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A H A L L W A Y ;

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Belle was hurrying along the almost empty hallway towards her Selected girl's room. She needed to be there when she finally decided to arrive in there. And all of the Selected were arriving very soon. Some were already in the castle. Therefore, she needed to make sure the room was clean, the bed was made and she had plenty of dresses in the cupboards.

Maybe she should have tried to go earlier, but she had been awarded extra duties which she needed to do. Unfortunately, it had caused her to fall behind. Now she was stressed. Super stressed.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha was just wandering in the hallways. She longed for her home. She picked up the pace wanting to get to the garden just in time for the sunset. She turned her head to look out the windows and then bumped into someone accidently nocking something out of her hands. "I'm so sorry" she immediately said. She turned to look at the person she bumped into "are you okay ma'am?"

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The folded dresses piled up in Belle's arms made it pretty hard to see much, so she was going by memory of the castle's layout. When she felt someone bump into her, she stumbled back and dropped a few dresses. She sighed despairingly and glanced at the person who banged into her. She expected it to be a maid, but was instead greeted by a Selected girl. Her brown eyes turned into big saucers and she was unable to respond for a second. This girl had just called her ma'am. Like she was important!

"I- I'm f- fine. Sorry, should have been w- watching," she apologised shyly, stammering over her words. This was why she didn't like to talk as much as possible.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha laughed "you should have been watching I was the one who bumped into miss." Samantha bent down and picked up the dresses "did you make these they are beautiful!" She loved the silk comfortable feel. "You are really good at this." She slowly passed back the dresses not wanting to give them up. She still longed to go outside but needed to repay this lady for bumping into her "Mind if I walk with you to the room you must be going?"

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Belle stared up at the girl, very shocked indeed. She was being so nice; she couldn't understand why. She was just a maid, no one important. She was just there to look after her Selected, nothing more nothing less. She shook her head when the girl asked if she maid them. "Only one or two," she admitted softly, taking the dresses from her gently. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Oh, you don't h- have to do that," she told the girl when she offered to walk to the room with her. "N- not that you aren't allowed, only that you don't have to- have to trouble yourself."

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha looked at the girl "Oh may I please Miss I just need to take a walk and there is no one better to do it with"

This maid seemed like she needed someone to talk to. Samantha bent down again and took off her heels. They were giving her blisters. "Please come"

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Belle blushed once more and looked down at the ground, dresses still piled up so she couldn't see the other girl. "My name isn't m- miss. I'm not important enough for a miss; I'm just a maid. My name is Belle. You, however, are definitely a miss," she told her softly.

She sighed as she heard the girl's request again and began to walk. "Okay, miss. I shall walk with you," she replied quietly, beginning to walk along again. She hoped the Selected girl moved fast, because she was in a bit of a rush. Not that she would ever say that out loud, for fear of being disrespectful.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) ((sorry I went to church))

"I have certainly never ever met anyone who wasn't important. You have the right to be respected as a woman but if you rather have me call you Belle than miss I will respect that" Samantha said as she walked. This woman had all the rights to be called a miss.

Samantha hurried through the corridors with Belle at her side "I hope I'm not slowing you down" she said

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((It's fine))

Belle peeped out past the sides of her tall stack of clothes to stare at the girl in shock. No one had ever called her important before. It made her feel... happy. Like she actually meant something. "I- I like Be- Belle thank you," she whispered, as she kept walking. She was important! She actually mattered!

Belle shook her head very quickly when the girl asked if she was slowing her down. "I just have to drop these dr- dresses off in Miss Jules room - she's the S- Selected I am waiting on," she explained.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha made a frown. "Wish I got you as my maid you are perfect at everything you do!" She said. "I had never seen anything as beautiful as the dresses you make! This Miss Jules is very lucky to have you as her helper" Samantha didn't like the word maid. She had a friend who became a maid and was beat by a selected girl a few years ago. She thought the word helper maid the maids feel more important. She wanted to make everyone feel loved and respected.

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Belle could feel her cheeks heating up at all the praise, though obviously you couldn't see anything with her skin tone. This made her appear more composed than others, when really she was just hiding it. "Y- You're very kind Miss Samantha," she said softly, eyes on the ground. Never had someone spoken such kind words to her. She didn't think any of the Selected would be different.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samnatha grinned "Nah it's nothing I know what it's like being mistreated and getting the respect you deserve. I've had to work hard to become a singer and take care of my family." She took a few dresses out of Belle's hand "let me help you with these" Samantha adjusted the strap on her shoulder then draped the dresses over her right arm. "So what kind of music do you listen to?" She loved talking about music, music was her passion. She loved listening to music weather it was new or old, pop or bach.

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Belle didn't think she had ever met someone so kind like Samantha. Some of the maids were alright, but many were simply too busy or too grumpy to talk to her. Not that she often talked to anyone. When Samantha took so dresses from her, she frantically shook her head, trying to take them back. "No, Miss Samantha!" She begged. "I will get in ever so much trouble if they see you helping me work," she explained.

"I don't get to listen to music," she admitted sadly. "It is considered and luxury. Though I sometimes hear violins playing for the Royals and that is oh such a beautiful sound."

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha shook her head "I'd rather get kicked out of the palace then let you do the work for a ton of girls." She hadn't really liked the palace so far anyway but she liked Belle.

"I love playing the violin, and piano, guitar, cello and singing. It's the best. It's my only escape from the world." Samantha grinned "You should come listen to my play and sing in the women's room sometime!" She said excited.

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Belle shook her head firmly and tried to take the dresses from her. "Please, I want to carry them Miss," she begged once more, getting very worried. She knew she would be in so much trouble if they saw a Selected helping her, even if they said that Samantha offered.

She smiled slightly at Samantha's enthusiasm over music. It was very sweet, but clearly she didn't understand that she wasn't allowed to listen to all that. She just had to work work work. "Possibly," she said simply with a bit of a wider smile, since she knew it was impossible but it was nice to think about.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) "Gosh i wish i could trade servents. Mine are a bit dull. They don't like to talk very much." She said as she handed back the dresses. "Really though you should stop by my room tonight and ill play you my favorite piece"

She loved this maid. She was kind and cared about her. She grinned hoping the maid would come see her tonight. She needed a friend right now.

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Belle furrowed her eyebrows. She had thought this girl had Regina as her maid and she certainly wasn't quiet. She took the dresses gratefully, sighing in relief. She shook her head quickly at Samantha's suggestion. "As much as I would love to, Miss, I have to stay in my quarters," she explained softly.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha frowned. well that sucks she thought to herself. "What if I come visit you? I really don't give a crap about what the prince says and I want to come over." She really didn't want the prince to get angry but she didn't care she just wanted a friend."Oh Belle please" She asked. If the maid told her not to then she would resect that.

She walked along the corridors this place was huge. She wondered where she was going. Where she was going here, where she was going with her life. Her family needed her in this selection. They needed this money. Maybe she should try at least.

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Belle hesitated, seriously considering it. It would be wonderful to have a friend around here, someone she could really talk to. However, she regretfully shook her head. "I would get it so much trouble with the older maids and you would look bad to the re- reporters," she explained. "Someone as nice as you should w- win the Selection and you can't do that ha- hanging around m- me," she added quietly.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha smiled kindly considering all the ways she might be able to sneak Belle somewhere to hear her sing.

"How about later in the gardens you can just be passing by for a while while I sing and I can play the piano on the patio." Samantha asked. It would be so nice to just go outside an play right now. She imagined the gleaming grand piano siting on a patio covered with ivy and string lights just waiting to be played, it would be so beautiful. Samantha even had a piece in mind.

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Belle hesitated, wondering if that would be possible. She had many places to clean the next few days and her Selected to look after. She wasn't sure she would have time. On the other hand, there was nothing she would love more than to hear Samantha singing. It was a tough decision for her to make, but she came to one.

"I am v- very busy at the moment, but I will come and tell you in the future if I- I am free and we may 'st- stumble' across each other in the Garden then," she told Samantha softly.

 Ѕυϻϻεг {"sнσш ϻε λ нεгσ, λπd I'll шгιτε ψσυ λ τгλɢεdψ"} (leovaldez5819) Samantha beamed. She looked positively radiant in her smile. She had been aching to play the whole time she was at the palace. As they came up to the door of what seemed to be a selected girls room Samantha turned to her newfound friend. "See you then and thank you so much for walking with me!" She gave her friend a brisk tight hug and walked off feeling very pleased.

As she walked through the unknown halls she felt at ease. She had found a pro, Belle. She hoped she cound find more pros in this unknown place. It was so strange. She saw many twos from some tv shows she had seen, she saw a lot of threes and fours but she was yet to find another 5.

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Belle sighed in relief when they had reached Jules room. At least she wouldn't get in trouble tonight for not having the girl's room ready. She smiled tightly at Samantha, but was soon shocked by the tight she was given. She hadn't been hugged like this in years. She didn't even get time to hug back before Samantha was off. She blinked rapidly, then smiled slightly, going into the room and sorting it out while Jules was still in the Entrance Hall (before she went in with her brother). She was out in ten minutes flat, off to do more chores.

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((Is this hallway free now?))

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caitlin; ((Yes))

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Shima | 106 comments Van had a lond day. His limbs were sore from rushing around the castle escorting the selected and preparing for the event. He rested in hallway for a minute to catch his breath. "This is not what I should be doing. I should be fighting alongside the Northern rebels, not helping to prevent them" he thought to himself.

Van noticed at the end of the end of the hallway there stood a girl. She was very pretty with blonde hair and intense green eyes. Van guessed she must be one of the selected for her gown was quite fancy and hair was done. "Can I help you with anything, miss?" He asked as he approached the girl.

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((Must go in a few minutes, but I can be back in a couple hours. If I have time, I will see if I can reply now. Otherwise, check back later and I will be done.))

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Shima | 106 comments (Okay. I'm going somewhere tomorrow for a day or two, so after tonight we will have to put there romance on hold :(

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((Cool. I can wait.))

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Caroline sighed in relief as a passing guard stopped to ask her if he could help. Thank goodness. She was completely and utterly lost, something that seemed to be happening regularly in such a large, complex palace. Despite the inconvenience, it would probably be better to continue getting lost than to become overly comfortable with the indulgent palace lifestyle. She turned her attention to the guard.

"Yes, please, that would be much appreciated," Caroline told him. Finally, someone who knew the castle well enough to send her in the right direction. She just wanted some time alone with a book, but that was difficult when she couldn’t even find the library…

"I seem to have forgotten where the library was. There are so many rooms here; I don’t know how anyone can find their way around,” she remarked, smiling. Many of the guards were not overly friendly towards the Selected, but she didn’t mind- after all, it wasn’t their job to become best friends with any of the girls. In fact, any behaviour of the sort was discouraged, so it was for the best that they weren’t too forthcoming. Relationships between Selected and guard were often fatal. Caroline pitied those that had lost their lives to such a situation. It wasn't their choice to fall in love.

“Could you please point me in the right direction?”

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Shima | 106 comments "I can walk you there if you would like miss...sorry what is your name." Van asked the girl.

He guessed her to be a two or three, because of the way how comfortably she looked in fancy dress and shoes. Most of the lower Caste selected looked downright scared to ware such a thing. He found it all silly and frivolous though, parading around in fancy dresses, fighting over a man you hardly know, and the castle wasting thousands of dollars on the event when they could use it to feed the hungry. Though this girl seem that type to Van, she looked to be intelligent and strong. She wasn't the usual rich girl type who treated the guards as their personal servants.

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"Thank you. I'm Caroline Carlyle," she informed him.

"And you are?" She inquired. Caroline wasn't sure if she should ask for his name, but she did, just to be polite. And, perhaps, to show him that she wasn't just some spoilt, arrogant, Three. She could see that the guard didn't think especially highly of her, although she didn't blame him.

People often had pre-conceived ideas about her, and some of them were not very flattering. She remembered when a girl had insulted her without even knowing her, just because of her parents. Luckily nothing bad had been said about her so far, but she knew it was just a matter of time before the media started picking her and the other Selected apart and examining them for any flaws. It was unfair to publish catty, fake ideas about the girls just for some gossip, although it was simply how things worked and she would have to build up an immunity to it. Sometimes Caroline wondered why on earth she had signed up for this. if nothing else, her experiences in the competition so far had taught her to be resilient. She was learning to ignore any harsh comments- it didn't matter what people thought of her, as long as she was comfortable in her own skin.

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Shima | 106 comments "Very nice to meet you Miss Carlyle. I'm Vanya Ashby, well properly I'm known just as Ashby, though I prefer Van." Van told Caroline. He was making a complete idiot of himself in front of Caroline, babbling on and such. He'd never had much time to talk to girls back home, and certainly didn't have time in the castle, nor was he aloud. The guards had been forbidden to have even a simple friendship with any of The Selected, so him even thinking about how pretty this girl would probably get him banished to eighth caste.

Van tried not to look into Caroline's eyes as he spoke. They were so beautiful that it was almost distracting. "Shall we start to walk there?" He asked. He didn't even look at her as he said it, he was to afraid he'd start to care, which was basically signing his own death warrant.

(I'm back :) Sorry for the grammar mestake.)

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((That's ok. :) ))

Caroline smiled as Van introduced himself. She was already faintly aware, in the back of her mind, that she was in danger of become too familiar with this guard. Somehow, she was finding it hard to act suitably aloof around him. Maybe it was his good looks, or perhaps the way he was so considerate and seemed to understand her. Whatever it was, Caroline decided not to make any attempts to supress it. Whatever would be would be. For now, though, they were simply strangers, and she was getting ahead of herself. She took a deep breath and collected her scattered thoughts.

"Sure. It's nice to meet you to... Van." Caroline said, a little unsure. She added a small smile at the end, then fell behind him as he led her along the hallway, and tried to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. This was one field in which her intelligence failed her- boys.

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Shima | 106 comments Van walked in silence for a minute, guiding Caroline down the hall. His mouth was silent at least, but his mind screamed with many thoughts. I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be even be thinking of her. I can't screw up, to much is at stake. He thought.

Van didn't know what to do, he didn't know what to say, or how to act around Caroline. He was making a fool out of himself.

"So what is your profession?" Van quickly asked her trying to make small talk. Small talk was good, it was distant and impersonal. It reminded him of the boundaries he was not aloud to cross. It reminded him that he didn't matter in the castle. He wasn't valued out of the dozens of the other guards and servants. He just a small piece of a big puzzle, and to think this girl could ever think one shit about him was ludicrous. Even if Van was a two know he would always be a six. There would always be some kind of wall barricading a relationship between the castes, no matter if it was stature or a prince.

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Shima | 106 comments ((Kathrine, I was just listening to Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift and it's a perfect theme song for Van and Caroline :))

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(( Oh my gosh! You're right, it is! ))

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Caroline looked up as Van addressed her with a question. She thought he wouldn't take to her introduction too kindly- it was a pleasant surprise that he was actually attempting to make conversation.

"Well, I'm technically still studying, but I'm looking for a job as an event manager," she started. Then, with a slight laugh, "Perhaps I could help out with the wedding, even, if I don't ending up marrying the Prince." Caroline remarked lightheartedly, not seriously believing she might.

Caroline found that with everything on her mind presently, she was beginning to think less and less about the Prince. Before the start of the Selection she had been ecstatic with the prospect of potentially finding her one true love, but now the idea seemed silly and held no significance for her. she hadn't even met the Prince and already she was finding him less appealing than she had a week ago.

"What was your occupation before you became a guard?" Caroline turned the conversation back to Van. She wondered what he had been before taking on the demanding role of a guard. she knew practically nothing about what their role in the palace was, apart from protecting the Selected.

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Shima | 106 comments "I was a cook." Van told Caroline. He had wanted to keep his caste a secret, but she would deduct it from what he just told her. Everyone knew that cooks were from the six caste. Everyone knew that if you went to college yo were a three. Everyone knew that they would never go to together.

Van hated them all for creating the castes. He hated how the castes separated everyone. He hated how they made people go hungry and forced people to be something they aren't.

"I'm sure the prince would be lucky to have you plan his wedding, that is of course you don't marry him."
Van said.

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"I doubt that will happen, with so many other amazing girls to choose from. I'm just one of many," Caroline admitted, voice and footsteps echoing loudly in the large and palatial hallway. Looking around, she knew it would be a hard task to win the prince's heart. For a moment she felt sorry for him- thirty five girls, and he had to choose only one without even knowing them well at all.

"A cook? That would have been so enjoyable, with all that food to taste!" she remarked. It wasn't something she would ever consider, but it did sound like a fun job.

Caroline was surprised that Van had been a Six- he seemed higher-ranking to her. Although, she remembered with disgust, no one could choose their caste. You were either born into wealth, or you weren't. She often found that those lower down in the social pecking order were far better people.

After all, her parents had been severe and had neglected her for most of her childhood, so they definitely proved that theory. She would not turn out like them, that she was sure of. Caroline didn't want anyone else to feel the loneliness that she had had to live with in the past.

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Shima | 106 comments ((Sorry I haven't replied yet, I haven't really thought of what to post.))

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((That's ok.))

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Shima | 106 comments ((Thanks))

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Shima | 106 comments "It was enjoyable some of the time, and others not so much." Van told Caroline. The kitchen he worked in had always been load and busy, with a million orders being yelled at the same time. The worst part of it was the owner of the restaurant (a four), he screamed at Van constantly, and treated him like he was dirt on his shoe. Van was tough, and lived through it. But his little brother Ben starting working there, and it was really hard on him.

Van observed Caroline for a moment. The way she waled, was the way his sister Megan walked, they walked like they were determine to get to their destination.

Thinking of Megan made him miss his family. His mother sent him letters regularly, with one from each of his siblings, but it wasn't nearly enough. He missed fall, which didn't really come to Angeles were the palace was located. He missed his mother's apple pie, and the loud noise of their home.

Van had been thinking so hard, that he had missed the turn to the library. He stopped in his tracks and turned around to see were they were. "I believe that I tuned down the wrong hallway." He said to Caroline.

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((Sorry about the lame post. I am currently uninspired. ))
Caroline stopped abruptly as Van came to a halt. She looked around, attempting to distinguish the corridor they were standing in from the many others stemming off it. She had been down the hall before, but couldn't quite place where they were. The grand interiors of the palace all looked much the same to her. She turned to Van.

"Where should we be heading?" she inquired, awaiting his instructions. Prior to them taking a wrong turn, he had looked deep in thought. Caroline sensed that Van had not been concentrating on where he was going, but she hadn't wanted to disturb his train of thought. Often people did not like to be interrupted when deep in thought.

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Shima | 106 comments ((That's okay. It literally took me two days to come up with mine. Listening to good music always helps))

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Shima | 106 comments ((I am so sorry I haven't replied yet. I just started my new school, and things are pretty hectic. From now on I will try to post faster.))

"I'm very sorry Miss Carlye. I do believe we're supposed to turn down a hallway a little ways up from here." Van indicated to their turn. He guided Caroline back up the hallway they had just came down, and turned down a different one. He was quite embarrassed by his mistake, and felt his face going red.

Van hoped Caroline wouldn't tell people that he wasn't very competent because of his error, but she didn't seem the type. She seemed kind, and empathetic. She seemed like someone you trust, someone you could rely on, someone that wouldn't let you down.

He stopped himself, he couldn't think these things about a selected. If anyone knew that he liked her, he could be banished to live as an eight. Exiled to a life full of even a harder struggle then when he was a six.

Van couldn't help the way his heart pounded when he looked at Coraline. He couldn't help any of it, but he would have to learn.

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Caroline walked beside Van as he led her down another hallway. She skimmed her eyes over the passage, hoping to remember it for the next time she was searching for the library. She loved libraries- so much information and stories crammed into one room!

For as long as she could remember, she had been drawn to books. Her life had not been perfect so far, and they were her way of escaping the trials of everyday life. However, Caroline was grateful- she had it better than most and wouldn't forget that. The things she had to deal with were insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Even here, in the palace, the royals had their fair share of problems. Rebels were constantly attempting to raid the palace and were often creating disturbances, although the palace seemed to handle them well. Caroline was not entirely sure how she felt about the rebels, as her family had, in the past, ensured that she could not find out too much about them and their operations. She made a mental note to do some research while she was in the library. After all, there was a slim chance that there might be a rebel attack while the Selection was happening, at the time when the palace was most vulnerable and busy.

Caroline stopped abruptly as her and Van came to the entrance of the library. Before she went inside, she turned to the guard.

"Thank you," she started with gratitude. "I wouldn't have been able to find the library without your help. I'm sure we'll probably bump into each other at another occasion, but goodbye."

Caroline wanted to say that she hoped she would see him again, but didn't. She didn't dare. She fidgeted behind her back, waiting for his reply.

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Shima | 106 comments Van stared down at the ground, at a lose of what to say. He felt his heart beating fast in his chest. He heard the pain of silence. He didn't know what to do. He was afraid if he opened his mouth he could say something dangerous. He could say something forbidden, show that he felt something towards her, and that was to much of a risk.

Van took a deep breath and tried to say something distant to Caroline, but he couldn't. He couldn't do either, he was stuck there standing in the silence. Scared to go in either direction.

He wanted to scream! To shout down at the royal family and tell them what they did to ruin people. He wanted to fight, not for them, but against them. But he knew that he couldn't, he had to stay at the castle and serve the wealthy and privileged. He would have to do that his whole life, no matter what position or caste he was. He would always be lower then someone, inferior to someone, and nothing could change that.

Van took reluctantly faced Caroline. He had decided to say something she hadn't, something he wasn't supposed to say. "I hope to see you around, Caroline." He had called her by her first name, said something that wouldn't be approved of. But he didn't care, no one would no. No one would tell.

Van brushed her hand as he walked away, just barely touching it. To someone not paying very close detail, it wasn't anything. But to someone watching it said something, something forbidden. Van silently walked down the hallway, thinking of everything that had happened.

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