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Clara :)

Clara . We are introduced to the sweet Samuel Tarly, a boy we know from the first description we have of him he will suffer a lot in this place, and with this people.

. I love how Jon defends Sam. He yielded, and Thorne asked this boy named Halder to keep hiting him (I hate him so much). It was nice Jon wasn't the only one who stood up for Sam. I adore Pyp so much, and Grenn is ok.

. Jon has been teaching them how to fight better, so they are doing better that they would have if they only were trained by Thorne.

. I love Pyp and Grenn's conversations, they made me laugh so much. Most of the things Pyp says are so funny to read for me.

. They are shocked Sam called himself a coward. Of curse, it's not a normal thing to do. But I like how Jon later thinks it takes some kind of courage to admit that.

. Sam's story is so, so sad. His father was awful. I think it tells a lot of what is expect from men in this world, and how they are useless if they can't fight, or kill people.

. Jon's dream is quite interesting. I wonder what he would have seen if he didn't wake up before he could see what or who was in the crypts.

. What Lord Randyll Tarly said to Sam the day of his 15th birthday was hateful. How much it must have hurt Sam to hear his father would kill him, and gladly, if he didn't take the black! Poor Sam, he is such a kind soul and he has been treated like shit by his father and now by his brothers to be.

. What Jon made me love him even more. I believe he will not get along Rast. Also, this Rast boy must have been so scared with Ghost on top of him and Jon speaking so calmly.

. And I like how Sam is beggining to be a part of them, at least he is speaking with the boys. he never had a friend before, so sad!

. I wonder how it feels to accpet this group of strangers as your brothers, like Jon does in the end of the chapter. Even if they don't get along all the time, I think a group of they really feel like brothers, and will take care of each other.

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Yes, Jon's dream intrigued me too, mostly because I can't believe I totally forgot all about it my first read, and also because I've come to notice that all of Jon's dreams seem to have significance.

1. First time readers won't know the significance of this character, but I just now recognized that Dareon is mentioned here... jerk.

2. I had to look up how much 20 stones would weigh, 14 pounds a stone, so Sam would weigh at least 280 pounds according to Jon. I've known people who weigh bigger than that, sadly. Pretty impressive, however, for someone to eat so much in this kind of world.

3. Introduction to Sam. :) Gods he is described as humongous, and hideous, even... I always thought of Sam as plump and cute, lol.

4. Jon doesn't recognize the Tarly sigil, probably because he's from way far down south, and Jon probably has only memorized the ones of the North, and other really large Houses, like Baratheon, Targaryen, and Lannister.

5. Surprised Randyll Tarly let his son keep his arms when he sent him to the Wall. Maybe it's to make it look all the more like Sam eagerly volunteered to join the Night's Watch.

6. Thorne has outdone himself as being a total ass...

7. I'm surprised Jon only talks to Halder and not to Ser Alliser when commanding him to stop. "There's no honor in beating a fallen foe." :) He even goes as far as kneeling beside Sam to help him up. Halder does as he says -- a battle of leadership here.

8. Ser Alliser makes Jon defend Sam against three others... to what purpose? Humilate them all? Jon is an excellent swordsman. Though Jon's used to fighting against two, "never three."

9. I love how Pyp joins Jon now. :) And Green as well.

10. Rast was a raper. Was he one of the brothers whom Yoren brought forth with him when Benjen, Jon, and Tyrion were on their way to the Wall?

11. I like how fair Halder is to Jon, even though he was fighting against him just now.

12. Didn't expect Pyp to say this of Jon: "You don't want to know what his mother calls him." Was he trying to intimidate Sam? Or was he just being funny?

13. It's pretty brave of Sam to admit he's a coward, though I think it's more his dad's doing that made him one. He also admits he's trying not to be, and I automatically like him for it. I like honest characters. :)

14. Oh gods...when Sam is tearful and says, "I never do better." I felt so awful for him! His father is truly an awful person.

15. Grenn clearly doesn't like Sam's craven attitude. But then again, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I love Pyp and Grenn's antics; they are funny together.

16. It's makes sense the recruits would try out different tasks, for the leaders to see where their skills lay. Jon "cherished" ranging for game with Ghost, giving his game to the Lord Commander's table. (I would think he'd give it to the cooks for all of the brothers to share). But they most often had him smithing with Donal Noye, and other jobs too. It's nice hearing all the many different kinds of jobs there are at Castle Black beside guard duty and training recruits.

17. It's interesting how nobody at Castle Black cares hat Ghost runs around freely with Jon. I'd think they'd want him to lock the direwolf up. Dunno...

18. Interesting that Jon wondered what Tyrion would think of Sam... Is he having a WWTD (What would Tyrion do) moment?

19. Pyp sounds like a really fun guy to friends with, but I understand completely why Jon chooses to sit with Sam this time; he's sitting all alone with no friends. Jon can remember when he was in those same shoes and Tyrion had been his friend. :)

20. It's funny how Jon says, "What's wrong now?" When Sam looks like he's going to cry.

21. Sam says he's never seen snow until last month. Does this mean then that it doesn't ever snow in the Reach during winter years? I like how Jon smiled when Sam was describing his first snow in the barrowlands on his way up to the Wall. :)

22. Eventually Jon asks, astonishingly, what Sam's doing here if he's afraid of everything. This, of course, makes Sam cry, lol. Jon seems to have passed the "crying torch" on to Sam!

23. It's so cute how Ghost is the one who comforts Sam when he's crying. :) I don't suppose Jon's ever had to console a complete stranger before, so he doesn't know what to do. Ghost, thankfully, breaks the awkwardness of the moment by licking Sam's tears away. This makes Sam laugh, and Jon laughs with him.

24. There's something about Sam that can get Jon to feel comfortable talking about his past. :) Had forgotten about his dreams, where he's looking for everybody but Winterfell is abandoned. Hmm... Apparently he'd never told anyone of his dreams before, until Sam. "...yet somehow it felt good to talk of it." *SPECULATION OF JON SNOW'S PARENTAGE* (view spoiler)

25. Then he talks about the crypts of Winterfell... "Somehow I know I have to go down there, but I don't want to. I'm afraid of what might be waiting for me." He says he's not afraid of the Old Kings of Winter, "I scream that I'm not a Stark, that this isn't my place, but it's no good, I have to go anyway..." but then he stops and says he always wakes when he goes down the stairs into complete darkness. Now he feels embarrassed. OMG How did I forget all of this??? *SPECULATION ON JON SNOW'S PARENTAGE* (view spoiler) This makes me wonder if Jon has ever been down to the crypts in his life? Would Ned prohibit him from going down there for any reason? Or has the crypt always scared Jon, even when he's awake?

26. Already we learn why Sam came to the Wall, and it is sad. It's weird his father managed to find two warlocks, all the way from Qarth, to make him braver; and it still didn't work. Jon finds it strange that talking about this doesn't provoke Sam to cry. His past doesn't exactly scare him (hell, he finally left that hellhole only to jump into another one!). He's scared now of Castle Black. There are no women here to be nice to him. Food is rationed, and he is expected to exercise and train every day, and he will likely die a cold, gruesome death up here -- of course he is frightened of Castle Black.

27. We also learn why Dareon came here -- says he never raped a girl but she apparently says he did. This should wave a red flag.

28. Love how Jon makes all the other boys stop making fun of Sam. Also how he scared Rast into agreeing, though it does seem rather dark for Jon to do, threatening him like he did. But I suppose there are appropriate times when to threaten someone...I wouldn't know; I'm not a dude.

29. "Fat and awkward and frightened he may be, but Samwell Tarly was no fool." *SPOILER FOR A FEAST FOR CROWS* (view spoiler)

30. It's sweet that Jon calls Sam his brother, but then I frowned when he thought of Robb, Bran, and Rickon and how he was never truly one of them. :( "...Winterfell might still haunt his dreams, but Castle Black was his life now..." :(

(Don't ignore your dreams, Jon!)

Clara I can't even deal with Thorne. I hate reading about him. In your point 12, I think he said it as a joke, at least I understood it like that when I read it.
Lol at the "crying torch". It's true though.
And I do think as you do about Jon's dream. Completely misunderstood it the first time I read it.

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