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((rp here))

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Storm looked over at her twin Dove.

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Sky landed softly on a tree branch and folded her wings in

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Dove was smiling like the idiot Storm thought she was.

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Sky lept onto the ground. She walked to a clearing

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Isabell was watching Sky from a bush, making sure no one could see her.

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Sky smiled and her ear twiched((Yes she can move her ears!))
She slowly drew out a sword she just bought*Cough*stole*cough*

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Isabell kept watching her from the bushes

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Sky whirled around and threw a dagger that was in her boots. It pinned Isabell to the tree she was in front of

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((gtg. im going to get ready for HP 6. CYA))

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((well im online nowz!))

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Isabella tried to pull the knife out of the bark but it wouldnt come out. She then flashed a weak smiled. "Children shouldnt play with knives"

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"And a White coat shouldnt be here." Sky spat and drew out another knife

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Storm hit her sister and snapped,"Wipe that grin off your face!"

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Isabella gulped. She didnt know how she would talk herself out of this. ((YOU CANT KILL MAH CHARRIE))

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Dove giggled.

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((I KNOW!))
Sky snarled then shuttered. She shifted into a wolf

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((she shifted a whha..?!??!))

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((Wolf. See if you read the book, the mutants can have powers))

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((i know, ive read all of them but the fifth. but she shifted a wolf. isnt it shifted into a wolf))
Isabells eyes were wide, but she was keeping every detail, for later.

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Sky snarled and walked forward, teeth bared

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Isabell tried to move, but couldnt

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((Hmmm....FLYBOY attack!))
Sky jerk her head up. She heard the whirl of engjens

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((Erasers are extinct.))

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((In the 3 book. Not here.*I hope*))

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((lets do Flyboys!!!))

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Sky snarled and shifted back to human

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"You cannot defet (sp?) us." says Flyboy in a macanic voice

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"I sure can!" Sky snarled and launched at one of The robots. She smashed it's head right off

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One of the Flyboys took away the knife that pinned Isabella from the trees, and she ran into the woods.

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Sky yanked the gun from the dead Flyboy and mowed them down

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Isabella slammed the car door she just got into and drove to the School

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Sky rocketed into the air and followed the car

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Jane stopped and got out when she got to the school. She practicly ran inside

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Sky floated lazyly in the air, hiden in the clouds

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Casey Jane was gasping for air when she ran inside

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