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message 1: by Tara ♪ (new)

 Tara ♪ | 106 comments Mod
It's that time again! Let's nominate books for September's group read. The rules are:

•All books should be within the YAHF genre. This means no 18+ material, and, obviously, all books must be historical.
•You may only nominate one book.
•Authors cannot nominate their own books.
•You should not nominate a book that has already been chosen as a group read.

I don't know exactly which day I'll post the poll, but it will probably be about a week from now, meaning August 24-26. You guys can keep the nominations coming until I add the link to the poll on this thread.

What do you want to read?

message 2: by Tara ♪ (new)

 Tara ♪ | 106 comments Mod
My nomination for September is In Mozart's Shadow: His Sister's Story.

message 3: by Tara ♪ (new)

 Tara ♪ | 106 comments Mod
Only two days left to nominate books!

message 4: by Tara ♪ (new)

 Tara ♪ | 106 comments Mod
Well, I tried to wait this one out as long as possible, but since we have no nominations other than mine, I suppose that will be our group read this month.

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