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Abby Goldsmith (abby_goldsmith) | 22 comments I could use fresh eyes on the latest beginning of my novel. This would be draft #861 or thereabouts. I am very eager to finalize this book and get it out there.

Free beta reader services only. I have trouble categorizing my book, but think "Red Rising," "Ender's Game," and maybe stuff like "The Hunger Games," "The Matrix," and "Star Wars." It's sort of YA, sort of adult, with atypical characters. The aliens and otherworldly stuff comes later (around the 15,000 word mark). It starts in present-day New Hampshire.

Only the first 14,000 words need scrutiny. I just want to know if it's working to hook you as a reader. Constructive suggestions are welcome, and I love readers who are willing to refocus based on my goals with this story. I've rewritten this beginning (too) many times. Line edits are unnecessary, but welcome. You're also welcome to call me or Skype with me, rather than writing up the feedback. Whatever is easiest for you.

If you have a novel or short story in audio format, I will happily review it. Alternatively, I'm willing to do a swap (although I'd prefer not to due to time management--and I wiill only do this with one person). I prefer unique characters and fresh premises/plots in any genre. I'm indifferent to prose-heavy vague stuff, and despite my grammar OCD, I will not provide line edits. My feedback tends to be on plot, pacing, believability, and character issues.

About me:

Graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, where I studied under George R.R. Martin. My short stories and articles are published in Escape Pod, Fantasy Magazine, and several anthologies. I've completed five novels of a six book series, and I'm preparing to make a big debut.

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Christy H (christybetareads) | 178 comments I would be willing to help!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I'd love to help you with your work. Feel free to email me at :)

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Abby Goldsmith (abby_goldsmith) | 22 comments Thanks, both! I messaged you.

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