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C.R. Roscoe (readroscoe) | 2 comments Hi there! I'm looking for Beta readers for my latest novel. It's a slightly literary twist on YA retellings, called of "Wolves Will Rise".

It's got some NSFW elements, not actual scenes or anything but things that have happened to the characters in the past. It's a complicated dual storyline structure with a bittersweet ending, so message me if you're interested! I'd really love the help!

Here's a bit of a blurb for reference!

When newly-oprhaned Will is brought to Nottingham Castle on the eve of his eighth birthday to live with his uncle, the castle's falconer, he doesn't know what to expect. But what comes is a childhood that is both damned and brilliant, from his days filled with feathers to his nights being terrorized by the castle's lordlings, and of course, time spent growing closer to his charming, beloved cousin Robin.

But fast forward eight years later, and Will's life is entirely different. As a member of Robin's fast-growing band of murderous Merry Men, everything about what seemed possible in his youth has become entirely fantasy in his present. When one terrifying night — and the girl that comes with it — the events of both his and Robin's childhood come back with dizzying clarity, and Will is forced to confront the difference between the boy his cousin was and the man he is now.

Told from the alternating lives of Will's childhood in Nottingham Castle and his present position as lieutenant in Robin's rapidly growing army, "Wolves Will Rise" is a dark, twisted retelling that questions who is truly a hero among a collection of suffering souls.

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Hey, this book sounds great - I'd love to be a beta for you!! Feel free to email me at

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