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Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)
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Rosemary Markham Christoper Paolini wrote the first draft of this novel when he was only 15 years old while living in Montana. It was published by Knopf Publishers in 2003. I remember reading it to my children because they liked stories of dragons and magic.
When I re-read this book this year I also enjoyed it. It is the first of 4 books in "The Inheritance Series." Years ago I read all the series and they were all good.
If you like fantasy, particularly epic dragon stories I highly recommend "Eragon" and the "Inheritance Series" to you.

Natália Lopes (silkcaramel) I have yet to finish the series, but I've read both Eragon and Eldest and I LOVED them. I remember that at the time I finished Eldest, Brisingir was about to come out, but I never got around to read it. I'll just have to make time to re-read the first two and finally finish the series! Too bad the movie was awful, I would love to see the series in the theaters!

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