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One of the more emotional scenes in the book happen in the doctor's office as Joe and Rosie get the bad news.

Joe's mind is stunned by the news. His thoughts race to his mother and he is filled with grief about what happened to her. Then his mind immediately turns to his children and the overwhelming dread of what might happen to them. All this time Rosie is sobbing beside him. It is a scene of panic, grief and confusion.

Do you recall this scene having any impact on you? Did you sense the grief or feel the emotion? Did you put yourself in his shoes?

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments I remember this scene as being sort of emotionally chaotic.My heart really went out to Joe but not because of the actual diagnosis and what it meant for him personally. It was more about all the thoughts and worries he had for his family and the sadness he felt about his mother. Actually that part was the most emotional for me. He felt so guilty that he never understood what was wrong with her and that everyone thought she had drunk herself to death. Nothing worse than having an emotional evolution after the person you love is gone. It's heartbreaking.

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments It was a very emotional have the gut wrenching sobs of Rosie now knowing the positive diagnosis. Right after the first visit to the Dr. She was googling the disease so she knows what lies ahead for her and her family. But, I felt such sadness for Joe; he now knows why his Mother was in an institution. He sees his fate.

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