had been cut.

"It's absolutely fine," she assured Thea when she apologised, incredibly pleased that she enjoyed the movie. It was lovely to hear all her kind compliments. "I'm so glad that you enjoyed it so much. I bet as a model though, you were a bit unimpressed by the outfits they had me in," she joked, for once not thinking about what her Mother would tell her to say. She didn't want to think about that. She wanted to speak as her. Whoever that was.

She shrugged delicately when asked where she was going. "I was having a little look around. A guard told me I was supposed to go back to my room, but I said I was just going to be having an explore," she explained with a smile. "Oh, I got lost my my way trying to find the Powder Room, still can't find it," she laughed softly.

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Phoebe sincerely hoped that Thea hadn't been offended by her assumption, but she couldn't understand why she would be. After all, it had been a compliment, that she had good fashion sense. And that the movie really didn't. Unless she actually liked the clothes... Oh, she should have listened to Mother and not said anything she wouldn't! This was why all her interviews were scripted, because she always messed them up! Now what was she supposed to do? Hopefully Thea wouldn't be upset with her out loud...

She smiled slightly at the girl's words, holding in her natural chuckle. "Oh yes, whoever made it clearly was more interested in beauty and design, rather than the actual simplicity of movement around it," she decided, glancing around the beautiful halls. "I will probably just go back to my room, maybe see if my maid is there to talk to," she pondered, eyes going distant. She would love to just talk to her and see what life at the castle was like and how she ever learned to get around.

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Rose looked around the hallway with a sigh. It was completely trashed from all of the Selected girls parading around in it, and it would take at least a few hours to return it to its normal spotless state. Picking up her broom, she began to sweep all of the trash and dust off of the floors. She soon heard the noise of someone approaching. Hopefully it wasn't another Selected girl. Her job was already difficult enough.

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caitlin; [ techinically we are, but Alyssa seems to have spaced so... ]

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( no it's great! mine is the crappy one and only a short paragraph. I hope that this one is a bit better )

Rose continued to do her job and sweep the hallways, and she soon to began to hear a sticking sound. Looking up, she saw a maid in a uniform that almost made her cringe (of course she didn't though, that would be rude) tracking white paint all over the marble floors. She felt like crying. This was going to add at least an hour of work to her daily routine which would make her even more exhausted than she already felt.

Glancing at the other maid's ripped uniform again, Rose looked down at her own. Hers was clean and practically spotless, and that's how she wanted to keep it. She did her best to keep her uniform this way every day, even if it took an extra half hour out of her sleeping schedule. She liked to look professional: it gave people a good impression of her.

On the other hand, this maid who just trekked through's uniform had strains covering it, the fabric was ripped, and her shoe's original color was completely hidden by white paint. It would horrify Rose to wear something like that daily, but she decided just to keep her mouth shut. She didn't want to make a rude first impression.

She really wanted to call the young woman out, but what if that maid decided to hate her for doing that. It took so much work her to get this job, and she didn't want to lose it. She probably wouldn't lose her lowly position for getting mad at the other maid, but she still treasured it. It was the main source of income for her family, anyway. Rose couldn't help herself anymore.

"Hello," she said, attracting the girl's attention to her. "Um, do you mind helping me clean for a few minutes?" Feeling a small white patch she managed to grab from the sewing room before the Selected came in case her own uniform tore, Rose decided she didn't really need it. "I can also cover the holes on your uniform if you would like."

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