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Clara ...

Clara . So, Ned and Maester Pycelle are talking about Jon Arry's death, and what happened the days before. Pycelle says the Jon was not being himself, and believes it was for all his burdens, his job and Lysa and his son.

. Pycelle sent Maester Colemon away, who I supposed served the Arryns. He said he had seen many diseases, and this one was nothing unusual.

. When he was dying, he called Robert several times, and his last words were "the seed is strong".

. Ned suggest it could have been poison, a woman’s weapon.. To which Pycelle replies: "Women, cravens . . . and eunuchs.". Did he mean something more by that?

. The book Jon asked for before his death was about the lineages of the great houses. And Ned thinks it has something to do with Jon's death, and he wants to read it.

. And the queen, her childer and her father weren't in King's Landing when Jon died.

. I like how much into her training Arya is. Also it was really nice of them go to the castle godswood. Maybe to say thank you for Bran's awakening? I guessed that's why they went.

. Man, I just love Arya. She doesn't want to be a lady at all, and I don't believe she would be a good one honestly.

. Ned respect Ser Barristan, I forgot this was mention. I love Ser Barristan.

. Littlefinger tells him about some people he can talk to, and warns him he is being watch, but then when he leaves he tells Ned not trusting him is the wisest thing he can do. It makes you think what kind of game he is playing.

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments About Arya, I think she's still too young yet for us to decide if she can ever be a lady in court. Ladies can still be deadly. After all, she is described as being a lot like Lyanna, who was crowned the queen of love and beauty, and apparently she was also willful, according to Ned. Who knows, maybe when she's older she could fall in love, get married, have babies, and run a castle, all while fighting battles -- like the Mormont women. But for now she is only 9.

1. I had to look up what a warren is: "a densely populated or labyrinthine building or district."

2. The smallfolk say the last year of summer is always the hottest, but Pycelle doesn't agree, though he envies Ned's summer snows. I still think it's an oxymoron, lol. Where I live it snows like crazy in the winter, and it is sweltering hot in the summer. I'd love to learn more about their strange weather patterns.

3. Would you really want a summer that never ends? I'd miss the snow!

4. How old is Pycelle? Sounds like he was around before Ned's father was even born!

5. Sounds like I've picked up a mystery novel suddenly! Ned investigating the murder of Jon Arryn, the last Hand. I like it. Makes you think.

6. Knowing what I know now... *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

7. Pycelle says Maester Colemon was young and like a son to him. He curiously sent him away, though, as Lord Arryn was dying... *SPECULATION ON JON ARRYN'S DEATH* (view spoiler) Though I admit I can't remember exactly what happened. Hence why I am rereading the book series. ;)

8. *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

9. "The seed is strong." This becomes very important later on in A Game of Thrones.

10. Suspicious of Maester Pycelle to say "...death is the most natural thing of all, Lord Eddard." I suppose it's true, but still, it stood out to me. "...his burdens lifted at last." Very grim.

11. Holy crap, Grand Maester Pycelle is old!!! He served King Aegon the 5th! Even if just for a few short months. Is he as old as Maester Aemon? Here Aegon the 5th is called the Fortunate; I heard he was Aegon the Unlikely. Fortunate sounds nicer, actually. :)

12. Bold of Ned to suggest poison so bluntly, though quietly. I guess he trusts Pycelle with this thought? Or maybe he's interrogating him, perhaps.

13. Pycelle says poison is common in the Free Cities. *SPOILER FOR LATER CHAPTERS IN A GAME OF THRONES* (view spoiler)

14. Makes me wonder if Pycelle is in on the murder, because he says poison is possible, but not likely. Maesters know of all the common poisons, but not all. But he's not just any maester, he's the Grand Maester. What about the rarer poisons?

15. Funny Pycelle tacks on eunuchs to the list of people who might use poison for murder. *SPECULATION ON JON ARRYN'S MURDER* (view spoiler) He even says Varys's name. "Put not your trust in spiders, my lord." Wtf...

16. "There was something about Varys that made his flesh crawl." I didn't get that vibe from him. Just his dry powder on his hands, for me.

17. Really like how Ned insists on reading that book Jon Arryn was reading before he fell ill. It almost seems Pycelle doesn't want him to read it.

18. Interesting that Cersei and her kids were on their way to Casterly Rock with Tywin to pay for Joffrey's name day's tourney. Is turning 12 really special? Why did she have to go there for this?

19. I love the phrase: "Dark wings, dark words."

20. Strange Pycelle brings up Bran with the above mentioned phrase... But maybe he's just being kind...

21. Smart of Ned to wonder who Pycelle serves.

22. I love how cocky Arya is about water dancers, like a know-it-all. For a 9-year-old this is cute.

23. Interesting how the godswood in the Red Keep's woods is a great oak, and how Ned and his daughters pray by it even though its not actually a weirwood. And awe at the girls falling asleep while he keeps his vigil all night. It's an ancient oak, though... and it's called a heart tree, despite not being a weirwood. Does it have a carved face in it too? *SPOILER IN DANCE WITH DRAGONS* (view spoiler) Elm, alder, and black cottonwood trees are also in this godswood, all overlooking the river. Sounds very pretty.

24. "When dawn broke over the city, the dark red blooms of dragon's breath surrounded the girls where they lay." What's dragon's breath? Is it a flower? This confused me.

25. Sansa had dreamed of Bran that night. :) "I saw him smiling." *SPOILER FOR DANCE WITH DRAGONS* (view spoiler)

26. Sounds like Ned is not against his children entering his wife's faith. That's good. He sounds like an incredibly loving and accepting father.

27. This is depressing: "But he will never lie with a woman, or hold his own son in his arms." *SPECULATION OVER THE LORD OF WINTERFELL* (view spoiler)

28. Ned is trying to be nice by offering Arya the glories of being a lady of a castle, but Arya screws up her face and says, "No, that's Sansa." LOL! It's interesting, though, now that I reread it, how Ned says "You will marry a king..." Is he simply saying it to be nice, or is this an omen? I'm probably just looking too far into it... lol. Sounds like he still wants her to be a lady, though.

29. Ned deeply respects Ser Barriston. I do too. :)

30. Lysa had made it harder for Ned to question the Hand's servants when she took them with her back to the Vale.

31. Why is Petyr telling Ned all this now? To get him to trust him, I'm sure... Petyr's spooking Ned by telling him all the people who are known spies, one for Varys, one for the queen. This emphasizes how nothing he does goes unnoticed. Creepy. He must tread carefully. This almost seems like a threat. He even tells him not to trust anyone in his own guard. Which I suppose is true...anyone can be a spy.

32. And right after Petyr just told him all of this, what does Ned do? "Perhaps I was wrong to distrust you." NO!!! Unless of course Ned was lying to Petyr just now, but I doubt it. Ned is too honorable. :( It'll get him into such trouble here.

Clara Of course, I just said that based in all I know about her. I meant to say she would not be the typical lady.

I don't know how old Pycelle is, but I think it's mention later in one of Cersei's chapter if I remember correctly. He could be competing with Old Nan in age for what we know.



I didn't get that vibe from Varys either. In fact, I really, really like him. Maybe because I like to know things as well lol.

I believe they call dragon's breath a flower. I can't tell you for sure, but maybe I read it somewhere else and understood it was a flower when I read it.


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