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Nobody's Boy
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. Week 40: Made You Cry > Nobody's boy by Hector Malot

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Silvia Turcios | 304 comments When I was a child I saw an anime based on this book. I remember I cried a lot watching it... I hope I will cry also with the book :P

The story is about a orphan boy called Remi who is employed by (sold to) a travelling artist.

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Zaz | 1387 comments Mod
Remi's story is awful! I watched the anime when I was young and later read the book, they were both traumatic.

Silvia Turcios | 304 comments Yes, I know! I remember the anime, it was very traumatic! All bad things that could happen, happened! That's why I am expecting to cry with this book :D

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Silvia Turcios | 304 comments I didn't cry as I was expecting, but yes I had some tears in my eyes, but that happened even with Fairest and Animal Farm. So far in this challenge I have just cried with Anne of Green Gables, which I used for "color in the title" ... so or I accept some tears as my "crying" or I have to make changes in some categories... I'll see, I still have time to try with another book :P

By the way, although the story is really sad, I liked how Remi was always full of hope, at the end it was not so traumatic as I remembered it :D

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Zaz | 1387 comments Mod
I really don't remember well, but when I read it, the anime was almost fresh in my mind and I found the book less dramatic for some things (maybe related to animals?). It's probably more difficult to see abuse or death with pictures than with words.

Silvia Turcios | 304 comments You are right, the book is less dramatic, but I think this is because the style of the author. It seems to me that the author wanted to tell too many things in not too many pages. I liked it anyway :)

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