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Thoughts on Lost Fleet (& Beyond Frontier) Series?

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Sree hi there just finished this book and was hoping theres other who want to talk bout it. Personally I dont know why I love these books, they're popcorn scifi but god they're fun esp the space battles.

I was wondering about the future of the series there's probably going to be a 6th book then what?

I hope theres another series focussing on fleet training with the old cast acting as cameos. Would love to see either Rubert Duellos's daughter or Micheal Greary's daughter starring in the academy. Being a Greary teenager must have so many different pressures exerted on them. Let me know what you think.

Also any other scifi like this? with fun space battles and doesnt take itself too seriously?

Helen Bassett I enjoyed the series also. I was able to get from taking books for my brother and he enjoyed it also. We had a lot of fun discussing the books. Jack Campbell's web site states that Black Jack needed a rest and he is writing another series but plans to return to Black Jack sometime in the future.

dalgo I really enjoyed this series, especially the earlier books which were more about the fleet battles and tactics and less about politics. I intend to start reading the series again from the beginning in the new year.

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