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DK Will be posted here.

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the group! I am so glad all of you joined! So I now this is a bit confusing but I am figuring everyone just got their memories back. Everyone is pretty much alive and they are all fighting with each other. It is a matter of good vs evil and a twist is that humans are moving to Storybrooke. The turn of events is happening and now you have to choose which side you are on. Sorry if this made a bit of a mess of your histories and collaborations! If you have any questions about this, let me know. Thank you!


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I apologize for spamming...

I wanted to announce that this Monday I will be back in school. I will try to get on in the evenings and my posts may not be coming as frequent. Please be patient and I will do my best to make sure your questions are answered and your suggestions are finalized. I understand it may get a little hectic to finish characters so I will extend the time allowed for you to finish your characters from one week to two weeks. But please, even though school is coming, stay active as much as you can! Thank you so much.


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Hey guys!

I want to announce that I will be making rp threads tomorrow! Woo hoo!! I be doing that once I finish my second character, and I can't wait for us all to start rping! While I am making the threads though, please do not comment until I am finished. I will make an announcement here, telling you that I am finished and have completely covered all the places that we'll need to start this group. For now, I hope you enjoy making your characters, planning, collabing and just chatting with each other! This group is going to be so amazing! Make sure to invite your friends too so this place will grow :)

You guys all rock,

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Hullo again!

Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest are now officially open!! Sometime tonight or tomorrow, I will have finished Wonderland and Neverland and then you can roleplay there as well to your hearts content. A residence folder will be up soon where all Storybrooke homes can be created and rped at. Also, that folder will have a 'Request a Thread' thread so you can request any thread we missed or you would like up on the group there. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the beginning of your roleplaying, because the fun now begins!! :)


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