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That's okay :)

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Name: Dominik Santorski ( Hates his last name, so he made this one up and this is the one everyone uses for him now, they don't care at all )
Age: 15 Years old
Personality: Humilated, Lost, Depressed, Lonely, Suicidal, Sad

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(( Reminder Jess!))

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Sure in a minute

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Yes he is, Watch Suicide Room, that's where he is from, FYI, it's very emotional so watch out for many scenes that will make you cry, if you do decided to watch it that is :)

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Dominik sighed as he walked home, his hair covered a scar on his forehead that he hopped that his brother wouldn't notice or ask about it if he noticed it at all, Dominik shook his head as he saw his house coming up, he closed his eyes for a moment and he leaned on a nearby tree, he grasped his stomach, which was currently bleeding and probably damaged badly, but he didn't care.

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" Nothing Lee," Dominik says softly, he pushed himself off the tree and he pushed past Leo and he walked towards the house, he hated when Leo did that,meh sighed softly as he walked up the walkway of his home.

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Dominik shook his head, he stopped just outside the front door, he looked over at Lee, he smiled lightly before grimacing and turning away, he held his stomach as he opened the front door. He walked into his house and he headed up to his room, he didn't stop and think about anything else, he just kept thinking about what he could do to stop the bleeding.

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" No Leo,you tried that last time remember?" Dominik says as he looked at Leo.

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" Leo, I said no," Dominik says as he pushed past Leo.

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" Stop this Leo, let go of my fucking damn arm," Dominik snarled as he got into his brothers face, witch is something he never ever did, he growls.

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Dominik gasped lightly at the sudden movement, he looked at Leo, " Fine, just please release your grip, your really hurting the areas that already hurt," Dominik says with a small groan of pain.

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"Just shut up and listen to me, and please help me with my wounds," Dominik answered.

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" Some older students were still at the school when I came out of my Chess Club, I was walking down the hallway when they jumped me," Dominik started.

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" I can't, they said if I told a teacher that they'd only make my life worse," Dominik says,

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" No! Leo, please don't do anything," Dominik says.

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" Leo, please if you do anything, theyll only make my life worse," Dominik says.

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Dominik closed his eyes he tried to contain his anger, " Leo," Dominik says dangerously, " Please don't do anything," Dominik says in a a voice that shouldn't be disobeyed.

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" Yes, please Leo, don't do anything," Dominik says.

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" Thank you," Dominik says.

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" Thank you," Dominik says.

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Dominik doesn't say another word, he just sat there allowing Leo to fix him up.

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Dominik was quiet the whole time.

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