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Clara ..

Clara . So, this is the first time Janos Slynt appeared. He is captain of the City Watch. I forgot how many people came with each knight.

. I forgot Stannis proposed to outlaw brothels. Haha I can only imagine Robert's face.

. Pycelle found the book and sent it to Ned, and it's called "The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the
Seven Kingdoms, With Descliptions of Many High Lords and Noble Ladies and Their Children", by Grand Maester Malleon. This book is really old, over a century old. I forgot the Lannister descend from Lann the Clever, and that he is most loved by singers than Bran the Builder.

. So, Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon were spending time together, and it's weird to Ned since they were never friends. It is weirder they visited a brothel together.

. I completely forgot Renly shows Ned a picture of Margaery Tyrell, and asked him if he looks like Lyanna. And Ned thinks: "Could it be that Lord Renly, who looked so like a
young Robert, had conceived a passion for a girl he fancied to be a young Lyanna? That struck him as more than passing queer." OMG how could I forget that??

. I also forgot Lord Beric went to fight in the tourney.

. So, the Knight of Flowers went to Tobho to get his armor. Or so he says. Maybe he is as good as he is telling Ned he is.

. Jon went to see a boy who works for Tobho. Gendry, a boy about Robb's age, with sullen blue eyes and black hair. At the end of the chapter we learn he is a King's bastard, but why was Jon so interesting in this boy?

. Gendry seems to be skilled, that steel helm he made sounds awesome.

. When Gendry tells Ned the answers to the questions Jon made, he says his mother died when he was little, and that she had yellow hair. And she worked in an alehouse. Maybe they were asking to talk to her and confirm Robert was his father? Or maybe they wanted to know her hair and eyes color?

. So, the men whi Tobho took a fee from was not as tall as Ned, and had a brown beard,with a bit of red in it. Who could that be?

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I completely laughed at the thought of Robert being outraged his younger brother would suggest outlawing brothels. There's a lot in this chapter I had forgotten all about, which I think is pretty interesting to note. That's the beauty of re-reading.

1. Forgot Janos Slynt was already Commander of the City Watch. He says he'll need more men to guard the city, especially with this tourney coming up. Nice of Ned to give him more men.

2. It cost 40,000 gold dragons for a champion's purse? Wow... What a waste of money, in my opinion, anyway.

3. Funny how Ned doesn't want the tourney to happen, and yet everyone is calling it in his name! The irony.

4. That is mean of Renly to call his own niece ugly...

5. What we know about Stannis: he is against brothels. Everyone's laughing about Stannis's uptight way of living but Ned. Is Ned personally against whoring too? More likely he just isn't the kind of person who makes fun of another man because of his character flaws.

6. "Ponderous reading" is a nice way of saying it's boring. The book is basically one gigantic book of genealogical records, with dates of births, weddings, and deaths of every important family member in Westeros. I've done a little bit of genealogical work myself so I don't find it boring, personally. :)

7. We learn a little more about the Lannisters. They're an ancient family descended from the great Lann the Clever, a trickster from the Age of Heroes, a time/era before the Andals crossed the Narrow Sea. He winkled the Casterly's from Casterly Rock with only his wits and stole gold from the sun to brighten his hair. Sounds like Tyrion totally fits the bill here... And in a way they are thieves, stealing the Iron Throne the way they did -- was Lann ever this dishonorable?

8. Sounds like Lord Arryn was a nice man. Strange Ser Hugh was rather rude to Ned, the Hand of the King... Interesting Jon Arryn was gruff with his lady wife.

9. Had to look up what a cordwainer is: "A shoemaker who makes shoes from new leather."

10. Lord Jon was also quarreling with the king... Interesting Robert never mentioned this to Ned. Lord Jon was also greatly interested in breeding hunting hounds. Lord Jon brought Stannis with him to get his new suit of plate instead of Renly, who would do that sort of thing, unlike Jon Arryn. He also talked of sending his son to Dragonstone to be fostered there -- He must not have wanted Lysa too close to him, hence the arguing with his wife. Lord Arryn takes an interest in Stannis. And I know why. :)

11. Stannis and Lord Arryn were always cordial, but never friendly. When Robert traveled to Winterfell to name Ned Hand of the king, Stannis departed for Dragonstone, probably because of something Lord Arryn had said to him...

12. They went to a brothel together, something very uncharacteristic of them both... Stannis is a humorless man, honorable, but also merciless. He's the very opposite of Robert. Ned doesn't understand what could have made Stannis run away after Jon's death. Ned finds it hard to believe Stannis could be afraid of anything. Ned also finds it strange they never brought Renly along on their travels together.

13. Totally forgot about the part where Renly shows Ned a picture of Margaery Tyrell and is disappointed Ned doesn't recognize her. Renly says she looks just like Lyanna but Ned disagrees. This is very queer...

14. I think it's funny Ned tells Jory to start visiting whorehouses and Jory grins and says, "Hard duty, my lord." :)

15. The City Watch wears golden cloaks...strange, since in this same chapter gold is described predominantly as a Lannister color. Though I suppose it would also be a Baratheon color, wouldn't it.

16. The Dondarion flag is a purple lightning bolt on black. Lord Beric is a Dondarion. (I don't feel the need to hide this spoiler since it doesn't exactly reveal anything).

17. Interesting Tobho Mott knows how to work Valyrian steel; had learned at Qohor as a boy. That is rare.

18. I like that Ned knows that silence sometimes yields more than questions. In other words, the less you talk the more the other person will tell you what you want to know.

19. Introduction to Gendry! :) Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon both were very interested in him. But why is Tobho Mott so suspicious of them wanting to see him? Was he charged to protect the boy? Gendry had "sullen blue eyes." Isn't Jon Snow's eyes described as sullen? Just putting that out there!

20. Gendry is bold when he refuses to sell his bull-horned helm, and I love how Ned doesn't take offense for that, despite Tobho Mott's reprimanding the boy for being rude to the Hand.

21. They were asking Gendry about his mother...who she was and what she looked like. His mother, according to Gendry, had yellow hair, used to sing to him, worked at an alehouse, and died when he was little. Stannis had glared at him like he was a "raper who done for his daughter." lol

22. Ned's now figuring out Gendry is a bastard of King Robert Baratheon. Curious when Mott is asked who paid for Gendry's apprentice fee he looked fretful. Why? Sounds like he's covering for somebody... When Ned pushes the issue, he mentions some lord had paid the fee, never gave a name and wore no sigil on his coat, but he apparently was wearing purple. Of House Dondarion, perhaps? I really don't know. This lord paid for Gendry to remain a secret. CURIOUS! I can't believe I forgot all about this!!! *SPOILER FOR LATER BOOKS IN A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler) And Mott knows he's the king's bastard, paid to keep it secret. Won't even straight out tell Ned this, the man is so afraid he'll get into trouble. Ned decides he likes Mott, and even offers to take Gendry if h e ever wanted to learn to fight. :) I just love Ned. "He has the look of a warrior." *SPECULATION ON GENDRY* (view spoiler)

Clara I laughed when I started reading your point 5. Is really all you can gather on Stannis so far.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments *SPOILER FOR LATER BOOKS IN A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler)


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